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  1. nan2bart

    nan2bart New Member

    Hi Friends,
    With all the things I can't do that were an everyday part of my "before" life, I, like so many of you try to find ways to spend my time. I love being in my home and dislike going out. So, I do crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and read. My husband comes home from work and I want to look nice for him. Any ideas on soft comfy clothes that don't look like PJ's or like I've spent the day in bed? I can't wear make-up because of skin sensitivity so I look like I left my face in a drawer. And, what do you do with your hair?
    I know we all have different issues but the same basic problems...like a lack of enthusiam, motivation, strength and energy. I deal with tons of pain so my clothes are a big part of my being able to feel comfortable.
    Any help would be a godsend to me.
    Thank you.
  2. TxSongBird

    TxSongBird New Member

    I like the sports bras that have no metal on them and my hair is cut short like pixie style and easy to do each morning. I lounge around the house in athletic shorts and t-shirts and socks, because I hate wearing shoes if I don't have to.

  3. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    by telephone from catalogs. I really like the long dresses that are usually listed under "loungewear" or
    pajamas and gowns that don't look like what they are. Hair..UGH! I recently cut off my long hair and now I wash it and let it dry. Then I use a dampened comb and spray each piece as I set it.

    I leave it in curlers for about 2 hours and the curl lasts for a couple of days..might need a curler here or there on the side you sleep on. The curling iron doesn't last for me and either way having my arms up long enough to get it set or curled is a pain.

    I've played the online solitaire and if I can get a friend to do it, the
    online Scrabble. I watch alot of HGTV, CNN, CSpan..but the last two can be too depressing if I overdo it.
    I have a lot of Chihuahua pets and they entertain me but also take a lot
    of work..keeps me moving.

    I used to like the phone but for some reason I just HATE the phone now and have to FORCE myself to call anyone or answer it. I guess in email you can say your part and get off without hurting anyone's feelings. I used to
    talk to one friend until my ear would be numb and aching, so I'd change ears and do the same thing to the other one.

    I find "some" thing to do all the time and when I can't I take a nap to
    pass time and it also helps with the
    evenings, less pain.

    I have been waiting for our place in the mountains to be finished on fixup
    so it can go up for sale. Also at the same time, fixup on our house so I can get it back to being an organized "home". We started to move to the place up north, even moved everything up there and discovered it was too much commute for my husband, so brought it all back down.

    It's been in two bedrooms and a storage room for two years, while we live with just the basics and the rest out of boxes. It is driving me INSANE! In spite of it all I've been called "impatient". I don't think so!

    LOL! You didn't ask for a book on all this but I have trouble being brief as I am alone so much of the time and never have a full adult conversation with anyone. So I take it out on my poor FM roomies.
  4. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    Hello nan2bart,

    I agree about the hair cut; however, don't know how long your hair is.

    Also like TxSongBird, I do not like to wear shoes. You wouldn't believe how many pairs of socks I have worn out during the winter months. Of course, I am barefoot in summer. (Burned my bra years ago, lol) I don't have a husband so don't have to worry about that.

    Just trying to help the "comfort" part.

    Take care and good luck; I'm sure you'll receive more responses.

  5. insanelady

    insanelady New Member

    Hi Nan

    With all that has gone on with me I was determined that I would at least appear half attractive to hubby so here is what I did..

    I first bought a bunch of very nice coloured track pants and colored boxer shorts. With those I co-ordinated brightly coloured t-shirts, fancy inexpensive slide on flat sandals, a few light but nice long earings, had my hair that I could not managed coloured then cut into a stylish pixie, which is short just wash and dry. Next about makeup..Putting on all my makeup every day was out of the question and I to have to watch what I wear due to allergies so I bought myself some new mascara and a new tube of light coloured lipstick.

    It takes me a whole 10-15 min. to shower, apply skin cream, mascara, dress in my track pant or boxer short with colour co-ordinated t-shirt,comb hair and done.

    Try it.

    With gentle hugs


    AKA: Rosiline
  6. TxSongBird

    TxSongBird New Member

    and absolutely love it. I am allergic to almost everything in makeup, but this stuff is like wearing air. I have it on re-order every 60 days. My pixie cut is colored too, so it looks good just to wash, gel and let it air dry which in Texas takes about 10 minutes in this heat.

  7. IlivetocantoronXena

    IlivetocantoronXena New Member

    Have you tried a caftan? They sell them online and on the TV shopping channel. I have a few, for on day days. I also pull my hair back into a pony and clip on a hair piece. Now that I am 43 I don't like the make-up on me less is more now. I only use bronzer and eye liner and lip stick that is it. I must tell You I always get compliments, we are sick but it is nice to look in the mirror and see yourself looking good, at least it makes me feel a little better. Hated the day I looked into the mirror and said to myself WHO the HE Double Hockey Stick is that looking back at me. (lol)

    Take Care,
  8. Roseblossom

    Roseblossom Member

    I wear very light, very soft tank dresses or covered-elastic-waist boxer shorts & bra camisoles.

    Seams have to be sewn with soft soft thread, and I always cut labels out.

    I can only wear cotton undies with covered-elastic waist & wide cuff legs, and ultrasoft bras.

    On my feet I wear cushy soft flip-flops or slides in pretty colors.

    I can't wear makeup either, but when I want to look pretty I curl my eyelashes.

    I always wear strawberry or cherry lip balm from Avon - keeps my lips soft & full looking with a rosey tint.

    Get comfy, hon :)

  9. mimilove

    mimilove New Member


    Unfortunately your bio is not filled out, so I could have a little bit more of an idea of your likes and dislikes, age and maybe if you are a country or city girl.

    I can tell you for me. My pain is also excruciating. Maybe everything has changed for me. I have tons and tons of clothes, make up, shoes, hand bags and all that stuff; I guess people would call that "high maintenance", but I never really looked at it that way. I always thought maybe I just looked that way to people.

    Everything has pain due to the severety of the pain, such as washing my hair, I have had to cut about 6" off but still colored, since Jan 06 I have only been to my hairdresser twice, could barely stand it. I don't know when I am going to go again.

    I never owned any low heels before apart from the beach flip flops always used to wear like 5" heals; so as much as I hate going out there I had to go and get a pair of like Birkenstock type sandals but couldn't help myself and found one with a little bit of a heel :)

    Clothes!! Nothings fits anymore not even size 0, I just make do and wear everything like a uniform when I go to the drs with my belt of course. Around the house I bought very comfy cotton t-shirt type summer pj's with funny cartoons on there. Remember the old coppertone bottle with the little girl and the dog pulling on her pantie? The real low rider but full panty? I bought a bunch of those. They are so beautiful. They are cotton, low riders...very sexy, and comfy! I had never as a woman wore a full panty before in my life, but sick as a dog got me to and kind of glad those are in are the time cause I would have a big problem.

    Makeup None really, but my favorite lip gloss which everybody wants to know where I got from. It's thick. And sometimes I wear a bit of bronzer. And my glasses

    That's it. Took me a lot longer to get ready. As for husband, loves me nonetheless says I have good genes. But too skinny!

    Like you whatever I have has totally killed the spirit to be me, because this is not me; it's almost like I don't even want to try to make that other person look better :{

    I hope this helps a little.


  10. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    I also like to wear track suits. There are some really cute ones and some with crop pants for summer. They make slide on tennies too so no laing up and they slide right off.

    I also am using bare minerals and absolutely love it. I was skeptical but it is so easy to put on and my skin is looking great. My husband like the casual look and does not like alot of make up. I usually put my hair up. I think the smile on your face and your attitude is the sexiest thing! Lynn

    PS. Most days I am sweaty and smelly from being at the barn and my husband seems to be just fine with it because it makes me happy.
  11. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    LOL What would I do without make-up?!

    Because I can do so little, I try to make it a point to look nice for my husband. If nothing else, he comes home to a good-looking wife (me, I hope!!!)

    I wear skirts...they are more comfortable than pants or shorts. I wish I didn't have to wear bras, but the girls have gone so far south that they'll bruise my knees if I'm not careful. LOL (Funny! I just noticed that I actually have a bruise on my left knee. Think it was one of my girls? LOL)

    My conceit is my hair. It's long, red, and I try to keep it at least a little wavy. (I don't have any pics of me with long hair yet. I'll try to get one.) I cut, color, highlight, etc. it myself. Too expensive to have the salon do it.

    God Bless.
  12. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member


    I sure know what you are talking about when you say you want to look nice for your husband when he comes home from work.

    Hopefully he would notice as mine doesn't. Don't get me wrong though, I have a great husband but the days that I actually get showered and fixed up with make up and get a clean shirt without spit up on it, well he just doesn't seem to notice.

    Things that help me is ABSOLUTELY wear shoes!!!! Not only does it put you in different mind set but it also helps support your feet, legs and low back. It really does help me!

    I also wear a bunch of my husbands oxford shirts. They are loose and comfortable and look somewhat dressier then a worn out t-shirt.

    For my hair, well since I just had my hair cutting incident I am obviously wearing it short! LOL BUT I normally would wear it in a ponytail.

    You can dress up a ponytail too!

    Okay hope this helped! WEAR YOUR SHOES!! LOL


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