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    Hi there,

    as you would guess by my name i am 17 years old.
    When i was a tiny baby my mum had non stop problems with me, something was wrong with my gullet so i wouldnt keep anything down as well as asthma and growing problems.

    for the first 13 years i was seeing a peaditrition for being under weight and still weighed only 5 stone then.
    i had many tests which were all negative so in the end i was dismissed and told i was healthy but juts small.

    a month later i went to the doctors with ankle pain and was told it was my akilis
    i underwent physiontherapy for this and during this time i started to get really bad pains in my back and neck as well as my knees given way on me all the time.
    I told the physio this and i was refred back to the peadriction who said it was all in my head and because i was constently beaten and bullied at school this was just an attention seek.

    my mother and father was not happy with this at all because there was no reason to drain my self with constent pain keeping me awake at all times screaming as if i was being murdered!

    after trying many medications and therepys i was refered to a rhumatoligist at the age of 16.

    waiting for the oppointnent things got worse my boyfriend was questioned of the murder of a 54 year old man and charged.

    i was stuck in depression and the only thing i done was went to work (i had left school and became a office administrator) wrote to my boyfriend and cried alot in pain.

    I split with my boyfriend because i was getting worse and fell for someone who i was close to at school.
    after finding out he had cheated on me and the rhuematologist was still trying to diagnose me i fell deeper into depression and turnt to chinese food lol!! this is where i fould the man i love to this day. shortly after i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and wrote of work through to stress of my boss. I was told not to go back to work untill medication worked. I then found a lump on my breast which turnt out to be a syst (although no tests were given the doctors are satisfied it is not canceress)my dog also died at this time age 17 which was extremly hard because i have never not had her about to cuddle and cry to (although she was only a dog she was my best friend ever)

    i applied for incapacity benifit and disabilty living allowence which i was given.

    now i am undergoing accuputure and seeing a consultant in london for further treatment. I am still not working but i am looking into home training and hopefully going back to work.
    I have came accross yet another problem which is my bladder seems to leak and i am constetly drippeling (imbarresing but hopefully will stop with physio to my pelvic floor muscles)

    Any way the point to me story is that i can never get away from medical problems and i just feel like i am ticking the long list of medical problems which never seems to end.

    my boyfriend is brillant though and so is my family. but i am still depressed and down but i have good days too.

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    you are all so lovely and a great support.