One Year Anniversary Since Peptide Injections

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    Hi, Folks,

    Many of y'all may remember that I decided to try the peptide injections, now called, amino acid solution injections per the FDA. It has been a year this month since my last injection. I have not had any of my symptoms from CFIDS/ME, FMS, arthritis, hypothyroidism and Sjogren's Syndrome return and am symptom free from these conditions. I do not consider myself "cured," but my symptoms are gone.

    I am not 100 percent due to a long string of UTI's which are being treated. I am very tired just from these infections. Before the UTI's, I had some really wonderful days after I discovered I can no longer tolerate dairy. I don't believe I'll ever feel as well as I did before my CFIDS/ME and FMS kicked in because I've aged 13 years since then and have had to live a sedentary lifestyle. However, I do think when I get the UTI's under control, I'll be at about 80 percent, which is acceptable to me.

    I feel very blessed that I was lucky enough to be able to get this treatment and that it has been so effective. A lot depends on the number of receptors in the brain and, evidently, I have a lot of receptors. Still, no one knows what causes these conditions but we do know that our brains are not capable of producing the proper peptide sequences. The injections contain these peptide sequences and, eventually, the brain learns to produce the proper sequences on its own. Good news is that if I ever feel my symptoms returning, I can go back for another shot or two to get my brain back on track. Once someone is successful for a year, it is unusual for the symptoms to return.

    I post about my experience because I want to give hope to others that there is a treatment which may help.

    Love, Mikie
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  2. Hardatwork

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    Wow! That's amazing. So thrilled for you. Thanks for posting.
  3. mbofov

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    Mikie -that's fabulous news, that the injections are holding - I'm so glad for you! I think this will give hope to others -

  4. spacee

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    Great news to hear, Mikie. I am so very happy for you! I caught a virus and have been quite ill the
    past couple of weeks. Hoping to be better for the next shot. It definitely helps my arthritis. I don't
    think I have many brain receptors left which is a bummer. But I will take any improvement I get :)

    Thanks for the update!

  5. Forebearance

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    I'm REALLY happy for you Mikie!
  6. deepak

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    :) So happy for you Mikie

  7. Darrae

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    This is miraculous! I am so happy for you. This gives one hope that perhaps some of this pain and suffering can at least be minimized, if not eradicated. Please keep reporting on your progress with this. I am highly interested and very likely going to ask my G.P. about this. I see that most of these posts were from last winter. I'd like to know how you are faring with this treatment now?

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