On Valcyte? Don't Drink Juice

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jasminetee, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. jasminetee

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    I sure wish I'd known this when I was on Valcyte. My doctor thought I wasn't absorbing Valcyte and that that's why I didn't respond to it. Well, it just so happens that I drank juice every day while I was on it! All different kinds of juice like Apple and Pear and Lemon and Peach and Berry and dang it!!!

    Read and find out why I'm miffed; oh and if you're on Valcyte or going on it at least now you'll know:


    Huh, I can't seem to get this link to work. If you can't either type "science daily new reason to avoid juice" into Google.


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  2. jasminetee

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    I know. Isn't this upsetting? There is no way that I want to try Valcyte again either. I do want to see if this makes a difference between responders and non-responders. Maybe they can do another study? I'm going to e-mail this to the HHV6 Foundation.
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    orange juice is my favorite thing to drink! a few times, i have even drank it WITH my antiviral!
  4. jasminetee

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    I just can't believe it myself. I thought of you and Kelly and everyone else here that have gone through months of Valcyte treatment without improving just like me and now I am wondering if those who respond don't drink juice or eat much fruit.

    Clearly, testing needs to be done as fruit juice and probably fruits themselves seem to be interfering with the absorption of many drugs.

    Here's another article about it: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/7572500.stm

  5. ladybugmandy

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    thank you! very nice of you to think of me:)

    i just read the science direct article and it seems to imply that drinking the juice WITH the drug is the problem...not drinking juice in general...am i wrong?

    i always had a gut feeling that taking my meds with juice wasn't a good idea so i usually took them with water and tried to drink the juice at least 30 min before or after taking the drugs.

    however, i drink tea twice a day. i also try and drink this 30 min before or after the drug, but i wonder if this could also affect the absorption. tea has tannin..isnt that a mild diuretic?

    LISALOO New Member

    Is it just the juice or the fruit? I have apples or applesauce alot.
  7. jasminetee

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    I just reread the last article and it does say that the problem is taking the drug with juice but I wonder, how soon after you can drink juice and still have it interfere. Maybe some people can drink juice after and not have an effect and others it will affect, like those of us with gut motility and digestive issues.

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  8. landrun89

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    A more revealing analysis comes from the London Free Press acessed through Google. The lead researcher, David Bailey, says, "if you want to consume grapefruit, orange, or apple juice you need to allow four hours between the time drinking the juice and taking the medication with water. Further, Bailey says, "This is the tip of the iceburg." In future research other classes of drugs will be uncovered that are partially neutralized by juices. He expects consuming raw fruit (as I do for breakfast) will have the same effect as juices, reducing drug absorbtion.

  9. mylilcherub428

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    But others that can not be taken with certain things and I have been thinking recently about how long you really need in between if you have digestive isssues

    I was thinking about this because I have been getting migraines alot lately and I tend to get real sick runnig to the potty and sorry but throwing up and I've noticed I will throw up things I have eaten 12- 14 hrs after they are eaten

    I know that is not right.. one of my meds can not be taken with orange or grapefruit juice I am assuming not the fruits either since the juice is in them.

    So does this mean my meds are hanging out in my belly too?? Soo can I really have this stuff at all. I really have to get my digestive system working but then is it o.k. to take digestive enzymes with meds or at all if it's all hanging out havin a long party in my belly aren't many of the enzymes from fruit

    it is all so frusterating

    and many of the meds help to slow the digestion

    although I can always feel my meds kick in so they must be getting absorbed mabe just not as well as they should

    uggg It's all so confusing

    A shame we have to try to figure out most of it on my own-Kim
  10. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    the doctors and scientists are just figuring this out themselves.

    Landrun- thank you for providing more info. I said Valcyte only because i immediately thought about those of us who didn't respond and how my doctors thought I wasn't absorbing it. It's good to know we can drink juice or eat fruit 4 hours before or after taking meds. I was wondering about that.

    I think this info is actually for everyone who takes meds. I just assumed they were absorbing them. I don't take meds normally as I can't handle them. I drank juice every day that I was on Valcyte.

    I think I'll start a new thread as well that addresses all meds as it can potentially affect all of them. We'll have to keep informed about this as they discover more.

    Kim- you bring up some good points as well. I wonder if digestive enzymes would interfere with meds too and we with these DDs often have digestive issues and gut motility problems so maybe juice at any hour would interfere.

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