One of my ER excsperiences. A must read.

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    I was reading a post on going to the ER and I knew I had to tell all of you this one. I was having severe foot pain that night. I had taken a pain pill and it didn't faze the pain. I took it as long as I could and I told my husband that I had to go to the ER. First I must tell you that i'm also on Xanax for panic attacks. Anyway when i got to the ER the nurse came in and ask me a bunch of questions. She never even looked at my foot. She only ask if I had hurt it in some way. I told her no. Well the doctor finaly comes in. He never looks at my foot either. The first words out of his mouth were, what are you taking Xanax for? I told him for my panic attacks. He responded by saying, Don't you think that you're having a panic attack now and that's your problem. Yes, this is the Gods honest truth. He did say that. I responed by saying that I have never heard of anyone having a panic attack in their dxxx foot. LOL Can you believe this one?
    he finally gave me a pain shot after my husband got a little hot under the collar.
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    I mean all the people who told me"you can be anything you want too be when you grow up" Heck sick ,I mean slick Willy was not even grown-up and he was the Preez, this doctor paid a load of money to be a doctor well he grew-up and became a doc in name only.What a waste of time and money for you and him. Sad we have all been to this so called doc, YES I can believe it.Did the shot work?
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    But I do NOT TELL ER docs that I am on meds. I believe that unless it is truly pertinent to the situation, what they don't know isn't really going to hurt anyone.

    IF I am going in for something NON life threatening: a terribly painful foot, a breast infection when I was nursing, a sudden slipped disk, eye, ear, nose, throat infection, I don't give them ANY ammunition to blow my compaints out of the water. Most ER staff grab onto the ignorant assumption that I am crazy just because I say I am have Fibromyalgia, and I happen to take Zanax prn for anxiety. That has NOTHING to do with an aching foot.
    If a person comes in who DOESN'T have a history of panic attack, depression, or FM then they are treated according to their IMMEDIATE COMPLAINT and don't have to suffer through prejudice!
    There! That's my opinion. I just don't tell them anymore that I have FM or panic attacks. Patti G
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    My teenage daughter went to the ER for an asthma attack and the attending physician wanted all the details of her sex life. What a pervert!

    Love, Mikie
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    I went three years ago and was having an aweful panic attack. So bad I was throwing up, could not walk, nor breath as I do not hypervenilate, I stop breathing..Well, my husband rolls me into the ER where I was looked down upon, told to go see a shrink and go home...My husband said, no YOU GIVE HER SOMETHING. So, they did but you can tell they did not want to..Next day I am referred out to a cardio doc who told me after listening to my heart I had MVP..Do you think the er docs even check for MVP, or any other legit condition that causes severe panic attacks...GO FIGURE! GGRRRRRRRRR
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    I feel it's no use to go to doctors anymore...they dont believe that I am in actual's "all in your head" they really think that I like being this way....In constant pain and muscle spasms...I feel hopeless...The only thing that helps is Vicadin and Percocet and when you tell them that they immediately think you are a pain pill junkie...Which I am not...believe me if I could never take another pill in my life it would be too soon...
    But it's that or be in constant pain and fatigue...forget about the fact that I can NEVER sleep unless I have sleeping pills. I just tried to go 3 days not taking them...didnt get one second of sleep and the pain in my muscles is unbelievable...I feel like the I am dying today...take asprin...advil..tylenol...naprosyn....try feeling like someone ripped the muscle in your leg and YOU take tylenol...well thats how my neck and upper back feel...