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    This is the Christian movie I spoke of in another thread that says oops I deleted my own thread. I would highly recommend it. The persons portraying Ester and the king are beautiful. She is gorgeous and he has eyes to die for. It is a great message of hope and courage. Go see it if you can.

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    I'm so glad you liked it!!! I will have to find time to go, not sure when, but I so want to see it!
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    I didn't know that they made this into a movie!! I read the book and it was great!

    Is it newly out??
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    I am glad that this movie seems good. I hope that a lot of people see it and will definitely see it if it comes to Canada.

    You asked me on your "Oops" thread how I am doing. My DH is away at his sister's funeral and I thought I would enjoy 3 days alone while DH is away and my son is at work, relaxing, trying to recover from the stress and the flu, reading in front of the fireplace. My idea of a good time.

    You know what they say about God laughing at people making plans. Well, he must be having a good chuckle this weekend. First, my son came home from work sick with the flu. There went my "alone time" and I am in mother-mode with the Vitamin C and chicken soup.

    Then DH called to say that he is bringing his sister back home with him for the burial of his other sister's ashes. Oh dear, that means washing the sheets for the guest room and tidying up more than I had planned.

    The topper was getting a phone call this afternoon from his brother in Atlanta. He is flying in tomorrow afternoon to stay with us for a few days. He also wants to go to the interment of the ashes since he couldn't make it up for the funeral.

    So tomorrow afternoon I am going to have a house full of noisy, grieving people - and a sick kid (oops, young man!) Tonight I feel a sinus infection coming on and am trying to figure out what to do about that.

    Now, I bet you're sorry you asked!

    Off to do some research on sinus infections. It has been so long since I have had one I forget what to do.

    Glad you enjoyed the movie.
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    Yes, it just came out last weekend. I wrote more about it in my post that says oops I deleted my own post but I will mention it again. A few days ago I was watching a Christian TV show and they were talking about the movie. I had heard about it before and Tommy Tenny was on talking about his vision of four years ago. I thought they said that a million people saw it last weekend and it was either in 7 or 8th place for attendance at the theater. Not bad for a Christian film. It was very well done. Peter O'toole and Omar Sherif were both in it. It was done as well as any Hollywood show. I went late afternoon and there weren't a lot of people there. I am planning on really pumping it up at church tomorrow because I think it is a great and uplifting film. People in the theater clapped when it was over. If you can see it go for it.

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    Oh my gosh. I was reading and beginning to envy your fireside quiet time until I read further. If I had unexpected guests coming to stay at my house I think I would lock the doors and turn off the lights!!!!! Dear sister, I will be praying for strength for you and your young child, boy, man whatever we want to call him. LOL I think usually with a sinus infection you need antibiotics to get rid of that one. Goodness sakes, you need a break. I will continue to pray for you and your whole family as I have been. Take care.

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    If you can find the time you will love it I promise. I am know going to be playing catch up big time because it did take a big chunk out of my weekend but it was worth it. Hope you are feeling a bit better tonight.

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    Only someone with a chronic illness like ours could understand that desire to lock all the doors and turn off all the lights. Sounds like a good plan to me!

    I actually did that once - locked the doors when I suspected his sister (the one who is coming tomorrow) was knocking. She was in town with her DH and had visited already and I had had enough socializing and was exhausted.

    She knocked and knocked on the door and rang the bell and I just sat in my chair and ignored it all. What I didn't know then was that I was completely visible through the sheers on the front door! So turning the lights off would have been a good idea. LOL

    She told me later that she guesses that she "should have called beforehand". Exactly.

    My DH comes from a large family - 12 kids, one died as a baby, so they grew up a family of 11 kids in a tiny house. I think that they all had to vie for attention so they are all very loud and talk over one another. When I was healthy I found this amusing and fun. Not any more. It just drains me.

    So I will probably be spending a lot of time in my bedroom while they are here.

    Re sinus infections. If it has developed into a real infection, I will have to see my dr. and get ABX. Darn. I feel rotten on ABX. But, if I can catch it early enough, I might be able to prevent the infection.

    I have been feeling my sinuses acting up for the past few weeks but so far I have been winning the battle. Tonight I don't think I am. I took some potent Beta-Plex tonight. My son reminded me that the ND had given it to me in case I feel something coming on. I had forgotten all about it! It is like eating a bushel of carrots (he says) and I hope that it does the trick.

    Otherwise a trip to the chiropractor might help if I can get in on Monday. Once a sinus infection takes hold then it is ABX time. Hope not!

    I am hyper tonight as you can probably tell - thinking about my busy day tomorrow.

    It is nice chatting with you, Nancy.

    How are things going at school? How do you manage your job with your FM? It must be so difficult. Do you have the extreme fatigue that comes with FM?

    When I tried to teach for 6 mo. after dx, I used to come home from work and lie on the couch until it was time to go back. Are you able to have any sort of life outside school?

    I hope this doesn't seem nosy. I am just interested since you are such a giving person to everyone on this board. And obviously a wonderful teacher too.

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    Good to hear you enjoyed the movie. We are such a backward country when it comes to Christian things. It will probably only come here in dvd. A couple of years ago it was decided ( I don't know who decided) that we are no longer a Christian country). We just finally got our first and only fulltime Christian Station and it is for those who can afford one of those ultra packs. Anyways good to see Christians taking a stand and doing films with excellence.
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    It is evening in Chicago land about now and I am hoping that your exhausting day is about over for you. Do your husband's sisters know of your illness and if they do are they sensitive to it. I hope so. Your not answering the door was so funny but I am sure it was quite awkward after you found out she could see you. Oh my gosh!!!!!! I guess she did take the hint for future unexpected visits. I know some people don't mind that at all if people just drop in but boy it throws me off as I always seem to have every 10 minutes of my life already planned out each day. I am sure praying for strength for you and I hope your son is better and I hope you are warding off that sinus infection. I have not had a great day today. I felt fine when I got up and I went to Sunday school and started to feel dizzy and nauseated. I fell asleep during church and missed a very good sermon my friends around me said. Unfortunately that is par for me. Your answer to the fatigue question is yes. I seem to make myself go, go, go when I have to. In other words I make myself go and perform at school and then when I come home I don't have much left over for me. I don't have much of a personal life during the school year but I do seem to have a lot of social contact in my second full time job of managing my FM. I do IV's every other week and am friends with all the staff there and I see a chiro and a muscle therapist once a week. I have seen them for many years and consider them friends also. I also teach one night at my house. I teach clarinet. I used to be a professinal clarinetist but after my neck surgery I can't play for long periods of time because my neck muscles go into spasm. Teaching is very hard with this condition but I believe so strongly that our positive confessions can alter our future so I try not to be too negative. I do have hope that all the things I am doing for myself will eventually cause me to function rather normally for my age. I am actively juicing and that has been amazing especially for my IBS. I believe there are lots of things we can do to help our condition. Well you take care and give me an update when things quiet down at your house.

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    How old is he any way. I figured he should be about 100 now. LOL.

  12. bandwoman

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    There is no question he was a hunk back then. Of course he looks older now but you can still see his good looks through all of that gray!

    Have a great day.
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    It is so good to be back on the board. I did get a chance to read your reply the other day but had no energy to type. It is so exhausting being around so many high energy people for so long.

    You have a very busy life for someone with FM! That is unfortunate that your clarinet playing is limited by your neck spasms. But great news that juicing is helping you! So many people are finding that helpful. Do you have a Vitamix blender?

    I will pray that you are successful in improving your FM.

    I have made friends with my various medical professionals too. I think that the camaraderie helps make these sessions even more healing, don't you? I look upon my ND, my physiotherapist and massage therapist as friends.

    The sister who stayed here was very sensitive to my illness, thank goodness. She was actually dx with CFS several years ago but the dx was wrong. It turned out to be mono and she still suffers from bouts of fatigue, goes to bed for a day and is better. But she does seem to get it.

    She is one of those people who does enjoy drop in company and I am sure that she would never understand my "anti-socialness". But that's the way it is. And I don't think that she will ever drop in again. When I think of sitting in that chair while she was knocking....

    The sister who just died did not believe that I was sick and it caused a lot of family tension. In the spring, when she first became very ill, she did tell me on the phone that she finally understood what it was like to be so exhausted that she just couldn't get out of bed. She apologized and I gratefully accepted it. I was touched that she was woman enough to say she was wrong.

    I am still fighting and winning the sinus battle. My son is feeling almost better but I worry so much that he has my immune system and will come down with these DD's! No simple flu is ever simple in my mind.

    Thank you for your prayers, Nancy. I appreciate them so much.