One for the ladies (sorry guys!!)

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  1. morgana

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    Any ladies out there with larger breasts a question please if you dont mind.........
    I have quite large breasts and on one of them my right (im right handed) i have very tiny reddish purle thread viens just on the outer edge of my right breast do any of you suffer with this I,m wondering whether it is from my bra on my breast or from where im in the habit of putting my arm across my boobs??
    I have been to the dr and he said it was superficial and he felt no lumps (and he had a good old feel lol)and that i wasnt to worry about it and he had seen this on other ladies But i suffer from anxiety and now Im worrying my self over this The strange thing is that they arnt there when i wake they seem to come on during the day making me think it was from pressure i put on them???Sorry for the weird question ladies but can anyone help????
    Gentle hugs Morgana
  2. klutzo

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    I don't have this problem, but I do have irritation from bras, and wear sports bras most of the time due to this problem.
    I think we are more prone to skin irritations and sensitivities. Could you be allergic to the material in your bra? Have you tried 100% cotton ones?
    It also sounds like it might be telangactasia (not sure of spelling) which is a superficial breaking of blood vessels, like what you see on the nose and cheeks of long time alcholics. If that is what it looks like, you can do a websearch and find out more, (after looking up the spelling in a dictionary).
    BTW, I love your name. It reminds me of one of my favorite books, The Mists of Avalon, and that whole time period in England when Knights were bold, etc., etc.!
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  3. Applyn59

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    I get terrible rashes from bras and have switched to
    all cotton. I think I am irritated by the rubber on the
    bras. Anyway, one way to help with irritation is to
    put panty liners on the bottom of each cup band!
    I do this all the time now and it helps.
    Thought I would mention this for those who's
    cups runneth over! LOL
  4. kar1953

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    I am size 38 A - now don't laugh!! The only reason I buy 38 is because I can't stand anything tight on my chest area. It's VERY hard to find an A cup in size 38. A couple of weeks ago someone suggested wearng sprots shirts which I've been doing - much better on the chest pain.

    I have what look like the beginnings of vericose veins on my left breast & it sure isn't from the weight!:) They don't hurt - just don't look very pretty. One is a very lovely shade of purple! So maybe it's not just big breasted women who get these.

    Take care....Kathi
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  5. NewEnglander

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    I always had big breast with a small waist, so I was happening, but didn't know it. I hated having big ones LOL, but now I'm flat (due to wieght loss) and that's that. you don't know what ya got till its gone. However I'm discovering the true wonders of the wonder bra.
    Anyway, I do know this, if you scrach your breast for what ever reason, bug bite, itchyness whatever. you can get those marks. that's happened to me.
  6. morgana

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    Thank you all for taking the time to reply to my post and I think you have put my mind at rest and Im sorry that you guys have this too but relieved Im not the only one thanks Hus gentle ones Morgana