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    I hope this isn't breaking any rules, I don't think so. I saw an advertisement on TV tonight. If you go to the website for Imitrex and fill out a short questionnaire it will bring to to a page where you can print out a coupon for $25 off your next Imitrex Rx.

    It can be used in conjuction with your co-pay ~ mine is $30, so my next refill will only be $5!! Yippee. Unfortunately if you live in Massachusetts you can only use the coupon if you pay the going price of the Rx ~ in other words, you can't use it with if you have a co-pay plan. Boo, bah humbug, for that.

    The coupon is good until the end of July '07 but I don't know how long it will be available online to print out. Just thought I'd pass the word on ~ I know a lot of us use this med and it is *very* pricey.

    love and blessings

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