on Weight Watchers, but GAINING! 8(

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    My husband and I have been following the Weight Watchers program pretty diligently for a few months. Neither of us are doing much but fluctuating within our same five pounds we started with! SO frustrating! To begin with, I haven't much appetite so I don't eat a lot, and when I do I make pretty healthy choices. I haven't had pop in like 12 years, for instance. I am staying well within the "points" the program allots. We weighed in today and I'm up a pound! I know it sounds trivial but I thought losing a bit of weight might help my energy and health. Now I feel like eating even less so than I used to!

    I don't know what the problem is, If its the meds, or a thyroid/hormonal thing or what. But it's kind of got me down... :(
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    make sure you are not drinking any soda or alcohol. my best friend is a weight loss consultant for a major weight loss chain like ww, and she said whenver her clients are adhering but not losing, in all likelihood they have not excluded soda and especially alcohol from diets.
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    I know how frustrating and discouraging that can be. I thought I was eating pretty well but was still gaining weight or at least not losing, and then learned a few things that really helped (I didn't do WW).

    1. As someone else said, cut out alcohol - I was having a couple of glasses of wine a week and even though it wasn't a lot, because I can't exercise due to CFS, it was a problem

    2. You already cut out soda so that's good (I haven't had soda in years either)

    3. No eating after dinner - this is really important. I think even if you're within your points, it's still really important when you eat, not just what you eat. After dinner eating is the worst time of day to eat. If you're starving a couple of hours after dinner, then have a handful of almonds or something similar.

    4. In general, I eat high protein, low carbs. So as many vegies (not potatoes and corn!) as I want, a little fruit, I eat protein with each meal, very little bread, no pasta, some rye crackers a couple of times a week. The bread I do eat is sprouted grain. I use olive oil and apple cider vinegar for salad dressing.

    Do check your meds. Weight gain can be a side effect of many of them. REad the fine print, don't just go by what your doctor says. Many doctors seem to deny that meds can have side effects.

    How is your thyroid? If your morning temp is pretty low, it can be an indication of low thyroid function. If your doc says but your blood tests are normal even with a low body temp, then find someone who will work with you on this (generally a naturopath or integrative medicine doctor)

    It really does feel good when you start losing weight after feeling hopeless about it. It's been very slow, but I've lost 45 pounds over 6 years. If I could exercise, I could have done it in one year. c'est la vie :)

    By the way - "pretty" diligently may not be enough. It wasn't enough for me. I have had to be very diligent on a daily basis about what I eat, again mainly because I can't exercise. It can be a pain, but it works, so I am motivated to stick with it.

    Good luck -

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