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    Once upon a time in a land much like ours, there was a little cottage that sat in the middle of beautiful garden. Now this garden was made up of wildflowers, and trees, climbing roses, and lilacs, pansys and purple thistle, blue strife, lilies, and much, much more. It was tended by one lone woman, and so it was tended to; but also it had abit of a wild overgrown look, that added to it's beauty.

    There were bright butterflys here of many colors, and bees, and birds, all humming gentle in there own busy way. The air was sweet and gentle, and the hills around sheltered this place on all sides.

    And so the woman lived, and in a sedative pace, took care of this wild garden the best that she could. She was the keeper, as her mother before her, and so on, way, way back. She no longer remember how it came to be it just was.

    At the heart of the garden, just under the east windows of the cottage, lay the tulip bed. It's bright beauty and bold colors blazed, each spring.
    With dark purples, and ruby reds, pale yellows, and pinks, pure whites, and many more colors and shades not seen anywhere else.
    This was the place of secret in the garden, the magic, and heart of the whole.

    Each spring the woman waited for each and every bloom, with wild anticipation. Hovering over each flower tenderly, waiting to see what it would bring.
    For sometimes, as a flower would open its petals, there inside would lay a little pixie person with wings. One could never tell which flower would produce such a wonder.

    To be continued..........

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    that this is the garden around the "porch" on this board.

    I look forward to the continuation.

  3. kellyann

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    how beautiful! I can't wait to read more!

    Did you write this?

  4. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Glad you enjoyed it, will try to add more soon. The words don't always come when i want them too.

    Thank you

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  5. rockgor

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    Is this something you are writing? Do you know where it's going or are you going to surprise yourself? Is it for kids; adults; both?

    Good start anyway. Maybe the kind of thing Thomas Kinkaid could illustrate.

  6. morningsonshine

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    Hi, thanks for posting. Yes it's something thats been kinda living in my head for awhile, kinda know where i'm going but not completely.

    Was thinking it would be for teens, or young adults, or us older people who still like fairy tales.

    I don't want it to be all sweet and dreamy but with real danger, good and evil, the consquences of good and bad choses characters make.
    First i should learn how to spell though!! LOL

    I have so many started stories, these paintings of word pictures, and all my life i've wanted to write a book. So i have decided if i really am going to try i need to just jump in and start.

    I thought writing on here would be good for me, i know i would get encouragement, and feedback, and it would be fun and motivating.
    However i'm second guessing that deciscion, i really feel like this is a pretty safe place and most people have really good hearts.
    But there is no guarantee who goes here, and (not that i'm worth it at this point) but what if i did get going and someone stole my words, story???

    That would be awful, your a lawyer what's your advice?? If i can afford your consultation fee that is!!! LOL


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    Misty? Or am I confused about that too?

    I wanted to be a writer too, and I did write some stuff like a play that was produced in high school. Several years ago I came across the script. It was three pages long! LOL!

    I also wrote a law book. What I found out was that it's easy to write when you know your topic. Same thing w/ public speaking. I have no trouble talking about a subject I know. Would hate to give a speech on something I knew little about.

    Have you read Writer's Digest, etc. on how to write? They say it's a good idea to have at least a rough idea as to where you're going, so you don't spend a lot of time writing chapters that you have to discard later.

    As far as copyright, they didn't teach that when I went to law school. They have all sorts of non-traditional classes now like intellectual property, environmental law, maybe law in outer space. Who knows? Not I.

    Anyway you have a good start by putting the copyright notice on your post. If you post part of your writing here, it could be evidence in the event of legal action at some later date.

    My understanding, which may not be correct, is that an idea cannot be copyrighted. So I am free to write a novel about space travel. I just can't copy "STAR WARS".

    My sister in law started writing romance novels a couple decades back. Now she writes best sellers. She said in an interview, the secret to writing is to apply your butt to the chair and keep typing.

    Obviously she is oversimplifying or we'd all be churning out
    books like P. G. Wodehouse (who wrote about 90 books).

    My aunt did a lot of research on the family and put out a book. I think it was about 90 pages. She sent copies to relatives one Christmas. I'm told it's easy to self publish nowadays w/ help from the computer.

    Anyway, if you enjoy writing and find it therapeutic, that's great. Best of luck.

  8. AnneTheresa

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    Such lovely writing - thanks for sharing it with us.

    An easy way to protect your writing is to send yourself, by registered mail, a hard-copy of your story (or in the case of a serial, several pieces of mail). Do not open the envelope(s), put it/them away in a safe place.

    Then, if you are ever in a dispute over ownership of your words, the postmark-dated envelope can be opened in court as proof of ownership.

    Keep up the good work!

    God Bless,
    Anne Theresa
  9. Kathleen12

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    I LOVE fairy tails and this one has the beginnings of a good one. I love your descriptions of the garden and I could almost smell the flowers and hear the wildlife. It caught me immediatly.

    I am no good at critiquing a story because I am too critical. I hate telling someone the truth and it hurt thier feelings. I wish I could be more like Simon Cowel and just spit it out and let it go! But so far I believe I will enjoy this story and am looking forward to the next lines. Just don't force it and let it flow narually at your own time.

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