One More Try - TH1/TH2 Immune System Testing

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TerriM, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. TerriM

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    I posted several days ago (2/7 I believe) on this subject -- does anyone know what the immune system clinical testing is for finding the shift to TH2 mode. Jelly had directed me to some hypercoagulation info that was helpful & someone else directed me to another post with the testing info. My printer was broken and I can't find it now that it is fixed. I go to an immunologist this week & want to have that with me! HELP!!!! :) Terri
  2. TerriM

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    Actually, that article prompted my earlier post. When I read it it sounded exactly like what seems to be going on with my immune system. Someone kindly directed me to a post with the list of some tests for this & I can't find it now . . . and couldn't print it when I did have it on the screen because my printer was broken . . . Oh well . . . if I can't find it I'll just wing it at the immunologists . . . just like to be prepared. Thanks! Terri
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    Hi Terri;
    No,I do not know of any,test but I'am also very interested
    in this immune system modality...I recently read Dr.Chaneys
    "balancing"article on this web site...makes very good sense
    to me and would like to find out more about the subject and
    the possible use of low dose Human Growth Hormone-injectable
    type for use in treating my CFIDS...If you find out anything
    I would appreciate a heads up, and likewsie I would post as
  4. TerriM

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    Actually, I found the hypercoagulation info myself, but this isn't the post I am referring to . . . yes, if I find out any info I will let you know! Thanks everyone for your help!!!! Terri