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    I woke up this moring feeling like I had been smacked by a truck. And since I could not see one I thought I was just was imangaing it. But as this day has gone one I have had the strangest symptoms. My upper arms are sore and feel heavy. They feel like some one has just squeezed them hard right in between my shoudler and elbow. IT is really painfull. Then my fingers feel swollen like I have had too much salt. And the are not really swollen but just enough that my wedding rings are tight.

    I am so achey today and cranky too. I really don't know why? What has changed between last night and now? Nothing?
    All of my joints are stiff and feeling FAT. And the wrist that I shattered two years ago is buring, stingging , stabbing, and schocking me all at once and when it is touched like while I am typing.

    I can tell you every problematic spot in my back as each are tender to the touch and they just flipen ache more , well all day long they have ached.

    I am getting sick of this. I just want a day where I feel like me again am I going to get it probaly not but I would really enjoy it for that day.

    I can go for weeks it seems and the pain is just there aching but at a level that I can cope with and out of the blue I get hit with more pain ,stiff joints,aching all over, feeling like all my joints are awollen, and my back is hurting so much that I want to scream, I have been really good at following my schedule of taking my pain meds but today they are not working as well.

    I have this nasty pain that is going down the right side of my back in to my hips and on to the front of my thighs. And my knees feel so huge and like they are moving is s-l-o-w that it is driving me nuts . What is going on with me today? I have not changed anything from yesterday . But from how I feel you would think that I had been out running and exercising like crazy.

    I am confused about this nasty feeling. I don't like it and it can leave just like it came fast. But will that happen who know's.With having chronic meyofacial pain syndrome and fibro any thing is possiable. AS I have been told the CMFPS can flare just like fibro could this be what it is doing?

    I don't know what to do to help me feel better. I am so frustereated and I want to be able to do the things that I need to get done and I am not getting them done because I am moving slower than a snail.

    How different this life is once you have been told that you have fibro & Chronic meyofacil pain syndome. My life is so different than it used to be and I can not change how I feel each day. I would like to know why do I feel ok one minute and the next I feel really badly? My days have changed in so many ways, where I once was able to work full time I no longer can do this.

    I once was a dental assistant and worked a full time job. I loved it . But when the pain became to much to bear I had to stop working. I was in and out of the hospital with " Other Problems" each time it was harder to get back in to the swing of things .

    So finally I had to leave and stop working there. I did work at a craft store for 3 years and in the last year I broke out with hives so badly that I was taken to the ER for the night and early morning.

    I had so many hives that during the two weeks that it took to run it's course , every part of my body had been swollen so tightly that I thought I would pop. What caused this? I was pulling wool apart from a big bundle adn putting them in a smaller bag and the lanolin and the fresh wool tured out to be some thing that I was allergic to.
    Who would think that a bag of wool would make your face swell up and even the back of my head . I have never touched it again. How my life has changed, I am learning to accept the pain that I have. Each day is a new challange. I want to find a way to become the happiest I can be. And learn to accept who I am now. Thanks for you compassion and understanding you have given to me.

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    i hate allergic reactions....

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    take some benendryl...if you have it..i have attatrax for allergic reactions at my house...

    sorry about the usual aches and pains of this darn fibro crap

    i don't know what esle to say excep i will bump this for sure..

    hugs to you...and didn't you just have your grand son last week...think of the good times w/him

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    When I wrote that I had gotten hives that was three years ago. Sorry if I confused anyone. I was a sick lady then as I said for two weeks. Maybe more.

    But I still get itchy at times for NO real reason and when I get bit by a bug I will swell up and the bite will go really red and hot to the touch. This has only started since I have had the fibro and the CMFP{ Chronic MEyofacial Pain syndrome} I am a bit on the stressed side today so I am going to go and lay down for a while. It was not a good day. I have been feeling icky and achey and I am so "SICK OF FEELING LIKE THIS" Will I ever again feel somewhat" NORMAL" ? I really want to feel like I am worth something and can do more things like a Normal MOM and Grandma can do. I can't pick up my grandson and go for walks with him as I can'twalk that far.

    Sorry for whinning so much.
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    This fibro is the worst. You explained almost exactly what I have been going thru for the last six weeks. My body also went into a hibernation, as I slept for that long also. When I was awake it felt like I was trying to swim thru quicksand.

    I understand you completely. Hang in there..this to shall pass. I am glad that you came here where you could get support & understanding. Sending you a hug & a prayer, Tam
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    I know exactly how you feel... I've been in what I thought was a small flare which is continuing to get worse. I started with my night sweats last week and knew it was coming.. I've gotten very little sleep in the past week even with sleep meds... I feel like a complete zombie durring the day and when I get home from work I just want to go to sleep.....

    The only thing that seems to work for me is rest and time... I've had flares that have lasted as little as 3 weeks and ones that last for months on end... 2006 had been a better than average year for me compared to the last 3, but as of March I got a severe case of bronchitis and the cycle started again...

    Hang in there, we're all on this boat with you!
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