On with the New Porchlight - Volume 475

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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Everydobby, not much time now but I am dropping off some more choc chip cookies and hot cocoa with whipped cream for my dear Porchies.

    Please check the old volume - DEAR JOAN SEND US A NICDE LONG POST = YAY !!


    Spring has sprung -
    The grass has rizzz - - -
    but where the heck
    the flower's is ???

    Does that all make sense? It sounds almost the way you wrote it but I remembered it right away.

    Gotta run for now. Hope I didn't get caught in the door.

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Don't gots no energy to read and respond to your posts. Nothing happening here.

    HaHa. That's been my post pretty much for the last umpteen, I don't know. For
    quite a while anyway.

    For animal lovers, you might like the book "Dewey". The story of the library cat who
    lived for 19 years in the Spencer, Iowa library. (May also be of interest to people
    who love libraries or live in Iowa.)

    Tried to order some bargain CDs from the net, but the seller and the computer and my
    brain won't cooperate. And an old problem here on ProHealth came back. Couldn't
    get a reply button.

    Yesterday I couldn't find my car radio. It has the detachable face to prevent theft. HaHa
    again. My car radios have been stolen 3-4 times. Part of the fun of living in LA.

    To end on a more chipper note, here's a quote from Mark Twain.

    "Let us not be too particular. It is better to have old, second-hand diamonds,
    than to have none at all." (Twain was still alive when my dad was young.)

    And we are all alive in Shania Twain's lifetime. (I read she is a country western
    singer from Canada.) Will have to check her out on Youtube. I doubt she will
    erase memories of Patsy Cline, Bonnie Guitar or Kitty Wells.

    Okee dokke, everydobby.


  3. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Yikes~~~~i just lost what i had written but it wasn't much so again~~~ now what did I write???

    Oh phooey!! Granni: You just may be right about how that rreally goes! Maybe we are from the same area and all learned it alike.

    I had a good meal this noon, exhausted me but so easy! Why can't I do what I used to? Guess I know the answer.

    I browned a pkg of diced ham from the grocery, added a big jar of already cooked Great Northern beans and then made a Jiffy corn bread. It was so simple but it just wore me to a frazzle! It was so good --have quite a bit of beans left and will eat the corn bread after while.

    I can't find anything to ask anyone about--can't remember all of the last vol.

    Rock: I am reading simple things right now, books I have had for a while. I am reading "His Mysterious Ways" from Guideposts. Do any of you get Guideposts? These all come from there but I do enjoy these little stories. I can just pick the book up and read a while. I have finished "Tales from the Front Porch", and 3 books that were just fun----"Gettin' Old Ain't for Wimps". There are 3 by that lady and they are short stories (funny to us older ones but not to the younger generation), then a scripture that fits in this one's little prayer that fits the funny story. when I finish these, I will find some other books that around the house----ones that I have never gotten around to reading.

    Someone, either on chat or FMS, wrote about how to take care of your splitting nails----worth reading if you have that problem.

    So far, this has been a rather boring tale~~~~~~~~`Oh yes, I called the clinic and asked for my results from last week----it is now 4:58 and I have not heard!! Oh well, might as well wait til next week.

    I have run out of things to chat about. I'll peek in tomorrow and see if anyone else has anything to chat about.

    If not--have a great weekend and Palm Sunday. Let's hope that it is a beautiful day!

    Love and Gentle Hugs to all of you close friends.

    Until we meet again.....

  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Im like Rock just now, dont gots no energy.

    feeling like i have flu but theres no flu. I can feel hot flashes under my skin which feels
    very dry, the stomach feels full and my appetite has just disappeared completely. Also
    slightly achy head and very stiff joints. It looks like some hormonal issues but no way
    to find out. I guess i will just have to ride it out as usual. Also getting some mucus in
    the mouth and keep having to spit. Does anyone know what is going on with me?Another thing, it doesnt feel comfortable in the heart area, no pain but definitely uncomfortable.

    Obviously i have not got much done. Been tryng to take in fresh air at the window
    and lying down and reading in turns. Both dont make me feel too much better.
    I forced myself to go downtown yesterday because i felt like such a bum, thought it
    would do some good. It did but just for a teeny bit and then Caramba! back to
    square one and living zombie mode.

    Im supposed to go to DHs aunts tomorrow where her two married daughters also will
    be coming. I just wish i wasnt feeling sick right now. Dont know how i will make it.

    Julie - I hope you can post pics later on of Keira in the white dress.

    Joan - reading is great to pass the time isnt it, is Guideposts a religious magazine
    which has stories or just a normal magazine.

    Rock - i hope we both regain our energy soon. Harry Potter Land sounds fabulous
    but yes, bad time to open it.

    Georgia - Ursula really must cherish these visits from her 'boyfriend'.

    Elaine - where are you? How are things

    rest of MIAs thinking of you too..


    God Bless

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  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    then I will have to go out with DH and paint. Great huh ! Nope !! First it is the bridge (small) and then the patio outside.

    Whoops he just got back so I gotta go. Sorry a lot of you aren't feeling well. Hope you get to feeling better and have a nice weekend. Thinkiing of you all !! SW, Elaine, Julie, Georgia, Rock, Joan, Carla, Jole, Pip, Teacher and ALL my dear Porchies.

    Love to everydobby,
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Its 10:30 pm and just popped in to say that Im recovered from whatever it
    was. Whatever it was it was horrible. Coming on the heels of some very fatigue
    ful days. This afternoon with the bloating and headache and stiffness and most
    of all depression and surrounded by a house filled with several days worth of
    undone cleaning and chores I was actively wishing a truck would run over me
    and end it all. BR>

    Anyways, i made sure i ate very bland food, lentils, rice, banana and did
    a lot of meditation and breathing and repeated my Medicine Buddha chants.
    I just hope this episodes gone for good. I still have to garner up the energy now
    to have my bath, find some clothes and press them for tomorrow. Clean out
    the bathroom. Its a mess in there what with pigeons making nests and dropping
    twigs and thier own droppings in there.

    God Bless

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  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    of the patio and now my back is killing me. Now I get to fix dinner . What fun I have. I didnpt build this little "bridge" it is cute but was here when we bought the house, along with the patio in the back. If we do not paint it every 2 years or so it will just rot. All made of wood, of course.

    Gotta run and cook dinner.

    Love to all,

  8. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Did you really mean "pain" in your opening? You don't want to get like me!! Maybe you really meant pain for how you feel after painting.

    Got a call from dr.'s nurse while on here yestyerday and my poor ears and hearing aids didn't hear it. called her back this a.m. Said Dr. wants to see me about all of this. Thionk he wants me to have surgery on carpal tunnel. Daughter quizzed me over and over this a.m. about it----don't think she wants me to have it. No 1 S. never mentions it! No. 2 S-----I don'tsee him anymore! Been here just 1 time since first of yfr.

    Asked nurse if any of it was bad!!!!! No--have appt. Tues.

    What did I do today? Nothing! Have seen no one but D.ki called and we talked 45 min. Bless her heart! DIL and her daughter left today for Phoenix and GrandDIL left to day for Germany. Gson is in India. i'm at home!

    Guess I did push the carpet sweepter around. Love that-----use it between times cleaning ladhy comes who doesn't do windows or climb ladders. Does onlyh what shows---lots of cob webs I see.

    Tried to read but fell asleep! Also did get an e-mail from GD, my #1 GD. She is special.

    I guess everydobby feels the same-----tired, achy somewhere and no energy! Wil go find something to eat and take shower then and relax and hope to have a relaxing evening.

    I hope all of you regain some energy---me too--- and feel better tomorrow! I luv u awl.

    gentle hugs,

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Joan - Yes, I meant I was painting and after that I did have pain or should I say more pain.

    Well, you did run the carpet sweeper. Yes, I did need to do that but will have to wait till tomorrow. A couple will come over tomorrow to go out for dinner and then play cards - Tripoli - such fun, part board and part cards (hearts and poker). We play forever on $1.

    Gonna go hop in the hot tub and get ready for church tomorrorw and Palm Sunday. Hope the weather is good ! No NRG, if anyone finds any please send some my way please.

    Hugs to awl,
  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - That bridge must be looking so
    sweet. I really like those kinds of things in the garden like a bench, or little
    arbour or pond. My you must be tired if you and DH painted it by yourselves.
    I hope the hot tub took away your back pain.

    Joan - I saw the photo of your g son in India all over colours and i laughed
    because she looked like he was having fun! Thats what they do here too
    to foreigners during festival time, smear them with colours and most of the
    time they dont mind it, since theyre tourists.

    Julie - I spent most of the afternoon with my nephew (DHs cousins s toddler)
    and boy was it tiring! They just run about and ask questions and are so
    curious about every little thing.

    Well, thank goodness i was much recovered today. Enough to take my bath,
    do the prayers, cook some sesame chicken for taking to aunts and for our
    own dinner and go and have a good time at aunts. This time yesterday i was
    feeling like dying! Maybe its a message to keep plodding on and not give up
    because of these DD's.

    I enjoyed catching up with all of them. Nephew had been given a plastic
    bath for his b day and he was on the terrace splashing and screaming
    and i got some really cute pics which i will post soon.

    Today i wore a thin cotton top and pants because of the warm season and
    they all were surprised at not seeing me in my traditional tibetan dress or
    the Indian dress trouser two piece.

    since DHs office is in the compound, i had asked him to come pick me up
    before leaving for home.

    I enjoy talking to one cousin sis because after years of domesticity her
    kids are now grown up enough that she has been allowed to join the
    Tibetan Womens Association and is active in running the Old Peoples
    HOme. She wries letters to sponsors and they take the old people on
    Pilgrimage tours etc. Since all her co volunteers are emancipated working
    women she says she finds it very enlightening and is learning a lot about
    womens capabilities outside the domestic front. All the women in my
    DHs family are housewives, because that was the tradition. My DH might
    have let me work outside after we moved out of the family home, but
    alas my DD gets in the way. Its difficult to imagine working when there
    are days one cannot get out of bed.

    We spoke to daughter who was celebrating. They had just finished staging
    their version of The Vagina Monologues and it was a huge success.
    They had to write their own monologues. She sent me the script she wrote.
    I got such a shock. I didnt know my daughter would be knowing about
    prostitutes and stuff! Oh my! Ive copied a bit of it down but some parts are
    too explicit to copy.

    I gather she is recounting a prostitutes travails in India.

    "Sticks and Stones

    I see Mrs. Chhetri’s giant body enter the bus. She sees me sitting next to the only free seat and promptly grabs onto the handrail, choosing to stand and have her cellulite jiggle with the jolts of the bus rather than sit next to me. I see the reflection of her furrowed brow and pursed thin lips in the driver’s mirror. I can tell she’s thinking Chheee!! …why do they allow whores on the bus? Oh Gawd! All the seats are now untouchable (Indian accent).

    Oh Mrs. Chhetri, I don’t mind what you think of me, of my bright crimson lips, my fake pink nails, my gaudy sari, my cheap perfume. The judgmental stares and vicious whispers stopped hurting long ago. It stopped hurting when my bright crimson lips put my little brother through school. It stopped hurting when this gaudy sari-clad body bought my younger sister a television set, a motorcycle and gold jewelry for her dowry, without which apparently even a donkey wouldn’t marry her. People can condemn me all they like but I made a difference in my siblings’ lives. Whatever they say, do or think, they cannot take that away from me.

    Mrs. Chhetri, you won’t even sit next to me for fear of catching slut cooties. I hope you never find out that your husband comes to me every Thursday night, 9:30 sharp (Indian tone). The same .... (deleted by me because it is too graphic) You can judge me all you like Mrs. Chhetri. I just hope you don’t live to judge him.

    I had heard about 'The Vagina Monologues' but had never actually found out exactly
    what they were about.

    God Bless

  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I have big news. Well, big news considering that not much
    ever happens around this ranch. We bought a new computer

    Gordon heard an ad on the radio for a place called Court
    Furniture that sells bargains. I asked if they specialized in
    thrones, but it turns out the place is spelled "Cort" Furniture.

    The store was in nearby Glendale. Signs all over the the
    front. 70% off. No sales tax. Well, I always say most business
    transactions in this area leave me feeling like I was mugged. This
    was no exception. The goods are not 70% off. You do have
    to pay sales tax. And the salesman had all the charm of a
    Mafia thug.

    Besides that he did not know the price of the chair nor how to
    operate it. It has 4 levers to adjust this, that and the other thing.
    All a mystery to him.

    I wanted to walk out. Gordon couldn't write a check fast
    enough. Our 30th year together, but that doesn't mean we
    see everything alike.

    Well, anyhoo, we have the chair. So far it works fine. I am
    sitting on it now, before your very eyes.

    Julie, I trust wedding mania has taken over your place. Glad
    I'm 2000 miles away. HaHa! Is Keira fully recovered from her operation? Is she
    going to scatter rose petals?

    Joan, you mentioned carpet sweeper. I went to see if we still had
    one, because we haven't used it since we bought the vacuum
    cleaner last year.

    Yup, we still do. You know what? It's a Bissell. Just like the
    one my mother had in the 40s. Nowadays they cost about
    $40. I suppose in the 40s they cost about $3.

    Georgia, are you using anything for your aching tooth? I
    can't imagine waiting till Wednesday to see the dentist. If
    it were I, I'd go camp in his waiting room.

    Springwater, the Vagina Monologues is a play. I thought it
    was a one-woman show, but I looked it up. There are 3 or 4

    Many famous actresses have appeared in it. Like Marilu Henner,
    Kate Winslet and Whoopi Goldberg. I started to read it a couple
    years ago. Didn't get very far though. I'd rather read
    Little Women.

    Granni, how big is your bridge? The Huntington Library
    (near here) has a Japanese garden that features a half moon
    bridge painted a brilliant red.

    The adjacent library is full of rare books and art work. Like
    a Gutenberg Bible and the Gainsboro Blue Boy and Pinkie. My
    mother loved to visit the place. The building is huge; made of
    marble. Once it was a private home!

    Well, I have to peel and slice. Gordon is making chicken soup
    when he gets back from the market.

    Big hugs to all.

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to say hi to awl and bring up the Porchie thread up where I could see it this morning :) !!

    Sweet SW - The bridge is not that big and made of wood. I did my part and now DH has to do his. I am not looking forwards to starting the patio - ugh ! Who wants to help - Julie- MICKEY, anydobby ??:)!! Right now it looks awful and really needs repainting and cleaning esp with all the yellow pollen stuff all around from all the trees.

    Thanks for asking. My back is a little better. I also slept with a heating pad last night and kept switching it from hi to low . It is also covered to protect from any possible burns.

    Georgia - Your new shawl that you are making sounds lovely. Would love to see it when it is finished. Glad you didnpt hurt yourself in that almost fall of yours at work.

    Rock = Gordon can come and make chicken soup for me at any time. Glad you got a good buy on your computer chair.

    Hi to Julie, Teacher, Elaine., Carla, Jole, MICKEY, Joan and everdobby else not mentioned.

    Gotta go and finish my washing and maybe go to the store when DH comes home. Also if I sit to long my back will start all over again. Have problems standing up straight when I have these back flares.

    Bye for now.

  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Land O Goshen! Had to log in three times to get a Reply Button.

    Not much going one here; generally the case. I'm having Gordon's chicken soup
    for breakfast. Will have shrimp stir fry w/ rice for lunch.

    Glad to hear Advil works for you, Georgia. The dentist always prescribes Tylenol
    w/ codeine for me when I have a tooth pulled. Might as well take M&Ms. Stuff
    has no effect on me.

    Last time I asked for something else. Turned out it worked much better.

    I had forgotten the Faroese shawl. I looked it up a couple years ago when
    you were making one. The distinguishing factor seems to be the center

    The shawls are native to the Faroe islands, folks. Near Denmark.

    Granni, maybe you can arrange a painting party like Lucy and Ethel.
    Of take a tip from Tom Sawyer. Can't remember the last time I painted
    something. Decades ago, anyway.

    Well, I have a few little errands on my agenda. Nothing big, but I generally get
    zero to two done per day.

  14. jole

    jole Member

    We had such beautiful weather yesterday...sunshine and just a slight breeze! I'd forgotten what it feels like to be human. Hardly any pain, and some energy for the first time since last fall...I kid you not! This winter was the worst I've felt in years, and had about given up completely, then yesterday came :)

    It's amazing what one short day will do for a person, isn't it? It's also amazing what constant pain and fatigue will do for a person...

    So, today the wind is back, but it's warm (upper 60s) and still feeling "good". Read about everyone and sounds like things are fairly normal for everyone. Haven't seen Elaine here though, or did I miss her? Hope she's doing well.

    My daughter and her sons were here Saturday for most of the day. We played cards, ate, played cards, ate...lol...the longest Uno game in history! Of course wouldn't have been if we hadn't talked so much. Was great to have the boys (12 and 10) tell me so much of what's going on in their lives without the tv on or music attached to their ears for a change...haha!

    This generation is not going to know how to socialize at all unless us grandparents force the issue, with everything being internet and now playing games on the tv even with all their friends. Amazing how they can sit there with headphones on while they're racing or doing war games with a person in another household, say a word every 5 minutes and consider it a conversation!! Hate it!

    My other daughter and her two babies will be here for Easter and stay a couple days. Hope the weather's good so I feel up to enjoying them.

    Hello to everyone, and love to all.......Jole
  15. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    S.#2 used to play with his paternal grandma for hours on Uno.! He still says he can just hear her yelling UNO! Isn't memory wonderful?

    S.#2 did call late Sat. eve and asked if i was busy Sun. No,i had no plans. They came aboug 11 a.m. with a beautiful lavendar hyacinth, a basket of Easter candy, and a gorgeous lavendar blouse and short sleeved sweater. Then we went out for lunch. lovely day!

    But I don't believe that I have ever had so much pain. Coffee friend agreed. It rained and rained and rained and I really believe that thefront or whatever causes more pain. I told D that I think that everything that could hurt, did. Today is much better---there is sun and I guess I should have been out in it.

    Jole: even my grown up kids have their fingers going on something most of the time. If you ask something, they look it up.

    Granni: If I work at something while standing,. I bend lower and lower and lower! sat. when I was in such pain I got the heating pad out and put it to back and had a throw on me and the cat on my lap! It put me to sleeop and helped some.

    i watched basketball yesterday-----I know why I don't go to them----I get so nervous when the score goes back and forth. I'm all for BUTLER----my grandson who happens to be in India now is a Sr. there and missing all the fun. He does say they hear about it and are all yelling for them.

    Yes, SW, I think that he was having so much fun in those pictures. He is a really fun kid (21 yrs,).

    Tomorrow I go to the Dr. to find out results of all of those tests I had. Anxious to get them over and probably won't know anything still.

    Maggie is really wantking me to leave here. Right now she is lhying just behind my chair, just waiting to meow at me again.

    Yes, I miss Elaine. Wonder whwere she is? Hope she is feeling better.

    Gentle hugs to all of u!

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - I dont think i would like to read the Monologues eigher..it sounds
    bit depressing. When i was younger, much younger would have devoured
    it, I used to love reading anything at all and wouldnt mind if it were sad
    but now i prefer reading lighter stuff, or inspirational, or a nice mystery.
    I saw the movie Little Women with Winona Ryder in it, and loved it.

    You and Gordon 30 years together, wow. That is long. Comforting.
    All the kinks get kind of sorted out the longer a relationship is. I think.

    Georgia - hope the toothache goes away soon. That Faroese shawl
    sounds really pretty especially since you are going to put lace in it, I
    must look it up on google.

    Julie - i love the way your boss sounds. Kind and considerate. Your feelings
    towards your MIL sound a a bit like what i feel for my own inlaws. More
    bad memories than good. Im also trying to work on it. Dont want to die
    taking grudges with me.

    Joan -what a lovely bag of goodies your son brought you. I love the lavendar
    colour. Reminds me i havent seen a hyacinth flower for ever so long now.

    Jole - thats wonderful to hear you felt good. This winter was a rough one
    wasnt it? We need those good days in between. Oh how we need it. Agree
    nowadays kids dont interact much with parents or others. So busy in thier
    electronic what nots.

    Granni - hope your back flare is better. Oh these aches and pains. Have
    you finished your painting job?

    Yesterday too i had a little hot flash thing going on but today its all gone.
    The appetites back too.

    Today I got a call from my Chinese friend so i went over to her office for a chit
    chat. She was miserable because her helper man is leaving and she really
    needs someone for the garden and to take care of their three dogs since
    both her and her DH work.

    Tomorrow there is a flower show for three days in the town hall. I have
    made up my mind to go look. I also need to replace the flowers which
    were destroyed by hail. Not too many. Trying to save water. Will try
    to raise flowers only in front of the house where its visible. Next month
    my sweet peas will have faded so will have to have new plants.

    Today made a curry of chicken and bottle gourd with lots of gravy for
    dinner. Had with rice. I didnt get to do any grocery shopping although
    I passed the supermarket on way back from friends because it was blowing
    hard and thundering..didnt want to get caught in a storm. I just made it
    thru the gate and the rain came down. Happy. The ground water really needs
    to be replenished.

    One fearsome clap of thunder and lightening and the lights which had just
    come on, went off. So I spent the time, having a nice cup of hot tea and
    gazing out into the stormy nightsky. Lots of lightning.And such a delicious
    cool breeze.

    Luckily my son was home and DH came soon after. The last storm brought
    down trees and some people in cars got hurt.

    Welll, everyone hugs

    God Bless

  17. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Computer still down. Am on Baby's right now, but can't stay long. It's almost 8:30.

    Friend picked her up and brought her to school because she had a hair appointment after I got off work.

    She's been invited to a fancy dancy luncheon tomorrow with the College President, the Dean of Student Affairs and other important folks. They are going to a lunch downtown with other movers and shakers. She's the only student going from the college.

    Her head looked terrible, so we didn't have a choice about the appointment.

    I just brought her back and borrowed her laptop to finish my taxes and drop you all a quick line. I can read a work, but our keystrokes are monitored, so I'm not trying to post.

    In a quandry about computer, but due to car needing some stuff done, I'm now broke and won't be able to do anything about it for another week or so.

    Also, next week is Spring Break, so I won't be able to read at work. I may go to the library early one day, but not sure how that's gonna go since I have four doc appointments scheduled.

    No worries. They are all maintenence visits.

    So, I'm reading, praying, and thinking of you all.

    Wil talk with you as soon as I am able!

    Bunny Hugs!
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    before I have to leave for dinner and choir practice tonight.

    Just came awhile ago back from judging an Essay contest of My American Hero that our club does yearly. There are some talented kids in the 4th grade nowadays !

    Teacher - sorry to hear about your sick computer. Hope you can get it fixed really soon and that you get to feeling better quickly. Thise crazy computer. YOu can go crazy with and without those stupid computers.

    Georgia - Sorry to hear abouyt your tooth surgery and hope that it will not take to long to recouperate from it. How exciting, it sounds like Grandpa is planning on your trip you mentioned the other day and that
    some evem more exciting things may be happening there in MX. :) !! Any ide of when that might be happening?

    Sweet SW - Hi there sweetie. Forgot what you said before. Yes, the bridge is done but soon we will be cleaning the deck and will have to paint it - ugh !! Any of you can help at any time. It is a lovely spring day with lots of sun. Probably this weekene of moday we will be starting the painting after we do the cleanup.

    Going to eldest daughters on Easter Sunday afternoon. I have to make potatoe sald of which I have not made in years. Hope I remember how to make it. I don't measure anything at all. I have to do it in stages plus will be busy singing on Thursday and Friday night and Saturday I should be singing but have tickets to Rickey Skaggs. DH wouldn't miss it. The tickets were not cheap either. So Friday I have to probably cook the potatoes and refrigerate so easier to peal and they will be cool. Then on saturday I will have to put it together in the daytime since I will out in the evening. It will be church on Sunday instead of saturday night as we usualy do at Easter.

    Jole - Hi there kiddo.l I think I saw you pop onto the porch and you were having some kids vcisiting you and then another after one bunch leaves. That will be treat but hope you doon't poop out !

    Hi also to Rock, Carla, Elaine, and everydobby else. My forgetter forgot who else I was supposed to remember :) !!

    Hope everydobby will have a great Easter. I will try and get back soon but who knows with all these things to do. I haven't even done alot of chores in my house.



  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - wow that must have been fun..listening to kids reciting. I do think nowadays kids
    are so advanced compared to us but that could be because they have so much more exposure to the outside world than we did.

    Georgia - thank goodness the dentist thing is over with! have a quick recovery. I looked up
    Faorese shawls. I really wish i was also gifted with the ability to knit; look like one could really
    lose oneself in those beautiful patterns. One shawl had a kind of scalloped edge.

    Teacher - Baby must be special if she got invited to lunch with the President/Dean. What an honour for her. Good of u to pop in even tho no computer. Hope it gets fixed soon.

    Julie - glad to hear you are having good weather. About time, too. Itwill be nice to take Keira for outings in the warmer weather. I remember you did a trip to the zoo one time.

    Yesterday i had zilch energy. So practically nothing accomplished. Today i bounced back.
    So i washed some of my sons tees which the help always manages to pull out of shape when
    she washes. Also when i wash i conserve a lot ofwater and use the rinsed water to clean the
    bathroom etc. She just pours it out thru the drain althou we have made a system for it to go
    to the garden now rather than joining the main drains.

    I also cleaned the bathroom.

    Ive just made a lot of sesame chicken some for our dinner and most of it for ma in law. I
    decided i really better drop in. And also take in the flower show i didnt get to go yesterday.
    The lights wil be on for another hour so ive been able to shove the fried chicken in to bake
    a little like the recipe says. Sometimes i just fry it because of no power.

    Yesterday too it rained for a short while in night and i was so happy. means ground
    water gettng replenished.

    Its 10:30am. And the weather cool and balmy. Feeling good.

    Well, thinking of you all MIAs,

    and hugs everyone

    God Bless

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Taking a break from vacuuming so had better get back to it. This evening have to sing so need to eat early and get to church. This weekend will be so very busy !

    Not much is really new. There are gius outside cutting down some of the really tall trees, one was dead I know. Didn't want any of them to fall on the house in a big storm . Hurricane Ike was really scary. Some peeps had trees on andin their homes.

    Georgia - glad you are feeling better from your tooth extraction. Yes, it is scary to have osteoporosis too. That is what I have. Takie lots of Vit D3 as well as calcium. As they say, "Getting old is not for sissies "!

    Guess many of the Porch peeps are getting ready for Easter amongst other things as this Porch is really slow these days.

    Hi to everydobby else, SW, Elaine. Carla, Rock, Teacher, Pip, Joanand the many MIA's Thinking of you all and hope you all have a wonderful Blessed Easter if I don;pt get back soon. Have cooking and cleaning to do even if not having Easter at our house., I have cleaned so little lately.

    Have been busy also going to the doc and researching about natural and other meds for b/p. Trying to find meds and supps that work and are not so EXPENSIVE, even having pharm. insurance. Waiting for Hyzaar to go generic which the doctor said should be very soon. I called Caremark and they say according to their info, it should be in a month or so. It is the OR SO that gets me. The doc did give me spome samples to try that is similar to the Hyzaar to see if it might work for me when it does become generic. I did take it before with something else.

    Most of the time at home my b/p is great but in the docs office it goes bananas . I am not afraid of anything in the docs office as I used to be a nurse. However, my body seems to want to do its own thing.

    Buy for now to everydobby !!


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