One year of Methylation... Journal 3

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  1. lbconstable

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    Hi all,

    One year ago today I began Rich's simplified Methylation Cycle Block Protocol. I remain as optimistic today as I was a year ago.

    The most concrete evidence that I can provide for health improvement is that I have been able to discontinue twice daily Heparin injections. This is huge for me. I will always be thankful for finding the heparin treatment. Heparin really gave me back significant quality of life (to the point that my husband and I chose to adopt two beautiful children) and I will keep the heparin option in my "back pocket" so to say. But to be rid of the discomfort, bruising and hassle of daily injections is truly a blessing.

    Since starting the simplified protocol I have focused all of my reasearch time on understanding the methylation cycle and Amy Yasko's approach to treating neurological illness. Somewhere along the way I decided to implement the longer, more in depth protocol. With last year's tax refund I decided to treat myself and ordered the genetic methylation profile. Based on that test, I have incorporated additional supplements that have helped to improve my energy levels. Fatigue is by and far my biggest challenge. Oh yeah, and the cloudy thinking.

    Improvement seems to come differently for different people. For me it seems to be a steady improvement with some downtime for detox. Last week was that downtime.

    I saw an immediate effect with the addition of the simplified protocol and at that point decided to commit for 6 months. At roughly the 6 month mark I decided that continuing the treatment for a full year was reasonable. I'm now at the year mark and am committing for an additional 2 years. It is definately not a quick fix. The full protocol is complicated and a bit expensive (but compared to other treatments, pretty reasonable).

    Here's the journal part....

    Afer working for something like 20 hours over a period of two and half days getting my bookkeeping up to date and preparing tax info - I crashed. I thought I just overdid it. I really wanted to get my paperwork in order. I was having some very cognitively clear days and was overpowered by the desire to actually file my taxes by April 15.

    Afterwards, I was very fatigued for 3 days and then I had some hellacious bowel movements. They were the stinkiest that I have ever produced and they had a very odd chemical/metalic odor to them. Sorry for the graphic nature, but bodily excretions seem to be important in the context of this discussion. So... my thought moved to... Oh, detox!

    Today I collected a stool sample and will send tomorrow for Toxic Metal Analysis. That's the latest.

    I still have not moved up to a significant dose of BH4. I am taking two toothpick doses/day. I have decided to start increasing B12 while I'm working on the BH4. I know this complicates the picture. But I feel like I'm severely deficient in B12 and don't know if I can successfully increase the BH4 dose without having additional B12 aboard.

    Just previous to the latest detox episode I added to my supplement regimen: 1 nucleotide and increased Perque B12 from one to two/day.

    I love to hear what others along this path are experiencing. Please keep us all in the loop!

    Love & Light, Laurie
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  2. richvank

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    Hi, Laurie.

    I very much appreciate your posting your one-year report. I'm glad that some good things have happened to you while treating the methylation cycle block, and I very much hope that they will continue. Getting that yucky stuff (a very scientific term!) out has to be a good thing. I also hope for a speedy recovery from your crash.

  3. lbconstable

    lbconstable New Member

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for the warm thoughts!

    Yes, the ability to be off heparin is a curious tidbit. One thought, is that possibly supporting the methylation cycle has improved my immune system, making it less reactive and less prone to illiciting a coagualtion cascade. Rivka has been able to eliminate her blood pressure meds and Delia has been off of sleep meds. It seems to have a definate impact.

    I noticed a shift in urines (and other subtle detox sx) after adding in Grape Seed Extract and Pycnogenol. Which preceded any BH4. Then another shift in bm's after adding in CCK tablets. The CCK came after beginning BH4. I get headaches with too much BH4. Before starting the MCB protocol I only got a headache once every few years. But since starting they have been a sx to manage. Molybdenum consistently relieves them. Too many methyl donors also seem to illicit headaches too.

    I wonder if there's another piece of the cycle that needs support in order to utilize the additional B's that you're adding? Have you thought about running an Amino Acid or Metabolic Analysis Profile?

    The nucleotides are called "Nucleotide Immune Support" by Health at Home... touting the ability to support healthy inflammatory response. The genetic SNP's that nucleotides help to address are: SUOX, ACAT+, BHMT 4+, & SHMT. Also said to provide overall methylation support. Yasko has recommended nucleotides for low serine, overall low amino acids and addressing aluminum excretion on the test results of a few individuals at the Yahoo group.

    I really need to catch up on your mold journey. When do you expect to be able to return to your home? Are you even going there mentally yet? What a journey. I feel so bad for you on one hand and I also get the total relief at finding a big piece of the puzzle!

    On the stored mold toxins... Oh, I think I'm probably a toxic soup of stored chemicals. I've done so many detox regimens over the last 4-5 years, that I think a bunch have been eliminated and there is more to come. I wish there was a practical way to test for exotoxins.

    Which is probably why Yasko doesn't address chemical toxins. I have seen her make specific comments about how a specific chemical toxin impacts certain enzymes. But overall my sense is that she's trying to create a very practical approach and doesn't expound into areas that can't be monitored and tracked.

    She made an interesting post recently that addressed her detox philosophy. The gist of it is that she believes in letting the body detox as it's designed to do by bringing the natural systems into balance. And that pushing beyond the bodies natural ability to quickly is counterproductive. By focusing on bringing the systems into balance the body will detox unwanted pathogens, chemicals, and metals. The focus on metals probably comes from a practical way to measure the excretion and the ability to track detox.

    Thanks for checking in. Always good to hear from you!
  4. lbconstable

    lbconstable New Member

    Thank you so much Rich! I am indebted to you for bringing this approach to light! The moment I read your paper I just knew this was the direction I needed to go. I had printed your paper and it sat on my desk for a month before I got around to reading it. Once I did I was kicking myself for not getting to it sooner!

    Anyway... I so appreciate your hard work, dedication conviction and perseverance! Your contribution has made a difference in my life.

    With the warmest regard,
  5. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Congratulations on your one year on the protocol! And I'm very glad that you were able to stop the heparin - that must be huge for you.

    I had some improvement on the protocol - my crashes seemed to be getting lighter and easier to take - but I've been having a rather rough detox the last several days, wiping me out. At least I think it's detoxing. I had added in some enzymnes to the mix - "Extra Energy Enzymes" by Biotic Foods and initially felt a boost and then got hit with great fatigue. Who knows .... so I've stopped everything for a while.

    What is BH4 by the way? and what is it for?

    Anyways, it is encouraging to hear you are making progress. Everything is such a mystery with these DD that it's enormously helpful to hear what does and does not help others --

  6. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    Are you using charcoal to mop up the toxins released by methylation? I think it's a great, cheap, little helper!

    Enzymes make me tired too. Noticeably. I'm hoping its the anti fibrin activity which is exposing pathogens....

  7. Diva55

    Diva55 New Member

    Hey Happy Anniversary Laurie!

    Good to see the progress you've made. Always try & keep up with your threads.

    Best wishes for continued progress.
  8. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    I have used charcoal when the detox seemed to be hitting my digestive tract, and it does work very well for that. But this past week has been different - no digestive problems, more just very weak physically, very tired, shaky, and emotionally fragile ... sort of like when I used to get PMS(!), but with more fatigue.

    I've taken digestive enzymes with HCL for years with no bad side effects, and a great deal of good effects on my digestive tract.

    But these enzymes are a different type - perhaps they are dissolving fibrin or something as you suggested. My doctor tested me some years ago and said I didn't have the fibrin problem so many people do have. But who knows -- maybe I do now -- more mystery --

    Anyways, when in doubt, stop doing whatever is new and see if you get better, so I stopped the new enzymes a few days ago and am gradually returning to "normal", gradually being the operative word.

    Thanks for your suggestions --

    Best wishes,

  9. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Hi Delia and Laurie

    I took bromelain a few years back and when that finally took effect I ended up in a real mess. I had been warned by David Berg, and others, that I was at risk of several adverse events but the one that occurred was the one I least expected.

    It took me five months to start recovering from that experience; I have had no repeat of that adverse event when taking bromelain, serrapeptase, or natto.

    Since then much has been learned and Rich's contribution to this has been a welcome one. I had to keep changing my doses and sources of folates and am doing much better on my current protocol. I even seem to be coming out of the set back triggered by surgery and general anaesthesia.

    Using supps to support mitochondrial function concurrently is a good combo for me. I kept getting into a mess on protocols that helped resolve some long term Sx but my body's reaction to die off and any release of toxins would trigger a host of Sx and problems I decided were becoming increasingly counterproductive.

    It's slow and steady for me now. I knew from the outset this would not be a quick fix and it would take trial and error to get the protocols right.

    tc, Tansy
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  10. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    What were the adverse effects that Berg warned of? And the one u experienced?
  11. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    I did notice that Rich said one should step up supps to combat infections if one was tackling hypercoagulation.. and/or fibrin...and that makes sense to me.

    I'm trying to do that.

    I'm doing elderberry and olive leaf.. not sure how to treat the mycoplasmas though...beyond TFs or chisholm immune factors.

    any thoughts?

  12. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    now i just need a home equity loan to pay for all this stuff..omg.
  13. lbconstable

    lbconstable New Member

    Hi all,

    Sorry I've been MIA!!! Thank you all for your experiences and for your kind words.

    I have been very fatigued since my last post. I have also been very busy with kidlets and work (or trying to work). I don't think my brain has been functioning very well.

    I have lots to report though...

    I met with my local nurse practitioner who specializes in hormonal stuff. Dr. Mullan had ordered a hormone panel that I wanted to run by Mia Lundin (my nurse practitioner). These are my concerns: extremely high Testosterone, fairly low Progesterone, and low DHEA.

    The testosterone is most likely contamination from my husband who supplements with a topical gel. I have since moved out of our shared bathroom (where he applies his Androgel) and have moved into the kids bathroom. Mia ordered a blood test to determine current testosterone status.

    She ordered compounded progesterone cream for me to ensure that I get accurate dosing. She said that I could use a very tiny, tiny amount from day 5-15 and then start with the therapeutic dose on day 16-28 of menstrual cycle. She also suggested 2 applications/day to ensure consistent supply.

    We talked a bit about the ACE deletion thing. She ordered a urine test to determine if I indeed have elevated aldosterone. I haven't completed this test yet as it is a 24 hour collection and I haven't gotten around to doing it. Hopefully I'll complete this task tomorrow.

    Mia then suggested that there are so many options in troubleshooting my health issues that she thought it would be useful for me to see a particular medical intuitive in order to pinpoint the best direction to proceed. She assured me that this woman was really good. So I decided to do it. I think I was just too tired to really make a decision and so simply relied on Mia's recommendation.

    I saw this woman last Friday. She is remarkable. I walked into her room and aside from introducing myself said nothing about why I was there. She told me that I was fatigued and that I had concentration issues. That I get overstimulated (I'm totally overstimulated by sensory inputs). She delved into my whole emotional history as well. She was remarkably accurate. She also told me that my blood was deficient some time in the past. She said some type of anemia. I asked if it was B12 anemia. She confirmed that.

    She said the root of my health problem is in the bowels. And that the nutrient deficiencies were a result of poor intestinal health. I knew that I had slacked off on my attention to intestinal health. But I was in a sort of conscious denial about it all. I also knew it was important to my overall health, but I wouldn't have put it at the root of the problem.

    She said there was inflammation and excess mucus (I had noticed the mucus). She also said I was carrying an extra 10-12 pounds that was a result of inflammation. I have gained weight and was about to report that sorry state of affairs here.

    So Sunday I did a Vitamin C flush in an attempt to clear everything out. In the past I've attained a flush at 7 gm of vitamin C. This time I got up to 24 gms. before I had the flush. I was using straight ascorbic acid instead of the buffered C. So I don't know if the difference is the product I was using or, if possibly, the methylation protocol is increasing my vitamin C requirement.

    We're also trying a new dietary regimen. I'm currently going completely casein free again. While I was on the SCD diet for twelve months, I seemed to tolerate some cheese. But this little bit of cheese turned into a daily habit and expanded to including ice cream and yogurt. I started to break out with pimples. I thought it was the dairy, but didn't want to admit it!

    We're going to try a new food combining plan. Protein with vegies, carbs with vegies, fruit only alone. No protein and starchy carbs together. Protein before 2 p.m. Carbs after 2 p.m. I told my husband that I wanted to try this for a week and see if it makes a difference. Supposedely we will sleep better. I'm all for that!

    I'm also going to schedule a follow up appt with the medical intuitive to determine appropriate foods and those I have to avoid.

    I believe several weeks ago I had a pretty decent detox through the fecal route. I believe the detox stressed my already compromised gut. And my dietary improprieties amplified this problem (dairy and a little bit of alcoholic beverage).

    As far as my supplement plan. I have not worked up the strength to grind up the very small tablet of BH4. So I have not taken this supplement in a couple of weeks. I have increased the B12 to two Perque/day. I have run out of the Organ Support RNA and am undecided about reordering. But am keeping all other methylation supports on board for now.

    I'm also very suspicious about clostridia. I have never run a MAP, but low Threonine on a UAA is an indication of Clostridia. On my last UAA, Threonine was at 65 on a scale of 75-375. I'm sure when Mia gets the report from the medical intuitive that she'll order a comprehensive stool analysis. I'm due for one. I've just been avoiding spending the money.

    So that's the latest!

    Love & Light, Laurie

  14. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    Isn't it possible that you also just need to carve out more time for rest and healing?

    It's the 800lb gorilla in the room or whatever the expression is.

    I have no idea how you do that and look after 2 kids, a house and a husband and pull in an income so that you can pay for the goddam supplements and tests.

    But I thought it was worth pointing out. This is not intended as a criticism, so pls don't take it that way.

    I am not working at all now, and I have only finally got my head around the idea that I need to lay down a couple of times a day.

    Most of the time, I'm not doing anything constructive, but I fritter time away surfing CFS sites or whatever.

    It requires a certain discipline to really REST.

  15. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    Sorry Laurie. Do you mind if I hijack your thread for a minute?

    Curious thing: I ran out of B12 and was out for a month or 6 weeks. The first day I started back.. I got the morning nausea routine, signalling I was detoxing.

    Hadn't had that in a while.
    This tells me there's a real synergy with the folates and Sam-e.. in terms of mobilising toxins.

    I'm sure Rich or yasko has explained it somewhere but I'm too tired to go find it.

    Note to self: don't run out of B12 again.

    Still haven't acted on the results of my last round of tests. Need to tackle pseudomonas stgh in the gut and try and raise boron, copper and zinc.

    I cannot get copper, zinc or boron levels up.
    Very frustrating. I ran across an old post from Blake Graham, the Australian naturopath who had CFS, who said he could never get his zinc levels out of the tank either... I should email him about this.

    Mycoplasma pneumoniae: I was really pleased when I got a positive IGM reading on this. Finally a current infection!
    Of course, it made me realise that everything I've read over the past 3 years about stealth infections is right and applies to me. (Garth Nicolson, Ken Lassessen, Stratton, Rich, Yasko etc)

    Unfortunately, I have not been treating those infections.. so that's 3 years down the drain.

    And now of course, i'm conflicted about whether to go the pharma route or not.

    I'm sticking with the Immune Factor for now, having just re-read Rich's post about how PWCs don't detox drugs well, and abx protocols can lead to problems with C.difficile.
    I also read a couple of testimonials on here from folks who had exactly that problem.

    I've been focusing a lot on methylation, but I think my gut is a problem, as per my CSA. And even more than that, I'm pretty sure I need to do sthg about low stomach acid cos it's getting uncomfortable to eat anything larger than a snack.

    Plus, the more lucid I get, the more progress I make, the more I understand just how sick I am, and how much trouble I'm in.

    I am extremely concerned about cancer. Cancer and free radical damage/oxidative stress.

    I'm getting checked out for all the obvious malignancies, but lymphoma is the one I'm really concerned about.. and there's no reliable test for that.

    A professor of oncology at Mt. Sinai told me not to bother with those all-body CT scans.

    I have had a really bad sugar problem for years now, and my diet for the past 12 months has involved a lot of red meat and sugar, which is just a disaster when you're concerned about cancer!

    I really need to get a grip on it, and I need to summon up the energy to start juicing.

    I also just got the results of a bone density scan back. No osteopenia, but one of the readings was 10 percent below "young normal" whatever that means.

    I doubt my PCP will have the expertise to interpret the results.But at least I have a baseline.

    The problem is that this is such a complex, and far-reaching illness.. It's an unbelievable challenge to treat someone with advanced CFS.

    It's terrific that Rich has come up with a model for what's gone wrong with our biochemistry and that Yasko has put together a treatment plan.

    But really, even with all that, there's still so much we have to learn about treating this illness. And don't even start me on the expense!

    And at the end of the day, do we even know what an adult's capacity for regenerating myelin is? Cos what's the point in healing the body if you're left with mush for a brain?

    I'm a bit pissed off tonite. Can ya tell?

    I'd like to strangle those clowns at the CDC who are wasting the few taxpayer $$$ we've got for CFS research on stupid, meaningless zipcode surveys.

    People are dying by degrees, and they are reinventing the wheel.

    Give me a break. It's enough to make me write my congressman. What happened to congressional oversight?

  16. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary of methylating better, Laurie!

    I'm so glad you feel like you have a handle on what's happening with you and you are still getting detox from the methylation supplements.

    I hope you get your hormones figured out and get some better sleep from your new diet. It sounds great!

    I feel like I'm still getting consistent, gradual detox from them. Once I get my mold situation under control, I will be able to focus a lot on detoxing.

    If I have to take methylation supplements for the rest of my life, I would be fine with that. They are pretty easy to take, and not expensive.

    Hey, Mary, the Extra Energy Enzymes did the same thing to me, except it happened over the span of a day. They gave me a boost, then a crash.

    I think it was their effect on my liver. They supposedly induce the liver to produce more of those "master enzymes" that we are short of. But then after being stimulated, my liver gets exhausted.

    Nexavir did the exact same thing to me, so I recognized the feeling.

    That was a great rant, Delia!

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  17. lbconstable

    lbconstable New Member

    Hi all,

    The rest thing... Yeah, all PWCFS/Me and moms could use more rest!

    I guess I haven't really talked about the ways in which rest and pacing myself are an integral part of my healing strategy. Truthfully pacing myself has become a way of life. I don't really give it a lot of specific thought. Although I'm always on the look out for making tasks easier.

    When my energy is down I scale back my activities. So the last few weeks I've spent my evenings on the couch watching TV and talking with my husband. Two weekends ago the weather was very hot here, so I took my daughters to the beach for the day. I got to sit on my behind and they ran around chasing seagulls and catching hermit crabs. I love activities that allow them to expend energy and me to conserve. And the side benefit is all that vitamin D we collected! I try to make every Saturday this kind of day, even when we're at home.

    There's a ton of management strategies that we employ as a family: routine, routine, routine. My girls know what to expect and do it mostly on their own. They make their own beds. We get their clothes out together and then they dress themselves, put their pajamas away (I think usually folded, but I don't even go in that drawer anymore - so they keep it the way that works for them). It's a great confidence building strategy! I'm so proud of them, they're only 4 and 5 years.

    I have 5 laundry bins in the garage. When they get undressed in the evening they sort their clothes - this is huge for me. No more sorting laundry. I can just throw a load in on the fly. We also are on a generous "hand me down" circuit. They have enough clothes to last a full month of not doing laundry (aside from underwear). So if I don't get all their laundry done this week it's okay. My husband does his own laundry.

    My house is not as pristine as I'd like it to be. There's a load of clean clothes on my cedar chest in the bedroom that needs to be hung up. There's a huge stack of papers on my desk that hasn't been dealt with. I've just learned to be okay with these things and know that when I feel better my house will look better. It's actually one of the ways I track how things are going for me. I don't know how impaired I'm functioning until I begin to function better. And then I'm amazed at how poorly that I was doing.

    In our family we talk about my energy levels too. When I'm having a particularly bad day; my husband will say to the girls, "Look at mommy's eyes, she's really tired." He takes them for little outings too, so that I get an hour or so break. And it gives him valuable one on one time with them too.

    I don't use an alarm clock. I try to be very disciplined about getting to bed by 11:00 at the latest. If I get up a little late in the morning then we may be a little late for whatever is on the agenda (and that includes work).

    I'm sure I could go on and on with the management strategies that have organically evolved.

    We don't go out socially hardly at all. Kid's birthday parties are as big a social function for me as they are for my children. And we will not go at the last minute if I feel like it's too much. Mostly I've given up worrying about what other people think. The people that matter, know my limitations (and that includes my boss). I'm remarkably fortunate in this regard!

    I've had to learn to set boundaries, communicate clearly, and hold those boundaries in place. I hold my energy as a precious commodity and make choices about whether I can afford to spend that bit of energy in a particular manner. And sometimes, I overdraw that bank account. And people around me (especially my husband) get frustrated. I try to give him the space to have those feelings. Heck, I'm frustrated! We are not Ozzie & Harriet, though. We have our moments!

    The one thing that I do every night no matter how I'm feeling is prepare the family dinner. It is that important to me. I'm passionate and committed to making sure that my family, as well as myself, has the nutrition they need and are not being overburdened with unwanted toxins. It may be a pretty simple meal, but its fresh and nutritious.

    So the "me" time. I relish my daily enema. This is my quiet time. So that's 45 min - 1 hour every day. Sometimes I read, but mostly I play sudoku. In the evenings I usually take a 20 min. bath. This is my down time. And I often journal, do a little yoga, or crawl in bed with yet another sudoku puzzle. If I get a moment to check in here at immunesupport and write a little update or check in with all of you - I count that as "me" time too. You all are one of my social networks. You're all so understanding and undemanding!

    With these management techniques, I've learned, that I can manage day to day normal life, but not too much else. Five years ago I couldn't even do this. I was mostly unproductive, read a lot, layed supine a lot, and read every single post here at immunesupport. Holidays and life's little curve balls can really upset the delicate balance our family has carved out for ourselves. But we just scale back and work to regain our footing.

    Love & Light!

  18. Elisa

    Elisa Member

    What a great message...that was really great! Thanks.

    You sound like you have really managed your illness well and are maximizing the important things in life. I admire your commitment as it is not an easy road with this DD.

    I am still battling. Still on Yasko with growing respect for her every day and that just doesn't happen with me and any physician - so that says a lot. When I am lost she has answers - and they are right.

    I had an episode today driving to my office - a guy came after me in road rage - it was severe I had to lock my car doors and call the police. I was in bad shape - heart rate stayed elevated for hours - Talk about using up every ounce of adrenalin. Plus I have been having bad bad anxiety lately - maybe detox - maybe just my worrying who knows. So this was tough to handle emotionally - cause i venture out so little and am worried everytime I go out that something will happen.

    Anyway, I am home and here and trying to calm down - but it was aweful - I thought he was going to hurt me - am so glad I got to the door locks fast enough. I got his license number so they are going after him - several charges.

    But you know - you wonder how and why do things we worry about happen?

    Anyway there is my update on your thread - hope that's okay.

    Am back to studying the gaba/glutamate balance - cause I found carrageenan in my Horzon Organic little vanilla milks - so oops - have to do better.

    I need GABA in my brain in the worst way right now - to kick in...and give me the peace and relaxtion I pray for.

    Wishing you the best and God Bless,


    PS I am looking into a medical intuitive too - I get Dr Norm Shealy's newsletter and was intrigued by his mention of it. So it was great to hear your positive experience. Also there is a thread here on medical intuitives!
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  19. lbconstable

    lbconstable New Member

    Delia - you're welcome to highjack my thread anytime!

    Interesting news on the B12. Have you been taking the SAMe the whole time? I don't know what to tell you about the Mycoplasma. I did 2 (or 3?) years of low dose Doxycycline and it brought my IGG titres to 0. I never did have a positive IGM. But I do suspect a C. difficile infection now.

    Yes, it is an unbelieveable challenge to treat long standing CFS/ME! This is why I'm skeptical about conventional medicine ever having the ability to adequately treat this disorder. I don't mean that as a slight, I just think our current model of illness and treatment isn't effective in a complex situation like this illness. And yes, congress wastes our money!!! I can't even get into that conversation - it makes me too mad - and that's an unproductive energy expenditure!

    Thanks for your well wishes. Would love to get caught up on your latest.

    So we've been on the new program for 4 days. My husband didn't want to say anything for fear of speaking too soon, but he admitted tonight that the last couple of night's he has slept the best he's slept in years! I'm so thrilled! This is a longstanding problem for him and it's contributing to excess weight that he really wants/needs to lose.

    I feel better intestinally too. It's hard to put words to it, but I feel unencumbered. Empty, but satisfied. I've had much better energy the last two days. Hopefully that means I'll get caught up on the piles that have collected over the last few weeks.

    I'm off to bath and bed!
    Warmly, Laurie
  20. lbconstable

    lbconstable New Member

    I'm off to bed, but just wanted to say how terribly sorry I am for your horrible experience!!!

    It's hard enough on the average person, but the toll an experience like that takes on us is horrendous!

    I hope you get some quality rest tonight!

    Warm Hugs!!!

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