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    It has been many weeks since I last wrote. In fact, it was in January, I believe-a month after my daughter Jeanne's death. The pain from her passing has alleviated, and now and then I feel moments of great joy. Yes, I still cry, though not as often and not with the same bleak depression.

    But the main purpose of this note is to thank you for the support you gave me during those months, and to assure all of you that our dear Lord does answer prayers. I have felt His presence in my life strongly during the last few months. Prayer has helped keep me sane, able to continue with life.

    So, thank you, dear friends, and take my word for it that the Lord really is The Good Shepherd, caring for the lost and troubled members of his flock. I know. MsE
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    My dear friend, is so great to hear from you and to hear that you are doing well.

    You have been in my thoughts so often and I will continue to pray that you will keep this positive attitude you have.

    Don't be a stranger would love to hear what you are doing with yourself these days.

    God is Good,
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    I was happy to have "happened" upon you on the FM board, so I'm sure many people will be glad to hear from you here.

    The Lord, indeed, is our Shepherd. I'm again glad to hear that things are beginning to bring you joy.