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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. spacee

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    Most of us are tired to the bone.

    BE SURE to read Barry's post on the 108 thread near the end. It's really

    Thinking of all of 'us' as we are resting.

    Love to all,

  2. Mikie

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    I'll never catch up now. I did go back and read your post, Barry. Wow, that fox must have been as startled as you were. Our devil cats are outside all the time now and they hang out with otters, racoons, possums and who knows what else. I do worry about their tangling with a wild animal with rabies. They have had their shots but I still worry. Now and then, they come home with small wounds. They were dumped here and lived outside for a while. The neighbor who agreed to adopt them is allergic so they can't live inside with him. They have a nice place on his lanai where they can rest and get away from other animals through a cat door which is just large enough for them to slink through. There are also neighbors, like me, who offer sanctuary for them. In fact, they are spoiled, as cats should be :)

    I'm sorry I've missed out on so much. All I can do is send my best to everyone whose posts I have missed.

    As I mentioned in my "drop in" post, I worked so hard that I thought I'd keel over. I didn't sleep well last night. I woke with a horrible cramp in my leg and had to get up and walk it off. So, I slept in. At least, I did get into the shower because I used my steam cleaner and looked horrible. I probably didn't smell too great either. I've finished reading the Sunday paper and will be getting ready to go to Home Depot. They have air filters for the A/C on sale. I need to replace the showerhead in the guest bathroom. It's all stopped up with hard water deposits and I've found that once that happens, it should just be replaced. I've tried soaking the heads in CLR and vinegar with little result. It's easier to just install a new one. The work never ends. Whine, whine, whine!

    I've been watching the Q as they are airing live from Vicenza, Italy with some gorgeous jewelry. I'm not buying but love to watch those shows. They are in a private villa which is so beautiful that I dream of coming back in my next life as a wealthy Italian. That would kill two birds with one stone--money and my pasty Irish/German skin.

    Again, sorry to just pop in and out. I hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Barry!! I went to buy the Hushers on Amazon (which I did). A person had
    posted that one should put a few drops of water in their ear, quickly
    rub the earplug between fingers to make smaller. Then pull the ear back
    so the canal opens wider while opening your mouth as wide as you can.

    Amazing that it worked much better with my existed plugs. How do ppl
    figure this stuff out? But so glad that between you and the person giving
    a review by current plugs are better. Looking forward to the Hushers.

    Mikie has rebounded from her wearing herself out and is on to Home Depot!
    Your dream is funny :) I use LimeAway on hard water but I am not sure
    how its different that CLR. Or it might have same ingredients.

    WooHoo!! I have succeeded in getting Huz to spray for bugs!! (speaking
    of shower heads). Most everyone I know does it for their own places.
    I just knew he could!! :)

    Off to the races. (kidding of course)

    Love you so much,
  4. spacee

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    She is on quite a roll today. Have you been taking any of Barry's herbal
    meds (wink)?

    I didn't see the lawnmower coming!

    We have a new pet. Almost as good as a cat, if one thinks outside the box.

    A big black snake has called our yard home. We don't have to feed it or
    change the litter box. Only just don't leave the front door open. We don't
    want him to be an inside pet!

    Blackie is the only name I have come up with so far.

    Carry on!

  5. spacee

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    Could you guess from context? Sound it out. Leah is on a roll.

    it can't mean you are on a bun or lobster roll. Ok.

    The next sentence is Grand isn't it that sense of humor is the last to go!

    There you have it. SMH

    I LOVE Slinky. Or even Stinky. OR even slinky stinky? Cause he eats
    stinky stuff. OR SSS for Slinky Stinky Stuff. Got it!

    Hey, we are ALL going to Barry's for tea time!

    Smoke em if you got em.


  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Of course, I probably don't get a vote but that never stops me. We have those big black snakes and consider them our friends. Not critters we want to get friendly with but friends in the sense that they eat mice and other varmits we don't want coming in. The cats catch the mice the snakes miss and, every now and then, a hawk or falcon will catch an unsuspecting mouse. Hawks and falcons are the drones of the animal world. Fortunately for the mice, they usually die of a heart attack before they become a meal. What did the cat say to the other cat when he say mice roller skating? "Meals on wheels!" Tada! I'll be here all week :)

    Leah, yes, I did overdo it and slept early in the evening. I woke up in time to watch the season finale of "Game of Thrones" and "Mad Men." So the evening wasn't a total loss. Then, I went to bed and slept like a log. I hope you are holding up OK after your gardening. Glad you like your new blender. It isn't until we get something new that we realize how unuserfriendly the old gizmo was. BTW, they do make a lawn mower which looks like the Romba vacuum and works like it too. My daughter's neighbor had one and I watched it operate. It "learns" the pattern of one's lawn and just goes on mowing til the job is done or it needs recharging.

    Linda, yes, I did get the showerhead replaced but it didn't remedy the problem. It's the diverter which sends water to the showerhead when it's pulled up. The new showerhead looks nice and I'll keep it but have to figure out how to fix the problem or get a plumber. I looked at the prices of new shower fixtures and they aren't cheap. Oy! I used to spray for bugs around the outside of our bldg. but can't do it anymore. We have Bill the Bug Boy do ours. Only problem is that I think he's inhaled too much bug spray. He can't seem to stick to his schedule. I have to threaten him with dropping his service to get his attention. Neither he nor his asst. wear respirators or masks. When I did it, I wore a mask and long pants and long-sleeved shirts. That stuff shouldn't be inhaled and it shouldn't get on the skin. Once or twice is probably OK but not on a regular basis. It only costs us $70 a quarter to have it done. I don't miss hauling that heavy sprayer on my back and wearing all that clothing in the summer.

    My cold seems worse and the cough has moved from my throat down to my chest. I am running a slight temperature. This is very frustrating. I need to keep up with my zapper and keep piling on the vitamin C. If it gets worse, I'll call the doc to see whether there is anything he can do. This may be the same thing which caused my neighbor, Jeff, the cat's Daddy, to get pneumonia. He got better and got worse a second time. Seems this is a pretty persistent pneumonia pest. Hmmmm, Rock, does this count as alliteration if pneumonia has a silent "p?" Did I even spell alliteration correctly? Or is it, "illiteration?" Am I illiterate? Oh, I'm so confused.

    I have an 8' ladder in my entryway on the floor on its side. Barb's son got it down from her attic so he could change the battery in her ceiling smoke alarm. I am going to use it to get up so I can clean on top of my kitchen cabinets. I have high ceilings in the main living areas in the condo. It belongs to our assn. I had to get it to repair the drywall after Charley after the lousy repair work done by the handymen sent out by the mgmt. co. Had I known they were so bad, I would have done it myself from the start. I'm not going up there until my head clears a bit. My balance isn't great under normal circumstances. Now, it's bad. Tweety started to come in and saw the ladder and paniced. I had to coax her and Sylvester in. I'm glad things scare them; it may help protect them outside.

    Hope everyone shows up at the new Lounge soon. In the meantime, sending my love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie

  7. spacee

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    Please do take care of yourself. At our age,we are considered elderly and
    when "things" come back it can be bad. We learned this lesson with my
    SIL and the flu. 2nd time it was MRSA. NOT that I think you have MRSA.
    Just want you to be well as you can. Your zapper is a great thing.

    Ok, on a roll,Leah, is playing a game with rolling dice. And if you keep
    winning, "you are on a roll". I think. You knew that, right?

    SMH I just learned that one yesterday. Idiom for Shaking My Head.
    Like BTW. By The Way. One can learn so much on the internet. Some
    of it useful.

    Climbing Ladders? I fear the dust would just have to coexist with me
    if we had those kind of cabinets. Yikes!

    Thanks for the tip on what to wear when spraying for bugs. Never in
    my life have I seen anyone wear one on their back or use a mask.
    They might have had long pants and long sleeves. Your suggestions
    make sense.

    Hugss to everyone from Slinky and me. Or maybe Slither and me. Not
    decided. :) Rest if you need too!

  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    I think Wisconsin is voting today or tomorrow. Will let you know. It's a sad
    State. (pun)

    I have not seen Slinky and Slither. Huz has seen one. And where one is,
    maybe there are two! Or a whole family. With lots of names to think of.

    I hear S and S in the Ferns in front of our house. He/she sounds big enough
    to be a cat. So, I figured S and S would do as a pet. See how logical that
    is now that I have explained it?

    I give up on OAR and LAL. (On A Roll?)

    The Fushia Crepe Myrtles are starting to show. But only the younger ones.
    Well, not that young but not as mature as the ones that really were gores
    last year or two. Anyone know if they reach a dormant age.

    Personally, I have reached a dormant age. But I do meet one person's
    need. Twin's. She has no friends,though well. And I am someone to listen
    to her. Ok,ok now everybody is going to want a twin. Give me you
    phone numbers and I'll share her!

    Prince Phillip gave it a good effort for the Diamond Jubilee. Now, he gets
    to watch in comfort from bed on the telly. (Bladder infection)

    Pam, Jole, Rock and Barry. Hope you kids are ok.


  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Linda and Leah, thank you both for your concern. I am doing a strange combination of resting and doing a few low-energy tasks around here. The cough was worse this morning but is better now--back in the throat. Also, have quit sweating and my temp is back down. I think it's OK to be a little active as long as one doesn't overdo it. I'm tired and will be in bed early. I won't be climbing a ladder anytime soon. It can sit here for as long as it takes.

    Linda, you may be right; there may be a mamma snake and a daddy snake, not to mention a possible litter of little slitherers. Crepe Myrtles are so pretty. I haven't seen any in bloom but then, I haven't been out much. Just to the store. Our tree trimmers will be here any day. Everything always looks so bright once everything is trimmed. Once they are gone, I can put up the tree face I made for one of our pine trees out back. I painted them too look like tree bark but I painted the eyes with fuorescent paint which glows in the dark. See, this is the kind of silly things I do when I'm not up to anything more strenuous. Thanks for the heads up on SMH. I didn't know that.

    Leah, being on a roll is a good thing as long as you're not a sesame seed. Speaking of seeds, how are your seedlings doing? I found some Hollyhock seeds and am going to start them. Jeff, the kittie's Daddy, is a gardner and has some by his bldg. I haven't seen them since I was a child. They are such a lovely, old fashioned flower and make a nice backdrop against the wall. Jeff is so generous and he donates plants to us. The whole side of our bldg. on his side is a garden and it's not finished yet. The beauty of the whole thing is that the plant roots suck up moisture and keeps it from coming into the downstairs condo. I'm starting another smaller one along the other side of our bldg. It's in the shade most of the time so that will determine what plants I put over there. We also need to add a few to the back of the bldg. Again, tasks for another day.

    Barb's kids got everything done for her, including a new toilet which is taller to make it easier for her to get off the throne. I'd like to see it but don't want to give this cold to them. Barb wanted me to come over for a drink last night but I wasn't up to it. I'd feel horrible if I gave it to them. It was hot out and Tweety wanted to come in for the A/C and a nice long nap. I heated up some pork roast and veggies and added some cranberry sauce with chopped pineapple and walnuts in it. It was soooooo good. I needed a hearty meal.

    Rock, Barry, Pam and Jole (did I miss anybody?) I hope you are doing well. Linda and Leah, good to "talk" with you. As always, sending my best to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    Am I dormant or a doormat. It's so close. Ok, Some of each.

    Well, you see with conversations with Twin, you need one to be well and
    go out and do things. Take the 5 grandkids to bowl. Then the Twin would
    describe all about it.

    I couldn't be that kind of Twin. Actually, I am your Twin though. Cause I
    roll out of bed. ROOB

    I think we are inventing idioms now. Which is a good thing, I think. Are
    the rest of you following? ROOB?

    Good you are taking care of yourself, Mikie. Wise to not share germs.
    Can't wait til the Tree Face gets put up. I imagine it will be a conversation

    I can't even describe out bad our yard looks with all the plants wilted
    from the fertilizer. The guy who put in the semi-circle drive a couple
    of years ago is going to come by and see what is wrong with it. I know
    he will be disappointed. I know I am. But there is always next year.
    Or the next after that.

    I wish I could have been in the NE with the stormy, dark weather since it
    is my very favorite. I think it is my favorite cause we don't have it much
    down here. Always want what you don't have. Or sometimes you want
    what you don't have. Or rarely you want what you don't have. It's one of
    those three. For sure. Or maybe.

    Life is Crazy as a Loon,


  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    You may not get what you want but, sometimes, if you're lucky, you get what you need. I want to get what I want AND what I need. Or, do I need to get what I want and what I need. Once again, I'm so confused. Went to bed early and slept well. I'm not going to the condo mtg. this morning. I still have a bit of cough. It's hard to tell anything because my allergies are so bad too. Mold spore counts are bad and when I go outside in the morning, it smells all musty. AACK!

    News paper delivered "USA Today" instead of my usual paper. They are owned by Gannet. I will have to wait until someone is in at customer service to ask about it. I think they need an update for my credit card.

    I've been watching all the royal stuff going on across the pond. That concert was really something. I said a prayer for Prince Phillip. I just finished reading a new early bio on him.

    We are keeping the tree face a secret in the hood until someone notices it. These faces aren't readily apparent as they are painted to blend in with the bark. The only giveaway may be the round eyeballs which look white during the day and glow in the dark. If this first one goes up well and stays looking good, I'll make one for the smaller tree. When Barb comes back this fall, we will put up small white lights in the tree by the balcony. They will plug into one of the outside fixtures so they will come on automatically when the bldg. lights come on.

    I use liquid Miracle Gro because it's almost impossible to overfertilize with it. I have a brown thumb so I'm very careful around here. Our citrus trees have their own fertilizer. Our landscaper fertilizes quarterly and has never burned the grass. I hope your plants recover. They may when the rains come on a more regular basis. I also love a dark storm with lots of thunder and lightening as long as our power and cable don't go out.

    My lanai is looking like a jungle. It's time to take one potted plant and move it down to the stairwell atrium and buy a new, smaller one. My potted lantana down there looks good but the geraniums are looking a bit draggy. The lantana is bred especially for FL. I need to find something to take the place of the geraniums which is also bred for FL's hot summers. Can't wait to get my hollyhocks planted.

    Wishing everyone a painfree and energetic day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, yesterday was a busy day for me as usual. I did the laundry and
    dishes; took care of Zipper; and visualized doing alotta other stuff.
    Golly, that visualizing really tales it outta one.

    Was reading a thriller in the tub last night. The only books I read in the
    tub are paperbacks owned by me. Haven't dropped one for years,
    until last week. Anyhoo, I came across a reference to Justice Stanley
    Mosk of the CA supreme Court. He was the judge who swore me in
    way back in the 70s.

    Thanks for the new word, Barry. I can't remember ever seeing "eldritch"
    before. I wondered if it had something to do with elves. One site said
    perhaps. Anyhoo synonyms are weird, spooky, eerie. I will
    have to work it into an e mail soonest.

    How exciting to see a fox in your neighborhood. I saw one once when I
    lived in Ventura, CA. It wasn't grey or red. It was both. It was walking
    along the edge of a cornfield, and I got a good look at it. I asked him
    his name. Of course he said, "Reynard".

    Mikie, in my married years used to collect Bing and Grondahl Xmas
    plates. That was back in the 60s. My mother in law and some friends
    had some way to get them a bargain prices directly from Denmark. I
    think the usual price was around $12 back then, but they got a cartoon
    full at $8 a piece.

    According to a price chart, the ones from the 19th century are worth
    thousands, but other than that, most of them go for about 20 to 60

    I didn't know any Dahls back in Minnesota. "Dahl" is Danish for dale.
    We did, however, have folks named Dahl, and Dahlberg. One of them
    was a year behind me in school

    He was in the papers several years ago. He bought a Rolls Royce that
    had been used by Princess Diane. After she died, he was contacted
    by a would-be buyer. My friend didn't know about the royal connection.
    He had gotten rid of the Rolls after he had to replace a hubcap. He
    thought a thousand bucks for a hubcap was a bit steep, doncha know?

    Well, I'm gonna try to keep my posts shorter but more frequent. So
    tally ho for now.

  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Been very busy with decluttering which will be an ongoing process for awhile.DS can't get in his new house until the 28th which he's bummed about.Works out good and bad for us since we leave next Th. for Fl. and get home the 23 in time for the painter.She'll have to paint around stuff since DS things won't be moved yet.Sorry all this nonsense seems to be my life now.

    I will need to learn lots of new plants that thrive in the Fl. climate.I'm bringing my empty pots with me.I want to set them on the lanai with something easy to maintain and can take the heat.Brown thumb here too so any suggestions are welcome.

    Barry I can't believe your encounter with that fox.Smart of you to yell I would have froze or worse ran.

    Your tree ornament sure sounds entertaining Mikie.Hope the virus is on it's way out but sometimes they drag on forever.

    Like your new words Linda but I'm sure I'll forget what they stand for since I already had to go back and check already.

    One more day until the sign goes in the yard.We've made a lot of progress but i'll spruce the place up tomorrow with a good mopping and dusting.Huz has an unrealistic price on it so I think it will take months to sell.By then maybe he will see it and drop the price but no budging him now.Prices in our neighborhood are all over the place and there is a new build going to come on the market soon.
    I'm reading but to tired to post often so carry on.

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Rock, boy did I ever misspell "Grondahl." The ones like mine, from the 60's and 70's, are lucky to fetch $10 on e-Bay. Mom also sent directly to buy her plates and they didn't cost nearly what one would have to pay here. They are so beautiful that I hate to get rid of them but I have no earthly use for them. I might keep one or two but not all of them. One I love has a cat on it. A friend of mine had a Mercedes which had been in some diplomatic fleet. Each door had its own little motor. One had only to push the door and make contack with the frame and the door would suck in and shut. I had a trunk like that on my Caddy. Hope you recover from all the visualized work. I know how exhausting it can be.

    Pam, it's mainly the flowers which we have a problem with but you may be further enough north that you can grow them. We are in Zone 10 or 11 down here. I don't understand it because it gets just as hot and humid in Atlanta and, yet, my daughter can grow flowers in the summertime. I had no luck with anything until this lantana. I'm going to look for more "FL" flowers. Anything which can be grown as a house plant anywhere else can pretty much be grown outside here, in the ground or in pots. Hibiscus grow fast and have beautiful flowers in all kinds of colors. They are so tropical looking. You can grow orchids outside as long as you just neglect them, really!

    Even though I feel really lousy, I took my new steam cleaner and cleaned the tiles in my shower. It's so easy; I just point the end of it at the tile and wipe it off with a cloth. It gets old soap buildup off. Lanai still needs cleaning but don't know when I'll be up to it. On the one hand, I'm tired but on the other hand, it might do me some good to really sweat. I'll see about it tomorrow. I did throw a box mix of orange/cranberry bread in the break maker and added some nuts and orange zest to it. It's pretty good. I ate the orange; figure it's good for my cold. There is nothing good on TV and I'm bored. I should read my library book but it will just put me to sleep. That might be a good thing.

    Stay well, everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    How many fingers am I holding up?? Nope it's 3. SMH.
    You must rest and take care of yourself!! That's an order :)

    Rock, to must rest. No more visualization for a while for you!

    Sometimes I feel like throwing things in a bread maker. And then
    I remember that I don't own one. :)

    My smatah arrived in Chapel Hill (mother of the groom's dress).
    I guess I have told one dil so many times that "no one pays any
    attention to the groom's mother" that when she said it the other
    day to me, it shocked me. At this age, it is only a good thing.

    Oh, lucky me. Can I get any luckier? The wedding pics are going
    to be taken outside. Sigh...light, humidity. I will sit in a a/c'd car
    until my name is called. They will be beautiful pics, at sunset, in
    Duke Gardens and I will be wearing sunglasses. But who will notice
    cause l'm "the groom's mother". So lucky.

    Before I heard from Barry about the hushes, I ordered from Amazon
    some firing range headphones like the ENT doc said to get. Talking
    to a CFS friend (who cured her CFS by getting cancer and is doing very
    well), she said that she had been to the firing range twice in the last
    few weeks and she can assure me that they only block out certain sounds.
    And conversation is not one of them. So lucky :)

    Just kidding. I am going to have a wonderful time. I just know it.

    I have doubled my TF's (transfer factors) and they might be helping!

    I have discovered how much I LOVE playing UNO on my cell phone for
    a bit before going to sleep. Actually makes me sleepier. I am so lucky!!

    I got your heartfelt smile, Leah. We all love you so much. All are precious
    here. I can't wait to hear Pam write about her Florida flowers!!!

    Much Love to All,

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    As part of my efforts to become more better educatinol and culturred,
    I have been drinking lots of buttermilk and reading A Prairie Home

    Here are some bits and pieces I thought I'd share with you. If Elle
    Fitzgerald married Darth Vader, she'd be Elle Vader.

    Garrison Keillor reported that burglars broke into the PBS station.
    They stole $47,000 in pledges.

    And there's already been trouble at the new nudist camp outside
    of Wykoff. Somebody drilled a hole in the fence. The cops are
    looking into it.

    Wykoff is one of several villages near my home village. My cuzin
    Jim married a gal surnamed Eykoff. For many generations the
    saying has been, It's isn't Wykoff till you see an Eykoff.

    We have a bread maker, Linda. Gordon has every kitchen appliance
    know to chef except an immersion blender and an old-fashioned
    wood burning range. We used the bread maker for a couple months.
    Then it was put away. Haven't seen it for about12 years. We lived
    together for 6 years before I found out he owned a cuisinart. I've
    only seen that about 3 times. (Once a decade.)

    We have crepe myrtles here too, but they bloom in March. Many streets
    are lined with them, both fuschia and white.

    I don't understand about cancer curing your friend's CFS. Did the
    cancer drugs help? Or do you mean the cancer problem overwhelmed
    the lesser problem?

    The pea plants dried up. The tomato plants have lots of small yellow
    flowers, and I had a few tomatoes y-day. They are cherry sized. Their
    color matches their name: Sungold.

    Frustratin' ain't it, Freida, when your inner muse is telling you to be
    creative, and you can't even muster a post. What we need is something
    that we can swallow or inject. Magic beans, maybe. Something to jack
    us up. You mentioned our overall conditions. I'm afraid our overalls
    are frayed and worn. Reminds me of the classic kilt joke: Q: What's worn
    under that? A: Nothing. It's all in good condition.

    Hugs to everydobby.
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Not stayin' long but just wanted to pop in. Cold symptoms are no worse but today, I am really tired and brain foggy. Tree trimmers where in with their cherry picker to trim the tallest of the palm trees. Tweety is here lying by the sofa. The nose scared her. Sylvester was in earlier but went outside. He's smart enough to take refuge somewhere. The trimmers use power saws and it's noisy. They will return tomorrow to trim the shorter trees using ladders. It makes such a mess. I won't clean the lanai until they are done. The hood of my Highlander is covered with sawdust. Good thing it's already filthy. Sometimes, not cleaning pays off.

    In the meantime, I think I'll take a clue from Tweety and sleep. She's no dummy!

    Love, Mikie
  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    And you all did make my day much more interesting! It was one of those
    really "alone" days. Haven't felt that in awhile though alone a lot.

    I vote that we can use idioms (Initials for words) as long as we say what
    they mean right then! Other then the regular LOL and OMG types. Too many
    to remember is, as you put it Leah, too many.

    Huz was happy as a lark at lunch. Going off to talk to a man about being
    a new client. This is no small client. Business is several states. What about
    retiring that Huz mentions at least daily? He said that he was feeling better
    and he might not retire. That's wishy washy, isn't it?

    Loved that Rock is expanding his mind with new educational things. Love
    Garrison too. I need to check him out at the library. I mean check to see
    if they have him and then check him out. He can make Huz laugh so hard
    that he cries. Which is hard to do.

    Yes, Rock, the worse illness (ovarian cancer with 3 months to live) took
    over and kicked CFS to the curb. She has lived 2 years since the surgery
    and is amazed at how much she can do. She had no chemo but some radiation
    pellets put in at the exact spot with a fancy machine. AND she follows a
    very strict diet of meat (mainly) and coconut oil.

    Gotta go stick something in the microwave. Chowder soup, I think tonite.
    And salad. And fruit.

    Thank goodness those kitty's know when to come in out of the rain AND
    the noise of tree trimmers! Do hope you are feeling better, Mikie. And
    all of us who could use less pain and more energy!

  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    Poor Pam isn't going to be able to catch up with all our posts :)

    Hugs Pam. What a time you are going through!

    And Hugs to All. The ones I can remember and the knew one, Lilac?

    Today is my DIL's to be's birthday. I forgot it. I forgot it last year.

    Got to get organized. It' a really simple one to remember. Sheesh.

    Love you all!

  20. jole

    jole Member

    A better day today! I've read all the posts over the last couple days, and you've sure made me feel better with the humor, talk of flowers, animals and visualizing working. Which I've definitely been doing!

    The lake was wonderful, and being with my sis was too. Her ALS has been very slow moving until the last 3 months, and has kicked up its pace. She and I are now about equal in strength and endurance....not a good thing at all.

    We did a lot of reclining outside (Someone provided us with the most wonderful the upper 80s and a slight breeze, which is rare for Ks). Even put on shorts, and of course burned our legs. Not the only stupid thing we did, though.

    Each day we went for a short walk. Sunday we were so busy talking we weren't paying attention to where we were going...sat and rested at each picnic bench we came to, and just continued on. By the time we realized where we were, it was nearly too late. Both of us exhausted, and our muscles had reached their limit. A looong rest, and we headed back. Honestly thought we were going to crawl the last hundred yards. Soooo stupid.

    The next day, we were too tired to even visit, pain pills didn't help, etc. Wasted our entire last day together. Didn't have 1/2 a brain between us. Hopefully we can laugh about it in a week or two. Still too exhausted to laugh at this point. Guess we forgot that feeling young inside is not the same as being healthy! :(

    Harvest is now in full swing here. The wheat fields are doing their final beautiful golden dance in the wind before the big machines mow them down. Hubby is helping SIL again. I honestly despise this time of year....such horrible stress, flare of tempers, long days, and accidents. But it's their income for the year, and the weather is fickle. Everything depends on getting it done as quickly as possible.

    Kittens! Everywhere! Love the little cuties, and had to hold a couple today. These mommies sure do know how to hide them Three bunches of them....all colors. The mothers are good about keeping the field mice out of the buildings, and are also pets (but do not come in the house). When I sit on the porch, they rub on my legs and jump up in my lap, but are sooo funny 'cause they do not want to be picked up! Everything has to be on their terms!

    All the news I know. Will be back later to visit individually. Thank you all for the smiles....I needed them! Hugs..

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