One less treatment in CALIFORNIA!!!

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    Who would have thought that the recall would affect us? It does. My Chiro has a letter in his office stating that all the workers comp talk is about limiting chiropratic care. How does this affect us? Well- my chiro depends on workers comp for part of his sucess. If they take away benifits, he'll be put out of buisness. There is only one candidate who has committed to not reducing chiropractic benifits. (Arnold Sw.)

    My chiro has been in buisness for 12 years and he has had to change his parctice a lot, because of insurance non payment. He has downsized and is a great doctor, he has been very gentle and his treatments help. I can't imagine not having his care.

    So, I just wanted to give you the FYI. I think that the people up there should be people who depend on the kindness and caring of others. It might give then a heart.

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    especially if you'd found something that works well to manage your pain. Are you using workmans comp? I went a few years ago with my health plan at the time, but then they stopped billing the HMO. Now I'm at square 1 with medi-cal I have medi-care A&B because on SSD also. Jode's poll showed me that we may be closer neighbors than some on this board. I live in the high desert around victorville, ca!

    Good Luck with your Chiro!
    Karen (kjan9)
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    My Chiro only takes cash now because of these changes in the past 5 years. 600
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    I am not on workers comp and my disbility benifits are exhausted. so i'm contemplating ssd, but dreading it.

    i pay cash to my chiro and i hope that the politicians dnt mess us up any more...

    wishful thinking!

  5. shoshi68

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    important for all to know, bump
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    What is the defintion of the unauthorized practice of medicine in California?

    Accountants and politicians really don't belong in healthcare, but they somehow seem to be in control of it...maybe they shoudl be held accountable for their medical treatment!?!

    It may be worth taking a look at.
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    article in LA Times this a.m. talked about cuts to chiropractic. they didn't mention anything to MD or Atty's... they mentioned PT cuts too.

    what to do?

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    I'm gearing up to do just that. I've never done anything like this before also I hope that I'm not too late!

    thank you, thank you for the encoragement and important info.