One very BAD DAY!

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    I am new to this so please bear with me if I drag on myself. I have habits of taking ten sentences to say one. I'm sorry alot of times my thoughts ramble faster then I do. alot of times I can't keep up with my own typing. I tend to type as fast as I ramble. So I apologize up front.
    We moved to the Gulf side of Florida six months ago. My husband started working his job down here (same company as up north) and he was suppose to have all the insurance taken care of with in 30 days after his hiring. (you literally have to quit and be rehired instead of being transferred. go figure) So anything the Main office which is in Clearwater Fla screwed up all his paperwork and such. Thank God his pay was ok. Anyway, come five and half months later we go in once again to his office here and say, "what is going on with insurance b/c we need to get new physicians asap." Through frustration and troubles the secretary was at her wits end on figuring why everything was all a mess and had to have the main office in Clearwater take care of things. Well, two weeks later we were told all was set and ready. So I made appts for us.
    Needless to say, it's still screwed up. My husband had the lowest scale of insurance available i the company and I, myself, still have none. Now being that I hyped myself up to going to the Dr (which I always do for anything important I need to do the next day, do anyone else have this issue) I got maybe 2 1/2 hours sleep..And of course having Chronic Fatigue that isn't even good sleep. Then having the rejection of not being able to see the Dr was even worse. So needless to say sitting in the Dr office waiting for my husband to be seen I start getting in even more pain, foggy headed and antsy.
    Now my husband is the type of guy he won't see anyone w/o me by his side. After a very bad time with MRSA and having his R 2 fingers amputated (ring n pinky) He is slow to acknowledge and worse to remember. So go figure the fibro fog lady needs to be with him. Besides I handle all his meds and insulin for the diabetes. Come to find out after a battle with the Dr of allowing me to go in with him, finally she came back out to get me and needed informational help. To make a long story short withhim, his blood pressure was through the roof and she was concerned that he could have a stroke or heart attack with it so high. So she gave him a pill right in the office and right away put him on a new med especially formulated for diabetic high BP. Anyway the stress got even higher b/c she told him that she wanted to get blood samples and his A1C. If you don't know what that is, mainly it's to see his basic sugar counts for the last three months. and others but that i know is the main. Anyway I know she will find his sugars to be high. B/c of course it's another battle to tell a man of basic food group taste, your eating too much and it's not nurtitionally healthy for you. SO now she put the fear in God to him and myself. We are both pretty much to our limits.
    I finally get us home and every flare up you can think of hits me all at once. The pain was through the roof, My skin was clammy and freezing! My head was zapping and spinning, and half the time the people in the house were laughing because I wasn't always making sense in what i was saying. I was in a full flare! All i wanted to do was cry and cry and cry.
    I laid on the couch for as long as I could stand it . Finally got up and made my husband's lunch for work (he works over nights) and kissed him goodbye and came right to my room.
    I took a half a nerve pill and past out. After about three hours I woke and was still tortured by the pain in my arms (how does one get numbing and pain running up and down your arms, I'll never know) and shoulder blades. So I got up drank more of my water and took the other half of my nerve pill and now I can't go back to sleep. WHY?? I'm exhausted to no end and now that the edge is taken of the pain factor, why can't I sleep?
    Sorry to have written so much. had to get it out somehow and like I've read before, I'm a factor of nill to none friends also. It's only me and my husband, with his cousin and girl friend living in the house so far and the only one that understands is my husband b/c he's been dealing with it for ten years now. Unlike my ex husband who didn't even believe in the disease. I made sure I took him to my Dr's appts, support groups and lectures I would go to in the very beginning of our relationship. but his cousin looks at me like yeh ok, just like my mom (she has it too but very mild) it's just another excuse not too do things.
    I went looking for a support group here and in the surrounding areas where I live and it seems the closest one is like three hours away.. So I had to seek other alternatives. I hope I can make friends and be able to use you guys as a sounding board and those who have been through it. My mother had fibromyalgia and we lost her due to an Aneurysm in the base of her brain in 'o3 due to the fact that it errupted and caused her to have a major stroke and it took her life. Now I worry b/c I have alot pains in my skull and base of my neck and other factors that I've been waiting to have tested and checked out since we got here. But don't have the funds to do it. Has anyone noticed the amount of ppl who has had fibro mixed with aneurysms? I know besides my mom 2 other friends from my old "group" in newport RI that has past from it. Makes you think about those Zaps and small black outs and dizziness and such.. Know what I mean..
    Oh well, for now I just pray read my bible and have faith that things will work out for the better, the insurance will straighten and I'll get what I need and feel hopefully better. God will provide a way.. Thanks for allowing me to ramble on.
    Christina from Crestview Fl
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    Welcome to the board. Yes, it sounds like a bad day. Actually, quite a
    few bad days.

    Looks like you'll have to keep reminding the office to get that insurance
    straightened out. Very annoying to have to do things repeatedly when
    we have so little energy.

    I have not seen any other posts about a a connection between aneurysms and
    Fibro. Maybe some other posters here have some info.

    Good luck
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    Welcome to the board. It is very helpful and we have all been there, done that. Moving is hard enough, a new place, not familiar with the area to make friends. In fact, it is high up there on the stress-o-meter.

    I would think since this is the company's fault they would reimburse you for any medical bills.

    Unfortunately, I was also under insured and had to file for medical bankruptcy as I had to stop working. I now live where I have much better coverage. In fact that is why I moved.

    We did have someone on the board who did have have an aneurysm but don't remember all the details. However, I have not read about a connection between aneurysms and FM.

    May I make a suggestion? You might want to put a double space between your paragraphs. It makes it easier to read, especially if you are in a flare. I do the same thing as you, talk/write as I am thinking. So I might say something, which can be misconstrued as I am really processing out loud. I am trying to be more aware of this. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I live by myself, LOL!!

    Fortunately, I am not lonely but then sometimes you can be lonely in a crowd. Okay, I just did it again. Stream of consciousness.

    Take care.


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