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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Juloo, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Juloo

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    My feet are always AWFUL. I don't like wearing shoes, and since I'm mostly at home, I don't wear them pretty much most of the year when I'm inside. (It helps to live in Florida.) When I'm not barefoot, I'm in sandals.

    I don't have the money for perpetual pedicures, so every once in a while, I dig out one of my collection of 'sandpaper' wands and go to town. Ugh. It takes forever, but for a couple of days, as long as I remember to moisturize, my feet are okay.

    So, in one of my unfortunate insomnia episodes, I saw a 'PedEgg' commercial on television really late. I've never been a fan of using something sharp on my feet, so, although I've seen the micro-plane things, and the cheese-grater looking things, I've been afraid to try them. (OK, I'm a baby!) So I was impressed when the commercial showed the product being rubbed over a balloon to show how safe it is. I also like that it had a handle that collected the shavings so they didn't get all over everything.

    Last week I saw a PedEgg in Walgreens when I was doing my Valentine's Day card shopping. (Strangely, it was in the health/footcare section rather than the beauty/nail/etc. section.) So I caved and got one.

    I'm so impressed! It took care of my grungy calluses so fast! It even got the heel area down really well. I moisturized right after. So for this past week I've been doing touch-ups before bed and moisturizing again. It's like I've got new feet! (My husband is very impressed as well -- especially because I keep showing him my feet to admire! He calls it my cheese grater.)

    So anyway, there it is. One consumer's report. The hardest thing for me to do has been to establish some kind of routine. The sandpaper-type wands require so much arm power, and a lot of contortions. So I guess I'm not afraid of these different kind of callus removers anymore. Saves a lot of energy!

    Oops, forgot -- you do need to be careful the position you hold the device in. If you use it while the business side is facing down, you can have shavings fall out.

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  2. joyfully

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    I have one heel that is forever dry and scaly. I use one of those pumice stones on it. It really helps. I know what you mean about the contortions to get to the foot. Is it easier to reach the affected area of your foot with the PedEGG?
  3. Juloo

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    It could be that a back/forth pass just takes off more dead skin overall than my sandpaper wands. You can vary the pressure you put on it really easily. Pressing harder with the wands just seemed to take a lot more upper body strength.

    I'm actually pretty flexible -- perhaps even hyperflexible in my hip joints. My husband (the non-flexible) freaks out when my son sits on the floor and can practically put his foot behind his neck. I could probably do that too, but there's be pain later! So the foot position has never been a problem as much as the arm work.

    But after that first day (which took a fraction of the time it used to take before), I really don't do more than a few passes all over.

    One of the things I really am surprised at is that I DO NOT have cracks in my heels anymore. They disappeared by about the fourth or fifth day I used it. When they got bad, they used to hurt like crazy. I was having to use that 'adhesive bandaid' stuff to seal them so they wouldn't get infected.

    The PedEgg thing includes a couple of inserts of 'emery paper' or whatever they call it, for finer 'sanding'. But I haven't used it at all because I haven't needed it.
  4. rockgor

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    can be found on the QVC shopping channel. instead of an egg, mine is like a wand with a handle. makes it a bit easier to operate

    i agree, it works wonderfully. your hooves are magically transformed back into something akin to a human foot. you have to be careful not to overdo it as it might take off too much of the skin at one time and leave your foot a bit sensitive.

  5. bigmama2

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    i want one!
  6. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    We were just watching tv and saw the ad. My husband joked that he'd buy me one for Valentine's Day. I said no thanks...having no idea that it really worked. Oh well, back to vaseline and socks.
  7. jmq

    jmq New Member

    I was tempted to buy one but am trying not to waste the little bit I have...but this sounds good and I really need some help on my (florida) feet too.

  8. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    Never fear -- Washington's Birthday (the REAL one, not the amalgamated 'Presidents Day') is right around the corner. George would want you to be honest with your hubby...tell him you reconsidered!

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