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    My 22 yr old daughter has been chronically ill 10 years, starting with a flu shot in 1999 that caused CFIDS. She had tick bites in 2000 & 2003 but Lyme tests were negative until positive IgeneX test in 2007. Did LabCorp CD57 and SpectraCell tests too. RedLab found activated viruses and RNaseL problem. She is drug-resistant and so hypersensitive that she tolerates few supplements, so we used EDS and BioMeridian Biofeedback testing to find supplements compatible with her body.

    Now BioM. finds Candida blocking (hypercoagulation)so that we can't treat Lyme, so the local Natural doc is concerned and says many patients need antibiotics for a while. But my daughter is drug-resistant, has Leaky Gut and immune system problems, so it is time to see an expert in natural Lyme treatment and overall help. The expert in KS reviewed records on June 3, and his assistant called to say get your daughter down here ASAP!

    Not sure if insurances will cover much but her life depends on this...

    This plan starts June 22nd and for 2 weeks, 6 hours daily of testing, treatment, and therapies... Keep us in your prayers! Thanks!
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    Sorry your daughter is ill. I understand because my 29 yr old daughter is also ill with lyme...along with me.

    I sure hope she finds treatment that works for her.

    My LLMD says that antibiotic treatment is necessary for recovery. I urge you to post your questions and concerns on lymenet.org's Medical Questions board.

    'They have other boards also.

    There are alot of intelligent people there who have had alot of different experience.

    Perhaps someone will have some suggestions that may help.

    I wish you and your daughter all the best.
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    Thanks, Nanie, for your support! I'm sorry that you and your daughter have Lyme too.

    Yes, I know about lymenet but haven't visited there in a long time. Yes, I should go back there. But I just wanted to stop back here first.

    My daughter has alot of confidence that Dr. J will steer her through this one way or another. He says many people have gotten better without antibiotics. Of course every patient has unique needs.

    I will keep learning from every source I can!

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    Dr. J. is EXCELLENT!!!! If I could, I would tell everyone on this board to go to him.
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    I'm happy to hear that you are very pleased with the Dr.

    Hope all goes smoothly and your daughter sees much improvement!

    Keep us posted!

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    I have definitely found the BEST doctor!!!.. After 2 weeks of treatment,

    - Significantly decreased stomach nausea. Constant triggering of gag reflex due to swollen discs in the neck -- gone!
    - Excessively dilated pupils due to CNS effects of lyme -- pupils are better! She can go out in the sun without dark glasses!
    - Has more energy!
    - Improved mood & spirit!
    - She's taking neuroproducts to rid the brain of neurotoxins and Ammonia. Should take 8-12 weeks to clear this out. Looking forward to reduction in symptoms.

    Recommend: Get Dr. J's 2 books, Beating Lyme Disease and Every Day Miracles.....
    Then go to his clinic ASAP!

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    Wow, that is fantastic news!!! Sooooo happy for you both!!!

    I would be interested in what neuroproducts she is taking, but only if you feel comfortable posting it.

    Thanks for the wonderful, hopeful update.

    I look forward to hearing more good news as she gets better!
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    Nanie, the neuroproducts are the ones Dr. J. created -- she is taking Neuro Antitox II CNS/PNS and L-Ornithine-L-Aspartate. Energetically, her body can't tolerate the product to kill Lyme right now, so we have to clear the neurotoxins and ammonia first, which takes 8-12 weeks. She takes several other products that are compatible with her body and we do ion cleansing at home and have started Infared Sauna treatments at a local office.

    I wish you could have seen the look on my daughter's face yesterday as she told me how excited she is to be on her way to a new life and of her desire to help others as Dr. J is doing!!!
    Wow!!! I thank God!!!!!!!!

    Yes, E2V, my daughter had so many complications that there was truly nothing else to try. Her allergies and food sensitivities, poor gut function, etc. left her few options to eat also. But even after diagnosing all of her problems, Dr. J smiles and whispered to her, we can fix all of it!! And he can say that because his system does work! We have HOPE!!! I know others who are also getting well with this approach!! So many great stories....!! Get his books, Beating Lyme Disease and Every Day Miracles, go on his website, and also there's an interview online that is great to gain understanding...
    Drop me a message (profile) if you need further help!

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    Thanks for the product info.

    I hope that your daughter's progress continues like this. It is wonderful!!!

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    Thank you! Yes, I'll come by with an update later.

    Biological & Energy Medicine is what's been missing. I wish we could come together as citizens and demand this be part of our U.S. healthcare system in every clinic! Why should Europe be ahead of us? When did we ever agree to simply manage illness with drugs, surgery, and supplements and not get well? The best way I know to empower this economy is to get our chronically ill people functioning with all their great talents and character!! <smile>
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    She regressed to some degree during the first month after treatment. Most patients go back to the clinic in 4-6 weeks, and we did for one week.

    Overall, she is making progress--Hurray!!! Ammonia level (brain/gut) has dropped. Thyroid function and Lymphatic system is much better. She can quit some products and move on with others. She repeated some therapies and added massages with essential oils. To reduce exposure to EMF, she's wearing a BioPro pendant and feels calm now! A universal chip on the laptop and moving to a different bed helps too. Need to deal with Geopathic stress for the home. Dr. J. did another kind of neurological treatment too.

    We plan for a third trip in 5-6 weeks.

    Congratulations to Dr. J. and the staff who moved to their new clinic location on Aug. 15th!!

    Thanks, ProHealth friends, for your kind support of us in this recovery process!

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    We are scheduled for treatment with Dr. J. for the week of Oct. 19th.
    Looking forward to this!!

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    I want to let you all know that we spent a week at Hansa and it was helpful, but Dr. J. said that she should be much better than this by now. Therefore, she needs to see an expert in WA for OSB (oral systemic balancing) to help the ANS (autonomic nerveous system).

    I explained that I had already taken my daughter to Dr. H. (in our metro area) to get this kind of help back in 2006-2007 and it did help her breathing a little at first but not for long and it didn't relieve any other symptoms as Dr. H. had expected. She had gotten her Lyme diagnosis then, so Dr. H. told us to move on with that. Well, NOW I find out that Dr. H. was being disqualified from the OSB organization back then and should not have been treating my daughter, and she was not treated properly! This could have risked my daughter's life and she has suffered 3 more years needlessly, so the OSB expert in WA is furious and wants to see my daughter soon. I'm waiting to hear when we are on the schedule. If he finds that her alignment is off balance, treating it could relieve many or all symptoms. )

    So it is very important to treat the causes of why your body is symptomatic.

    I had no idea this fraud had happened with OSB Dr. H. !!

    In the meantime my daughter is taking Dr. J's products.

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