On the long road to recovery

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    Some of you may remember me (kellyann and others) I was on here about a year and a half ago.I was diagonsed with Lyme two years ago and have been in treatment since that time. I am on the road to recovery. There were msny, many days that I thought I could not go on. My marriage failed and financially I lost almost everything.

    But I have have finally come out on the other side and have gone back to work part time. I am still in treatment and probably will be for along time. And I still take tons of meds. As my LLMD said "unfortunately my marriage had to end for me to get better" and it absolutely did. My ex did not believe I had Lyme, thought I was faking it and/or was crazy.

    There were many times I wanted to stop my treatment and just give up.....but I didn't. To all of you... please hang it there. You can get better. After all that Lyme took from me, it has also given me some things back. I now feel I am a better person, I am more compassionate, more caring and hope that now I am at a point that perhaps I can educate and help others with Lyme.

    I am not in any way saying people should end their marriages, for me......it was a situation I had to get out of. I now have new friends that understand me and my Lyme and are one of the best part of my life now. Most of my family has now come to terms with it. I learned to say "No" to people. I still deal with Lyme pain everyday and still daily struggle with new or different symptoms.

    I hope maybe my story will be of some help to someone.


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    You are a very strong person and have been through quite an ordeal.

    Please keep us updated on how you are doing.

    God Bless,
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    long road!! Thank you Mindy! What an inspiration you are. I'm glad that you are in such a better place and you are beating lyme. I hope the pain eventually goes away for you too.

    I'm sorry about your marriage, but I can also understand. Recently my husband and I have had serious problems. It's not that he doesn't believe in my lyme, although he could more, it's how I have limited energy and cognitive abilities and feeling sick makes you realize it's down to self-preservation. I can't deal with him on top of my illness. I am also a mother of 2 and that requires a great deal of me. I love being a Mom and would rather put what energy I have into my 2 wonderful kids than a draining relationship. I've realized my relationship with him is a big drain on me. I'm not sure what to do. Nothing rash, I know, but it's really hard. Life can be so hard!! ( :

    It's wonderful to hear your story and know your struggle has paid off. It gives great hope to all of us. Thank you again for sharing.