On so many meds - effect on body? Is it worth it?

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    I have been suffering from fibro for over 3 years now...I have horrible pain, night sweats, etc. With 3 children in college, I don't have the luxury of not working, at least for 4 more years. I am on the fentanyl patch, take percoset about every 4-6 hours, and still wake up feeling as though I just can't move. It helps at times to take 800mg of Advil...I worry that all of these meds can't be good for my body, but they truly are what I need to do to simply make it through the day. I have taken/tried every other med known to possibly help FMS, but with no relief, which is why I have the meds I do now...does anyone have any advice/suggestions etc on the long term effect on my liver, kidneys, etc? I fear becoming addicted, but it's a double edged sword to wait to take the meds till I'm way behind the pain curve, versus taking them on a regular basis. Also, if anyone has the name of a good doc in the Denver/Colorado Springs area - I would sure appreciate it! Finally, has anyone read/know of a book that would be helpful for family members, etc to read about what FMS truly is? Lots of questions, I know - hopefully lots of answers from this group as well!!! Thanks in advance for your help! Prayers appreciated also! Denise
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    thanks to those that responded...I worry about addiction, because when I have to call in for new meds each month (since there are no refills on narcotics) - I get a "lecture" from the nurse practioner, etc about what I am taking...I do not feel that I am an addict...I take the meds at the time and at the dose that my doc has presribed them to me...I work 40+ hours a week, maintain my house, still shower, look professional, etc. All of my efforts are wiped out with the simple sentence "we need to get you off these meds before we have to send you to rehab..." - I know that it is ignorance, when I go to the doc, I get comments about how "good" I look - can I REALLY be in that much pain? At times, I want to schedule an early morning appt and go from bed to car to the appt so they can get a look at the "real me"...I try not to let the ignorance affect me, but you can read this and tell that it does!! Anyone else out there with similar experiences/advice???
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    It sounds like you have a handle on what you are doing and are giving your treatment plan real thought. Best to you.Lil'
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    Hi denise, I have been taking many meds for along time. I was taking synthroid, neurontin, ambien, plaquenil and prempro. I believe the is a blood test to check for liver function. I am 50 now and about three years ago I had chills and sweats 24 hrs a day. I was changing my clothes and bedding 6-7 times a day. I was seeing many docs trying to help me. I was dignosed with Lupus and R/A also thyroid problem and restless legs. I must tell you neurontin is great also even though my hormones were fine my gyn gave me prempro and the sweats a chills were gone in a couple of months. Also recently I decided to experiment and stop all my meds for a while. I feel the same with them and without. - Perri
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    Perri, thanks for taking the time to write...I too have restless leg syndrome, that's what started first for me, and it happened when I came home from the hospital after a complete hysterectomy at age 39. No one has been able to find a link between the two, but all of this started for me after the surgery. I have been on Premarin since leaving the OR, and never experienced sweats, etc till now...Thanks again for the feedback.

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    Madwolf, what wisdom you bring! I have spoken to the NP about her comments, but it's amazing how people think taking a drug that allows life to be lived can be bad...I know there are addicts out there, but they don't usually have their head on straight, and resort to all levels to obtain their meds...I'm just too easily taken in by hurtful comments...I haven't even told my boss what is going on, she knows I go to the doctor about once a month, and has been supportive, but I am not sure about how long I can work, so I just continue to do one day at a time...what meds are you on that help you? Thanks again for your feedback...Denise
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    In my experience, Nurse practitioners are very
    much against pain meds. My fms dr. gives me
    my meds and I went to a wonderful NP. She was
    by far the smartest medical professional that I
    ever saw. Unfortunately, due to hospital funds,
    they closed down the clinic where she worked.

    She was so caring and intelligent. However, she
    was very much against me being on Vicodin. She
    just said she didn't like it but she wasn't treating my FMS so I was taking it anyway. I told her about
    the American Pain Assoc. (I think that was who it was)
    and their statement about narcotics not being
    addictive when you have the pain and the need for
    it. She couldn't believe it and said she would like
    to see it. I never got the chance to show it to her.
    She also wasn't too keen on taking vitamins and
    supplements. Preferred everything to be ingested
    via food sources. That is not easy when you are
    sensitive to every single thing you put in your mouth!

    Anyway, just wanted to add my two cents.
    Don't worry about it if you feel that these meds are
    helping you.


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    Hi Denise,

    It is so hard when you feel that a nurse or doctor is judging you and not listening. I have changed doctors because of the nurse quite a few times.

    I have FM/CFS, DD, and Migraines. It is so difficult to find the exact "mix" of medicines that will enable you to live your life.

    I have a wonderful Dr in Delta, CO. Its not quite Denver/Co Springs but if you would like his name let me know.

    The book that has helped me the most is "The Fibromyalgia Help Book"

    And, just a thought, I always call the pharmacy to get the refills. My Dr. set that up for all of his patients. The reason is that once he knows what is going on with his patients the refills can be approved without the patient doing a lot of work.

    I'm in awe of all you can do with this illness. I toohave the patch, and also take Vicoden, Neurontin, Flexeril, Lexapro and Nexium. It seems like a lot but it actually enables me to keep up with my 4 y/o boy and 6 y/o girl.

    Best of luck to you.

    Kathleen aka Nellie2
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