One more complaint.....Stupid Doctors

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chris350, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. chris350

    chris350 New Member

    Has anyone noticed that we are basically on our own unless you have lucked up on a wonderful dr like I did - but then he moved to Colorado. My dr. is so stupid that when Lilly sent me a 6-month supply of Cymbalta due to being unemployed and unable to afford the meds., he gave me 6 - sample bottles that have 7 capsule in each bottle. He gave me 42 capsules total. Lilly sent me 180 capsules to my dr's office for me. Lilly can not mail meds to the patient directly.

    Here is my point. If there was a legal and reputable online pharmacy, we would all be better off using them. My friend tried one (I don't know which one) and they took her money and never sent her medicine. If just one pharmacy could be found to be legit - many of these doctors would not have to worry about us coming in "bitching" each month about pain. Excuse my french.

  2. kch64

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    did you speak up and tell him?
  3. chris350

    chris350 New Member

    Believe me - My dog responds w/ more concern.
  4. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    Well, it's time for you to go searching again.

    sounds like this one isn't working for you at all.

  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    But my PA actually thinks I am an enigma and probably a hypochondriac as I never want pain meds as I am iffy with them. Doctors get just as suspicious when you refuse meds.

    We cannot win.

    I think they just like us to do as we are told.

    Love Anne C
  6. chris350

    chris350 New Member

    My doctor called me (this happened on a Friday afternoon) and was very rude to me. He explained that his office was not equipped to expense drugs and that his nurse gave to him whatever Lilly sent. When he finished chewing me into pieces I quietly replied, Dr. ???, Have I ever treated you in any way less than respectful? He replied, No! I replied, I don't appreciate you talking to me as if I am less than a human being. I have always been kind to you and your staff and will always expect the same. He quickly apologized for his tone and blamed it on the long day. He assured me he would get to the bottom of it and confirm I had enough to get me through my next appt.

    Why would a doctor think any of us would have any desire to feel this way?

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