One Hand is Purple....????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kimba4318, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. Kimba4318

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    Hi friends... just a quick question....
    My hands have been havign weird circular rashes on them, that get dry and cracked (which is new for me). Anyway, I went outside for a few minutes this morning and my daughter was alarmed, she noticed my right hand was purple and the other was normal in color.

    The purple hand was the one I have been having these circular rashes on. I was wondering if this just be Reynauds Syndrome. My hands get real numb and tingle quite often, but again, this is a new thing today.

    Anyone have this or know what it is? I could not find anything in past posts.

  2. lptopcat

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    for responses
  3. karinaxx

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    if i remember correctly this can be Narcolepsy. google it (not sure about spl.?)

  4. survivor13

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    i have it in my feet!! one ankle and part of the foot on one side is purple and a few pther weird colours. my doctor says to get plenty of rest and elevate when sat down, yep i will remember that (not) is does not hurt though so thats a bonus i think.
  5. Mini4Me

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    However I can't remember the name given to it. The test they do for it is have you raise both hands up over your head, arms fully extended, and look in a mirror to check the color of your palms while extended over your head.

    If one hand is darker colored, and the other pale, then it means you have whatever it is, which unfortunately, I can't remember (fibrofog).

    I don't think it's reynaud's. My sister has that, and both hands turn dark colored with reynaud's.

    Best of luck...
  6. openyourmind

    openyourmind New Member

    I have had this condition for years--thoracic outlet syndrome--and it is often part of the fibro package--veins that pass under the bones in your chest are compressed and block the normal blood flow--raise your arm--the color will return--temp changes always make it act up--there are some exercises online somewhere for it, but again no cure--my arm will ache with the compression too--

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