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    The first three things you must avoid untill all
    signs of candida are not present in your body are.
    No. 1 All fruit, because the candida in your body thrives
    on all types of sugars, especially from fruit,that will feed
    the candida by fermentation in the digestive track. No
    matter the degree of ripeness or over ripeness of the fruit,
    Fermentation will take place, building sugars.

    No. 2 All foods including deli foods, that have any perservitaves or chemicals of any kind in them.

    No. 3 All refined products of any type that have white or bleached flower in them, This includes breads or any other foods that have yeast in them.

    The only liquid of any kind that you should consume, is
    distilled water. At least six to eight glasses per day.
    Try and be patient with your body and the results will come,
    but it could take several months to begin to see results.

    These first three steeps requires commitment to our health and well being.
    It is up to us. No one can do it for us.
    All healing come from within!

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    Thats some diet.

    I think I'd rather be shot in the head.

    I could'nt take all that stuff away.
    Whats left to eat?
    I'd shrivel up to nothing~

    Man,.. lots of luck!
    Thats tough!
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    If you are dealing with CFS and you can not make some
    adjustments to your habits and foods you eat, then
    you are most likely facing a very long and difficult road

    If I could have done it, anyone can. You just must really want to take control of your own health!
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    As for how you should eat on a daily basis, thats up to you.
    But all foods should be fresh and not left overs from the fridge to eat. Only one freshly cooked food will hold up for a few days, quite well and that is brown rice. It should be part of our daily foods while we are fighting with
    CFS. All other foods should be fresh vegies steamed or raw.
    For protien, whole grains and hormone free chicken breast
    and fish that is not farmed.
    Lean towards a more vegiterian diet.
    I suggest, any one suffering from CFS and other immune
    compromising illnesses, read the book Chronic Fatigue
    Syndrome, which has been around for over 10 years.
    Also be inovative in your foods you consume. You have to
    do your very own research on foods. The info is all over the internet and most of it is excellent. If you are looking for some super cure, then just forget anything I have said!
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    I drink nothing but distilled water. The first thing when I wake up I drink a large glass of water. I then walk for
    about a mile with my standard poodle Muchi.
    While walking I consentrate on my breathing, for good inhaling and maximum exhaling. Then do a lighr exersise with 10 lb. weights. for 15 minutes.
    I then make my breakfast of organic oatmeal and 2 eggs or
    some days mix my oatmeal with chicken vegitarian feed
    chicken breast. After I finish I eat fresh papaya.
    Some mornings I mix cut up peaches in my oatmeal, with a dash of Stevia powder as a sweetner. I also will have a
    Waffle from the toaster that is made without yeast.
    Also some mornings I might have brown rice organic cereal
    which only has 1 gm. of sugar.
    My typical lunch is Norweigen Sardines in olive oil,
    which I would not have eatin when I had CFS, but I recommend
    more types of grains and fresh made beans for protien.
    I eat no meats except fish that is not farmed and some chicken that is naturally grown and fed. Being CFS free
    I now eat much fresh fruit that I gave up while I had my battle with CFS. I also eat green, yellow and red vegies.
    I lightly steam my vegies or lighr boil with sweet potatoes.
    My supplements are a liquid multi vitamin with 1gm. of extra vitamin C. If you take vitamin E do not take it with Vitamin C or you will effect the absorbsion of the vit. C.
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    Any faith and live interaction with other people will work wonders and help you focus away from you own problems.
  7. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Who was it that said "Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food"? Was it the philosopher Pliny?

    Anyway, I think he was right!

    And please correct me on this "quote"( which might very well be wrong) as to origen and context all you classicists out there!

    Regards to all,

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