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    I find that the problem with Nexavir injections is that some pharmacies are diluting them. I used to buy Kutappresin when the medication from imported to USA. Then there was a period of time when we could not find the medication and suddenly it came out produced in USA under Nexavir. It is unfortunate that Kutappresin was more effective because was a real extract and the new one Nexavir seems to be a diluted form of the former Kutappresin. Even that I depend on this medication to keep relapses from happening and it is the only medication that has been effective in my treatment for autoimmune dysfunction. I can’t live without this medication. In the time the medication was not available I became very sick. I can’t use it daily as it is too expensive so I try to use it in a way that will last me a month at least. Those interested should get together and write a petition to have this medication approved by health insurance companies as it is a real good one. I have multiple and severe allergies but I have no allergy to this medication. In my case it is the best medication I could ever have. I also see Dr Levine in NY and in my opinion she is the most updated doctor in terms of autoimmunity and Chronic Fatigue. She might not be perfect but she is brilliant as a doctor and that is what I care for.
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    A few insurance companies pay for it--Humana does. I think I pay a $74 copay for 3 bottles.

    There are two other versions of Nexavir on the market overseas--4 ME in the Netherlands and from Bio-Mer in New Zealand http://www.bio-mer.co.nz/nexavir.html.

    I don't see it listed with Bio-Mer so you might have to contact them but I know many who get it there. The 4ME has less phenol than Nexavir.


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