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    Hello, As you may or may not know I am a sufferer of FMS and Lower back pain issues (facet desease, spondiolysis). Anyway saw a new pain doc w/the high hopes of actually being treated for my "whole" person and problems. Not so sure that it occured. Even though I said to the doc that I'd like to be treated for all my probs my him not just one of them.

    Anyway, I will decide after next visit if this is going to be a happy relationship or not. Doc actually said that some don't believe in FMS and I'm wondering if that includes him. I'm going to ask him straight up at my next visit in 2 wks.

    The doctor roller coaster is exhausting. I hate feeling like I'm on trial and that I have to prove my "pain". I actually wish that on the day of my visits I'd need a wheelchair. Horrible to say, I know but you all know how exhausting it is trying to find someone to take you seriously.

    Well he put me on a new med called Pamelor 10mgs at night. After one week up to 20 mgs at night. I have no experience w/this med. Do any of you?

    If so, please advise. Going from Cymbalta to this. Insurance will not pay for Cymbalta.

    Hugs, Shawn
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    I have had depression 20+ years now. Pamelor was one of the first antidepressants I took. I didn't like it cause it made me stay hungry all the time. I was not overweight back then but I still hated being hungry always.

    It may be fine for you. It did help me sleep. But it made me feel druggy in the morning. I am not giving a lot of info I know. But I believe it is a safe drug cause it has been around so long.

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