One more question.....heart flutters?

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    Dear Board Members

    I have read messages in the past about heart flutters and recently have been having them myself. I usually have had them when trying to fall asleep at night but now they are showing up during the day. They are stronger and last longer and I have been getting concerned.
    I am considering discussing this with my Dr. and she is usually very open minded about my FMS symptoms. However I am concerned she may not accept that this could be connected to the FMS and I thought that I would like to present to her the experience of other FMS patients with the same heart flutter symptoms.
    I am asking for feedback from those who have had the same symptoms and what their Dr.s are saying about this.

    thank you

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    Yes, I sometimes get them. They are not very sever but very unnerving. I usually take two or three slow deep breaths. That usually helps.
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    If it is connected with FMS or not. You need to make sure everything with your heart is ok. Don't just dismiss it as another fibro symptom. Your heart is kind of important to life. -Karen
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    Affects 75% of people with Fibro. Do a websearch on it and you will find plenty of info.
    You need to have an Echocardiogram (a painless ultrasound of your heart)to confirm it. Make sure you drink as little as possible for 12 hrs. before this test.
    If you do have it, you may need to take antibiotics whenever you do anything involving bleeding, even having your teeth cleaned. The Cardiologsit who reads your test will tell you if this is neccesary in your case.
    The best way to relieve it is to drink at least 1 quart of water daily for every 50 lbs. you weigh, take at least 60 mgs. of COQ10 wih some food that has fat in it every day, and take at least 400 mgs. of Magnesium daily, preferrably at bed time. Try this before agreeing to take drugs.
    The flutters are called Premature ventricular contractions, of PVC's and are not as scary as they feel. You may notice them esp. when you lay on your left side. If your heart flutters when you lay on your left side, then it is almost certain you have an MVP. Many people have a plain MVP, but when someone also has FIbro, he chance is higher that you have the full syndrome of MVPS, which includes Fibro as one of it's symptoms.
    I hope this gives you some direction to take in solving this problem.

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    you need to address this with your doctor soon.

    My heart problems had nothing to do with my fibro. My problems started out with flutters, then like you, they happened more and more frequently. Then I felt spells when my heart flutters, would speed up, and I could feel pauses in my heart beat.

    Tests revealed atrail fib, which is potentially serious because it can cause a stroke.

    I've had various other heart problems related to how fast and slow it beats, and recently had to get a pacemaker.

    I'm 52 now, but these flutter problems started about 10 years ago.

    Please check this out with a doctor soon and get all of the tests that he/she wants you to, or go to a cardiologist for the testing if that's what your dr. prefers.

    Good luck.
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    Dear Fern,

    It sounds like MVP to me. You should get a doctor to check it out. In my case the doctor is able to hear the telltale click with his stethoscope, but I have also had an echo cardiogram. Drinking plenty of water helps. When I get palpitations I try to think of something else. My doctor assures me that they are not dangerous. You should also avoid caffeine.
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    who have replied. Thank you so very much.
    I go to the Dr.s in the morning and this will help a great deal.
    Does anyone know how FMS and MVPS interelate? I understand it is not unusual to see them together.

    Again thank you all.

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    Definately tell the doc. I have this sometimes as well and have even been to the emergency room 3 times for it because it scares me to death. They always do an EKG which comes back normal and then tell me its stress....go figure. I'd like to know what you find out.
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    The MVP is considered to be the biologic marker for the dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system which also causes the symptoms of Fibro, esp. the neurological ones. That is the connection.
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes I intend to talk to her tomorrow.
    I have been putting my head in the sand over this for quite a while but now it is getting worse and I am concerned. Actually most of my symptoms have been seeming more pronounced lately so I guess that it is time to go in to get checked.
    Thanks for the message.

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    Thank you for the answer to my question about the connection. I will speak to my Dr. tomorrow and it is great to have a bit of knowledge on this subject when I get there.
    Thank you very much.

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    It was so reassuring to read all the messages about PVC's. I especially appreciated the information Klutzo gave about MVP and MVPS. I am new to the board. Was diagnosed with FMS in april of this year. Have had PVC's and chest pain and shortness of breath increasingly for over 2 years. ( As well as many of the other symptoms). My 2 ECG's showed normal, but I didn't know about cutting back on fluids. I will ask my doctor to run the test again. I will first of all read a lot more about this. My mother had mitral valve surgery. Could that be significant? I had a thymectomy when my enlarged thymus was revealed in a CT scan. It was benign.
    Thanks to all for the information
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    Yes, your mother having mitral valve surgery could be impportant, since the tendency to have MVP seems to be at least partly genetic and is tied to several other genetic problems as well, like scoliosis, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, endometriosis, psoriasis, hypermobile joints, an abnormally small chest cavity, and a couple I've probably forgotten.
    However, a recent ultrasound study of thousands of babies while still in the wombs of mother's who have lots of MVP in their families failed to reveal even a single MVP, so the long held idea that MVP's are born that way and not aquired will have to be scraped.
    We still don't know everything about this condition. It took me FOUR echocardiograms before my MVP finally showed up, and by then it was leaking. Keep asserting your rights, esp. if you have a strong gut feeling about it....those are usually correct.
    Keep us posted,
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    I hope all goes well for you at the Doc's, don't let her fob you off, insist she looks into it.

    Love & Light,
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    Thank you soooooooo much for sharing your knowledge, I've been having these flutters sometimes with pain for about three years but Doc only ever does two minute ecg and it's always normal, and then tells me it't caused because I don't breath right. Funny how simptoms have lessend since I've been taking Q10, THANKS for helping me make that connection!

    Love & Light,
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    I've been through iron-defiency anemia which gave me real problems with palpitations. After years of iron treatments, my anemia is under control. However, I still have what feels like "flutters" in my heart area. I say "area" because I'm not sure if it's my heart, or the muscles around my heart spasming. I have had EKG's and stress tests and my heart itself is fine. I do believe there is some activity in the muscles there, though. I have it day and night, at least 1-2x every 24 hours.
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    Well it took some time but I feel that I have the answer to my concerns.

    This is an answer that surprised me a good deal.
    I had been having chest pains in varying degrees. Some mild at night when lying down and trying to go to sleep and then they were getting far worse when I was up and going about my day. Sometimes it felt as though there was a fist in my chest and I was getting very alarmed.
    I went to see my Dr. and she too was concerned. She ran an electro cardiogram before I left the clinic that day which turned out normal so she ordered a the other test which I forget the name but is an ultrasound of the heart. This was to check for mitral valve prolapse syndrome. The results showed a healthy heart! So she felt that the stress that I have been dealing with could be the cause and she recommended that I give up all caffine.
    Well is just so happened that I had just started seeing a Chiroprator for a problem that I had developed doing some lifting at work. I shared my concerns over the palpatations and pain in my chest with her and she noted to me that the subluxation in my back was pinching the nerves that leads to my heart.
    After a few corrections to my back I am not having the pain in my chest anymore!
    It is amazing but true. She said that this is not rare and in some cases of chest pain there are spinal problems in this area of the vertebra in which the nerves can become pinched and block the flow of normal nerve energy flow to the heart.
    She said though and this agrees whith everyone that you should always check all other possibilities first and with your regular medical Dr. You would not want to blame a back problem for something more crucial or immediate.

    Thank you all for you patience in waiting for the end of the story. It was an answer that took time in coming.
    Thank you for all your responses and feel free to keep the subject open I will be happy to respond.

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    I'm soooo pleased you got it all sorted out and what a brillient outcome!

    Love & Light,