One more thing to add heart valve trouble,anyone else

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lilaclover30, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    The list gets longe3r and longer ---FMS, OA, scoliosis, spinal stenosis,. now heart valve leakage.

    MKy hubby and i both had Echocardigrms 10 days ago. i received a call Mon./ that the Dr.i needed tio see us both and wanted to see me. Tues. hubby went with me and he told me the mitral and aortic valves had leakage.

    It was at 60% so surgery wasn't needed now. JKust take it easier and watch itQ!!!!! I was happy, yet discouraged. HIubby already has bad leaky valves and not surgery t o have. He has had by-pass and had heart failure.

    i try to do all I can to help him so_______________. Kids are all too far away8 to just run here.

    I know I did too much last week and am sgtill paying for it. On Tues. I saw a screw under his electric chair. I noticed that the foot rest had come loose from thue upholstered part so I got down on b ack w to fix it. found another screw and saw it needed 3./ I got 1 ine but couldn't do other. Then, it was getting up-had to crawl to coach.

    Next day toward dark I got down on rear to clean off spots on kitchen carpet. Worked til I fran out off cleaaner.

    Next day I dragged the backi full size storm door toi the back of house and managed gto put it in!

    Fri. we went out uisual 50 mi. to get groceries. It poured.
    Hubby8 was not at all happey with me and got very sarcastic. After so much of that I cry! When we got home in rain, i foolishly grabbed 5 bags ofr groceries. he told me to quit moaning!! I got in kitchen and went to put bags on table and fell! I bruised both shoulders and I hurt everywhere. Thyen IP had to get uip!

    ii really haven't recovered from it all yet. I hurt insidwe and outside.

    Does anyone have any8thingf that they can tell me about heart valves leaking? I dion't know what is too much to do or not enough. Did it ge3t worse? Just tell me about it please.

    Excuse me for venting. it is is hard day for me.

    luv u all and Gentle Hugs

  2. chipthechap

    chipthechap New Member

    I dont know if I can be of any help but I have 2 leaking Valves which they discovered on an echocardiogram, I have a very slow heart rate also, they have said a lot of people have leaky valves and have no symptoms and they only find out by routine investigations, try not to worry as working yourself up just makes you feel worse,
    be lucky
  3. johnston

    johnston New Member

    to have a yearly echo and take antibiotics prior to any dental work or invasive medical procedure.
    Hypertension or a fast heart rate over time will make it worse as those make the heart work harder which, in turn, makes the valves work harder===especially the damaged ones. and can lead to left ventricular hypertrophy (which I already have d/t no tx and then under tx of my HTN) that is a chamber of your heart enlarging jsut as we increase he size of muscles when we exercise....
    It is a wait and see game. When the deficits start affecting you enough that you have symptoms, then the mds have to look at surgery more closely==they will try meds first.
    My md told me that if I live a long life, I will inevitably have to have a valve replacement.
    Hope this helps............Rhonda
  4. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    yes, he told me antibiodics for tooth cleaning or invasive surgery. I have low blood pressure - 12/70 - because of a RX. My biggest problem is between my hubby and me -stress.

    Right now he is being very sweet. It has been hard for him to accept FMS, OA, and spinal stenosis. Heknows that this is real./

    Thank you for you reply. It makes me feel better when someone answers and I feelk encouragement.

    Luv to u and Gentle hugs,

  5. cct

    cct Member


    I have had Mitral Valve Prolapse for several years.

    It is my understanding that some people go an entire lifetime with no real problems and other people need to get surgery.

    Mitral Valve Prolapse is fairly common in people with CFS.

    If you do a search on the internet, I am sure that you will find an abundance of information on Mitral Valve Prolapse.

  6. Goldyfm

    Goldyfm New Member

    Moderate aortic regurgitation so they say. I get short of breath sometimes, and I am sure that fuels the fatigue as well. If I listed all my ailments, It would take too long.
  7. johnston

    johnston New Member

    most of my info in my previous response was meant to apply to the aortic valve. It is my understanding that just about everyone has some degree of mitral valve prolapse. It is really not considered a serious thing. Neither is the aortic, unless you start having symptoms of not getting enough blood circulation...............Rhonda

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