on the uphill side of the roller coaster!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dlizard, Jan 6, 2003.

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    well... many of you here know I've had about the lousiest of medical care of anyone here for about a year and a half now... well....maybe that is changing... *crosses fingers*... my rheumie today at least smiled once and said he'd try* to get me a primary doc ( my primary fired me about a month ago).... so the rheumie's office calls this "wonderful sympathetic" doctor that has her first availble appointment in OCTOBER!!!!! hahahaahhaahah so I had a friend call a friend and got a doctor that is going to take me on .... < I told em I'm real wierd!> hahahhaha but anyway, when I called to set up the appt , they asked for copies of all my labs...."like your lyme studies and compliments etc.." so when I told her I have none of those cause they haven't even been done! she said "WHAT"..... so can you be here next week? and will you plan to spend about 3 hours with the doc please......" I nearly fainted! all along this is what I"VE been saying but noone has listened..... so now at least there is a slight bit of uphill turn on this roller coaster of fibromyalgia! I'll keep ya'll posted and wanted to let people know keep trying and trying,.... maybe eventually we will be acknowledged and heard and maybe even ~cared for~........what a concept!
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    For you and lets cross our fingers and hope you have a great Doctor this time. keep us posted okay.
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    It does indeed sound like you have found yourself a good doc. That's about what I did with my doc on my first visit. I was so tired when I left I couldn't remember a thing, but he knows that about us and always sends me home with a printout of my meds, any changes made and anything else I am supposed to try or do differently.

    Good luck next week. You are way overdue!

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    Just wanted to say hi, and let you know I am happy for you. It can very hard these days to find a good doctor. It took several before I found the right one. I would love your insight on the book I'm writing on all this mess. It's posted. Injustice is something I know we have all experienced here, and justice is what I am seeking from the public as well many other groups of people. Keep us posted. I believe good things are coming your way....peace..Vicque
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    Sounds like you will have yourself a good doctor! My doc spends maybe 5 - 10 minutes with me (no joke) and does not tell me what he has tested for (I have to ask). I hope this works out for you - keep us posted.

    Good luck