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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by samjenkin, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. samjenkin

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    Hi guys

    Don't post often as I work full time and don't have internet access at home but I often browse and keep myself up to date. Have had a rough time lately (father passed away, new marriage broke up, lost a contract at work and am having to move to another one, etc., etc.) and for the past month or so I have been waking up having what I thought was a panic attack - unable to breathe, in a cold sweat, mind racing with very negative thoughts and desperately scared. Unusual for me as I am quite a calm person. So I did my usual and searched this site and found other people's experiences which made me feel a little better as I am not the only one.

    Just a note of thanks really to everyone who shared their experiences here - if you ever think that you don't get lots of replies to your posts or that something is too trivial to post - please believe me - it's not.

    Blessings to everyone

  2. matthewson

    matthewson New Member

    I hope you try to post more often! It sounds like you had a really bad month! I also don't have a chance to post as much as I would like, but just knowing that I can come to this site and read after a bad day, really helps. To hear about people who struggle with the same things is so comforting.

    Thanks for the post! Sally

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