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    And when within barely 2 hours it happened, I could hardly contain myself :} I wanted to jump up in the air which I couldn't, run out in the street which I couldn't.

    So I quietly waddled over to my husband, hugged him and cried. He asked why I was crying, I told him that probably one of the busiest person in America cared enough to read a letter from a nobody and replied back to me. It made me feel so good, like I existed, like somebody was going to help me gain the strength to keep pushing, so the voice about this awful DD doesn't die.

    Prof. Nicolson did more than just write back, he also attatched a page of Diagnostics and Treatment Considerations. I fully realize how fortunate I must be to have heard from him; and I am going to take full advantage of that. I have printed everything until my printer broke!

    Prof. mentioned my environment might be a factor, reaction to vaccines could indicate chronic infection especially in immune-suppressed individuals. Mentions fortunately such problems can be diagnosed and treatment available but rarely through that kind of a network to which I belong.

    Thank you Prof. Nicolson, you guys for reading, heading me in the right path, listening. My day will come, I will take this valuable piece of info and carry it far, because if there is something that my network cannot beat of me is my determination.

    I would write more but my hands are dead, I am in unbelievable pain, anguish; I did however want to let you know about this, because you guys would put the word out if you were me. I feel my body going, going. My urine by now is so very dark, tremors, can barely see what I am writing.

    I am biting on everything I have not to end up in hospital before Friday, because this talk with PP needs to happen.

    Thank you


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    I've had correspondence with him too, I bet he is one of the busiest, so I contain myself and respect his time by not writing too much since I know he WILL reply even on his vacation (poor wifie! LOL!).

    He deserves the greatest of respect, I am glad it cheered you so much, I trust his advice!
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    thank you for posting this! I am still reading his book (it has taken me awhile lol). Him and his wife are amazing people, and I believe God sent.

    Boy, if we think we have gone thru trials with the medical field, they have gone thru more. Against all odds they have survived and carry on for those of us that fight these chronic illnesses. Thanks again. Hugs, Tam
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    on being so heard and so happy, i am not sure who prof. nicholson is but from what i understand from this post he must be someone that knows alot about our illneses

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