On the Road to Healing

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    The first three things you must avoid untill all
    signs of candida are not present in your body are.
    No. 1 All fruit, because the candida in your body thrives
    on all types of sugars, especially from fruit,that will feed
    the candida by fermentation in the digestive track. No
    matter the degree of ripeness or over ripeness of the fruit,
    Fermentation will take place, building sugars.

    No. 2 All foods including deli foods, that have any perservitaves or chemicals of any kind in them.

    No. 3 All refined products of any type that have white or bleached flower in them, This includes breads or any other foods that have yeast in them.

    The only liquid of any kind that you should consume, is
    distilled water. At least six to eight glasses per day.
    Try and be patient with your body and the results will come,
    but it could take several months to begin to see results.

    These first three steeps requires commitment to our health and well being.
    It is up to us. No one can do it for us.
    All healing come from within!

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