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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shrtcak81, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. shrtcak81

    shrtcak81 New Member

    This all started when I was only 21. I'm 25 now and afraid at what I may feel like when I'm older. It's definitely worse then when it first started. Anybody in their 20s that feel the same? Also, what age did fibro start for any of you? Thanks!

  2. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    I was 27 when I became ill with a tower of differnt disorders. I am now 46. I made strict changes in my life such as removing as many chemicals as I could out of my enviroment and identifying food allergy's and such. I was able to stop the pain. I have lived since without to much pain until last year when HH-6 and Fibro took over it has been a downhill ride since then but I do see it being worsened due to large doses of stress that could have been for the most part avoided if I would have not been so stubborn.
    God bless you and this board is amazing. I think you will learn lots here to help you that I didn't have and you will be better in no time!

  3. TinaJones

    TinaJones New Member

    I'm now 33 but I got CFS when I was just shy of turning 20. I probably had Fibro, too - but wasn't diagnosed at that time. I was VERY ill for a year and then things turned around for several years after that. I has a BAD relaspe (of CFS and Fibro) at age 30 and have been disabled since then.

    Yes, it's very frustrating to be in your 20's and dealing with a debilitating illness. But, all people are different...and hopefully you'll find yourself feeling better. I really hope that for you. Also, there is TONS of great advice here on the boards. I've learned MANY things here that have helped me tremendously.

    Take good care, Crystal... --Tina
  4. chopindog

    chopindog New Member

    I was 26 going on 27, although thinking back I realise I was fighting the illness since I was 24-25. I became dissabled at barely 27. I am 29 now.

    I have had a very hard time coming to terms with things, and although I am less angry, resentfull paranoid and sad on most days,I still have days that I fell so sad at the loss of my life, and my future.(atleast the way I planed it).

    I too am physically worse than when I first became sick. My pain is worse, the nausea and vomiting is worse, migraines and other headaches are worse, the tremmors and jerking is worse, My congnition is worse also. I spend a majority of the time sleeping. I call this my "coma states". I seem to be in more and more of these all the time.

    Ofcourse family wants to blame the meds, but I know beyond a doubt that my meds do not cause these states, my illness does.

    Last July I became very sick again, I woke up one morning and I couldn't feel the left side of my body, I could barely speak and was extremely disoriented. I thought I had had a stroke. I was hospitlised for a week and they figured out that I have increased intracranial pressure. It was 3 times the high level.

    The doctors don't know why I have it, but they do know that it is chronic. I take a med called acetalzolamide for it. But I am taking the highest dose allowed and my brain a spinal cord are still swollen. My eyesight is deteriorating, and the head aches this causes makes my migrained feel like a head massage.

    It has been since July that i have started sleeping so much, and going into my comas. I just finally was reapproved for medicaid. In my state they do a reaproval each year. It took them 6 months to reapprove. Because they were just swamped with paper work,blah blah blah.

    I just got my second deniel from social security. They say yes, you can no longer be a registered nurse but there must be a sedentary Job out there that you can do. They couldn't even come up with the job. Just some imaginary job where they allow you to sleep most the time, and get nothing done.

    I hope you have already been approved for social security, it sure would take a lot worry off my back to have the money and the better medical care.

    I don't know what is in store for me, or you. Maybe in our lifetime they will find a cure, or maybe we will be blessed with a miracle.

    I have had positive things happen since this illness, most especially I have gone back to church and am working on my spirit. I figure I may not have much control over my body, but I have full control over my spirit. In my church we believe that our time here on earth is a test. I like to believe that everday I am geting closer to passing the test.

    Life is not easy, especially when you have this illness. A chronic debilitating, painfull, misrable, "i feel like I have the worse flu ever" everyday, invisible, doubted and misunderstood disease. But It feels a lot easier when I know I have my heavenly father with me, when I know that this time spent on earth is just alittle dot in all of eternity. I will be better someday, if not here on earth, than in other places.

    I have faith that God knows what he is doing with me, and he knows I am strong enough to face it. It's this faith that keeps me going and makes me smile when it seems I have nothing to smile about. I did not have this faith before. I had it as a child but lost it as a teen. I feel more at peace wit myself than I have since I was 3 years old.

    ( I hope that I am not offending anyone with my religious talk, I am not in anyway saying anybody else is wrong if they don't believe what I do!) I am simply saying what has personally helped me cope with this horrible disease.

    Crystal I hope you get better soon, somehow. I hope we all do! You are in my prayers!!!!

    Love, Joy
  5. OptimusUndead

    OptimusUndead Member

    i'm 24 now, and it started at 15yrs old. It progressively got worse, but i'm dealing the best that i can. For me it was more severe highs and lows, and now its more stable lows. Its not the best, but its not as much of a rollercoaster as it was when i was younger. Unfortunately its still not great, but i still have hope.

    HOnestly, its not easy going through this in your 20's. I still force myself to go out with my friends, and party. But the repercussions are more than my friends could handle the next day.

    Ironic, i read your profile, and you said the hypoglycemia was the first thing that popped up. That was the first i was diagnosed with as well.. interesting.
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  6. connieaag

    connieaag New Member

    when she got the diagnosis. No age is good to get this.

    Best Wishes

  7. ashleymarie

    ashleymarie New Member

    I'm 20 and was diagnosed about a year and a half ago. I absolutely hate the fact that Fibro runs my life. I miss partying with my friends like a normal 20 year old, but I just get so tired that it's not really an option. The most upsetting part is that most people don't really understand what Fibro's all about. I'm so blessed to have an amazing boyfriend who has learned to understand how I'm feeling and how Fibro affects our lifestyle. And my best friend's mom has Fibro so she totally knows what's going on with me. I'm scared to death of how things are going to be ten, twenty years from now. I'm scared of how much by body will deteriorate, how long I'll be able to work, how body will react to pregnancy... basically I'm scared of a lot of things.
  8. Hope4Sofia

    Hope4Sofia New Member

    I'm now 33. Still determined to figure this thing out.

  9. abghotie

    abghotie New Member

    my mom showed me this site u may know her as minkany rose. ive been having problems pain in my back for days and so i went to the doctor to day and the test that they did on my mom are begainning with me. i get sick really easy and im always sick it seems and my mom as been sayin for yrs i pray to god u dont have wat i have and it looks like i do.
  10. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    Mine started at 22. Im male and 28 now. So ive been through alot of years of it. Im 29 June this year.

    I've actually come a LONG way since mine started. I went through alot of trauma at the start with digestive problems and operations, huge weight loss etc. Thats when the CFS and fibro started. Ever since then ive been up and down. At one stage i couldn't walk to the letterbox, and often my blood pressure would just randomly drop so low i kind of lost control of my body, had to go to hospital and get IV fluid drip. Would get fainty all the time.

    The story is MUCH longer than that, read my bio for some of it.

    But now, i never have to go to hospital anymore, and i can do SO much more. It's still no where near normal people, but i can go to shops for an hour, sometimes two. I can take plane and train trips (limited walking though) whereas years ago i could't take any pub transport & had to always be driven.

    So yeah its been a huge journey and im still achy, tired, sore, headaches & fatigued on and off to various levels, but i can function and participate in life more, and that is wonderful.

    Im just hoping this slow progress keeps going and even being 'almost' back to a level of normality would be fantastic.

    Take care, ~Chris.
  11. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    Looks like your new here. Sorry to hear you do or may have fibro.

    If so theres a lot of people here who can sympathize with you and give you great advice :)

    Take care. ~Chris.
  12. winsomme

    winsomme New Member

    i was 28 when this started and in great health. now it is 7 years later.

  13. m5shelly

    m5shelly New Member

    I have no clue how I will feel in the far future. I have nearly lost my husband, can't stand the pain anymore, and only have enough energy to put in an 8 hour work day and not much more.

    I have tried many things to help, like lifting weights, diet, quitting smoking, etc. but none of them helped the pain... and lifting weights actually made it worse some days. I take so many pain meds every day, I wonder if there will be enough mgs for my work day in ten years.

    This website and the people here have helped. I am slowly getting a more positive attitude, but it has taken a long time to change my attitude just a little bit.

    I wish you the best. Shelly
  14. Shelbyeatenton

    Shelbyeatenton New Member

    Hi Crystal,

    I'm 25 now and have been ill with Fibromyalgia probably 2 1/2 years? I have been in a wheelchair and practically homebound for a year. Before this i was training to be a dancer (ballet and contemporary)

    I, as you do, worry about what the future holds for me. I worry about whether the pain will subside and whether i will meet someone and have the childhood dreams i have always kept... marriage and having children. Then if i do meet these basic dreams, that healthy people often take for granted, what will that be like bringing a child/children up/ being married with fibro?

    Sorry that turned into being all about me.

    I hope your fiance (profile) is very supportive! Best wishes for yor wedding plans.

    Gentle hugs,

  15. balletdancer74

    balletdancer74 New Member

    Hi Crystal,

    The FM and MPS started right after a foot surgery when I was 21 due to a ballet injury. My career ended prematurely, but I was going to college at that point.

    By the time I was 25 I literally collapsed at work (publicity for a record label) and have not worked since.

    I'm now 32. I have FM/MPS complex, M.E./CFIDS (that's the killer for me), incessant head pain, GI problems, a small pituitary tumor, etc.

    I was completely bedridden for nearly a year and than things started to gradually "improve." No, I still can't work, BUT I can get out of the house, and I've learned as best as I can to pace myself so as not to relapse or flare up all of the time.

    As someone also mentioned, I got rid of all "toxic" elements in my life such as foods (lots of allergies and yeast/sugar), people (you really find out who your real friends are) and chemical products...etc. That meant relieving myself of a lot of unnecessary stress.

    There IS hope, and yes, it's frustrating to feel like you're "losing" your twenties...It's awful to have FM and/or CFIDS/M.E. at any age, but being younger has its benefits. For example, more research is being done, and more treatments are available. Imagine in a couple of years when you're STILL only in your twenties what will be available! :)

    Since I can't work anymore, I decided to take my "anger" (haha) and use it in a productive way by becoming an official advocate/fundraiser for our illnesses. I'm NOT my illnesses, but I want to educate the world.

    You WILL feel improvements (There IS a cure - someone just has to FIND it! *grin*) with a good team of healthcare professionals.

    I hope you have a support system...

    The group here is very intelligent, knowledgeable and compassionate...You're not alone...And you'll still meet someone if you're single. :)

    To paraphrase Prickles, now you're more compassionate, etc. There ARE benefits to being chronically sick as tragically twisted as that sounds...haha...Try to find a little's great medicine! Mourn your "loss," and than try to "move on" so to speak. Nevertheless, you're totally entitled to have bad days...I still have frustrating days...than they pass....

    LB32 (Leeza)

    PITATOO Member

    I am a 43 you male and have had it since 30/31. It got better for me. Stress was a big contributor to it; it still is. If I have a bad day at work with the boss I have a flare. I am still trying to handle stress and try to eliminate any stressor in my life that I can or lessen it. That is not always possible but I try. Things really do get better. Bobby

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