onlythestrong... are you there?

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    Hey only...

    Hadn't heard from you in a while. Are you doing o.k.?

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    Yes I'm fine had a really big weekend turned 48 Sunday had all the kids and grandbabies over so that was a little bit rough we also had the harley out Saturday so I'm feeling somewhat warn out.
    But thank you for asking,How was your weekend?You know if the weather is too hot for you down there you could always send it to me it's been cold the last couple of days.
    You take care and I look foward to hearing from you soon!
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    Hello Only,

    I just hadn't seen a post from you in a few days and wanted to make sure you were o.k.

    I am glad you had time with your family and that you are good!ME too! We did get a new baby bird today. It is a baby Quaker Parrot! His name is Toby and he is so cute. I will put a pic. up in a few days. He is so young he doesn't even have feathers (or even down yet).

    The tempetature is abbout 95* here with no relief until September. Average temperatures in the Dallas area will be 95- 105* F. for most of the summer. I'm not sure that is the kind of hot you are looking for. It wipes you out, the air doesn't move. When you breath it feels like you are sucking in fire by August. YYYUUKKKK!!

    Glad you are soon
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    Hurry and send me pictures of your new baby,now if it has no feathers can it eat on it's own or do you have to hand feed it?
    By the way I'm not on the computer at all on the weekends it's the only time I can get help with things I can't do on the weekdays so I try and get everything done.
    So how are you feeling? Is the heat still a problem?Your always welcome to come up to Michigan!And I always have room.
    Take care and I'll talk to you soon,
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    I guess I responded to a different thread we had going. I did put a picture on my profile for you.

    His name is Toby and he is so tiny. We are hand feeding him right now. He also has to be kept warm since he has no feathers of siblings to snuggle with.

    He weighed 72 grams yesterday evening and he already weighs about 78 grams this afternoon. They grow so fast. By next week he will have many of his quill feathers. He actually will get "ugly" (Though I think they are cute) before he will get his cute little feathers.

    He is a green split to blue Quaker Parrot. Which means he appeares like a green quaker but his blood line has the more rare blue. If he mated with another blue, about half the babies would be blue.

    Blues are becoming less rare but they get way more money for those! The yellow ones are the most rare. Exellent quality breeders can't get their hands on those. They sell for $4,000 each!!!! Way too much for my blood!

    Anyway, I'll post more picture as he grows. Hope you are having a good day!

    I think I may have finally gotten out of this latest funk! I am still waiting to hear from the Rheumy on last weeks labs.The good news is, the new meds are great! I am really getting more energy and have been able to get a few things done around this pig pen!

    Love and hugs,jenni

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    What a little doll,where did you get such a little cutie?I want one.
    I'm so happy things are looking up for you.Read my posting for Unkers it is really cool stuff.I know you have little kids and she says it's awesome for kids.
    Keep in touch,
    Hugs back at ya!