One side of body - is this Fms ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gareth2, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. gareth2

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    Hi ,

    31 y.o male in Melbourne Australia.

    About 18 months ago I suffered a two day fever and when I woke up I could not walk on the left side of my body . There was muscle spasms all up and down my left side , with severe temporal headache,anxiety , sensitive to light,noise , smells etc and extreme tiredness , poor bowel control . Although these have improved over 18 months all the symptoms are still there to some degree.

    Doctors have diagnosed me with everything from depression to glandular fever ... I saw a doctor last Monday who said he was certain I have Fibromyalgia but he was a bit confused as to why the pain was only on the left side of my body.

    Has any of you ever experienced pain on just one side of the body ? The doctor suggested I take triptyline I think it was called. I don't want to take drugs if I don't have FMS but the symptoms do match aparat from the one side of the body thing. Its quite frustrating to be honest.

    All blood tests have proved normal including an CAT/MRI.

    my symptoms seems to come and go too - some days are better than others but I'm unsure why ....seems the better I eat/sleep the better I feel the next day etc.


  2. little

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    I was dx with right sided FM five years ago. It's called Regional. The doctor said that it was rare. I believe that I have had FM since 1972. Most of my pain is on my right side. I took a bad fall off a kitchen stool and fell on my right side. I cracked my elbow and hurt my hip and hit my head just behind my right ear. I'm not sure if that started the FM or and operation or Hepititis. I do feel better when I eat right and sleep better. Have a good day. Gail
  3. kar1953

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    I have pain on both side from fibro BUT the worst pain is on my left side - left side of neck, shoulder & back are the specific spots. Hips, legs, arms, feet, chest & probably all other parts you can think of are equal on both sides. If I've learned nothing else, I have learned that this disease is a weird one.

    Good health.......Kathi
  4. Sandyz

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    Welcome! My pain is usually always on my right side also. I do have some pain on the other side but it is so overshadowed by how severe the right side is, I don`t notice it much.
    As for your symptoms you listed, those are all typical Fm symptoms. I hope you find a good doctor that gives you some relief.
  5. pam_d

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    I have symptoms on both sides, but my left side is always more extreme. I, too, have better & worse days, and often can't tell what the factors are that make one day worse, and another better. I do think good sleep helps a lot!

    Glad you found this board, it's a great place to be in the company of others who truly understand, and you will learn a lot here about coping with FM!

    Welcome Hugs,
  6. Bellesmom

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    I had a LOT of problems with my whole right side before being diagnosed with FMS about 3 years ago. It is all over my body but the right side gets most of my attention because it hurts much worse most of the time.

    Take care - there are people from all over the world on this board, many from Australia.

    I am from Washington state, USA.

  7. layinglow

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    Welcome to the board Gareth.
    My pain started on the right side of the body and remained there for many months. Now it is non-discriminatory!

    As far as the amitriptylene, many doctors use that in low doses at bedtime, to improve sleep.

    Lack of sleep, or poor quality of sleep is one of the contributing factors to feeling unwell, as you have discovered. During stage four sleep all the micro damage, we do to our bodies daily are repaired; it is the restorative part of sleep. Those with these disorders don't get enough stage four sleep---thus the therapy with amitriptylene. Some on this board have had good success with that drug. Others, have gone on to find different drugs to help with their sleep. We all react very differently to treatments.

    Best wishes,
  8. baby-bear

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    I was in a really bad and near fatal car wreck. I did major damage to my foot, toes, ankles, knee, right and left wrist and burst my bladder. 5-6 months after the wreck I woke up and started having food reactions and fatigue and pain. The pain now is mostly on my right side. It affects my right chest area, arms,all my body damage I did in the wreck, then if I eat something that I have a reaction to it really gets bad with headaches, burning, aching.....I can go on and on. I do have a little pain and aching on the left side but the right side is definitly dominant!!! Can I ask you you have reactions to certain food and get body and organ pain with headaches. Please write back...Thanks!!! Pammy
  9. blondieangel

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    due to 2 left sided injuries. One was a lifting incident, and the other I was rear-ended, but I have all over body and joint pain, and swelling of my fingers in both hands.
  10. david_olenick

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    I have a lot of fun doing this to people I think have FM. I walk up , push my thumb gently between their collar bone and shoulder close to their neck. they say ,"Ouch" . then i do the other side and no pain. I ask them why and leave it at that. Most people don't believe in FM.
    I went to a terapist taht worked wonders for me. Push your finger or thumb down beside your neck then gently massage the side that hurts and you will feel some relief. the more you do it the better your neck will feel.
  11. Misdiagnosed

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    Hi Gareth

    I live in Melbourne too and have the same frustration as you - my symptoms are mainly on my right side and getting a firm diagnosis is proving difficult.. Have been told by one rheumatologist I have FMS and also been told by another I haven't.

    As I can't seem to solve the muscle/spasm problems on my right side I'm beginning to think I must have FM - I do have a lot of the other weird symptoms too.

    Where in Melbourne do you live? And do you have a good doctor? We should compare notes in more detail.