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    I happened to catch part of a program about fibromyalgia on Discovery Health CME this morning, too late to record it. So I went to the Discovery Health CME web site and clicked on the program title "Fibromyalgia: From Diagnosis To Treatment." Following that link allows you to watch the one-hour program online via 4 separate clips. There also may be a way to watch the whole thing all at once. (I think I found a way to link to the full program, but last time I visited this board, I don't think we were allowed to post links.)

    If you Google "Discovery Health CME Fibromyalgia," I believe the link is the second or third item on the search results list.

    I haven't yet watch the whole thing, but from what I have seen, the most positive thing is the attitude toward the condition, which the doctors/experts on the show clearly recognize as a very real medical condition calling for treatment.

    Laura R.M.
  2. dhcpolwnk

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    You're right about the show being for doctors, not patients. However, that's what I thought was good about it. It's a CME (Continuing Medical Education) program for doctora that makes it very clear that fibro is real and that clinical docs should take it seriously and treat it.

    I haven't been on this board for a while, as I have been dealing numerous other health problems. (My fibro actually seems much better since I started doing regular yoga breathing and stretching exercises a few years ago.) But when I first was diagnosed, and when I first discovered this wonderful board, I saw a lot of messages to the effect that doctors weren't taking fibro seriously. (I ran into some of that myself, but I changed docs and now I'm okay on that score.)

    Anyway, I posted about that show mainly as a tool that might help fibro patients deal with uncooprerative physicians. Guess I should have made that clear in my original post. Sorry 'bout that.

    --Laura R.M.

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