One more thing on sore arms, neck and back

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mlp1954, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. mlp1954

    mlp1954 New Member

    I wonder if anyone knows of a good muscle relaxer I can take to help ease the knots in my neck and back? I work and cant take Flexeril as it makes me "drunk feeling". I need something I can use when I drive and work. Am I asking for too much?
  2. backporchrags

    backporchrags New Member

    taken Ultram for 17 years. It is a pain killer more than a muscle relaxer but it works well for me. Easing the pain allows me to exercize and streach those sore areas more regularly.
    Does your doctor believe in treating FMS pain? Mine has been such a big help to me.
    I keep a pain journal and a list of all OTC remedys I have tried. I also record my activity levels, whether I can exercize or not and my sleep quality. I find that this really helps when asking for medications. I can fully relay what I have tried, what has worked, what has not and what I have done about it.
    Coming to a doctors appointment well prepared can make a big diference in how you are perceived. It will increase your chances of being taken seriously. As you should be!

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