Onset of a cold..question

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dawnt, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. Dawnt

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    Last year in february I got a cold that turned into an 8 week ordeal that even ended me up in the hospital because I couldn't breath. It was the onset to this illness. The last month is the best I've felt all year, which wasn't even 50% of what I am normally.

    Yesterday I got that feeling of a cold. Today I feel it everywhere, in my chest, throat, etc..

    Question: With having this illness do other illness's become worse? I'm so afraid of what happened last year, happening again. Do other illness's cause you to flare? I've been in 10 months of hell already and just when I thought I was feeling better, I'd hate for it to start all over again.
  2. Mikie

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    We are so busy just trying to stay upright and keep going with our illnesses that sometimes I think we forget that we need to be trying to rebuild our immune systems at the same time.

    I use the whey and colostrum to try to help my immune system. I also use my zapper to kill viruses before they have a chance to make me sick. There are people with colds everywhere and every time I go out, I am exposed to people sneezing and hacking all over the place. I carry antibacterial wipes with me and wipe my hands down when I get into my car, after handling menus in restaurants, etc.

    Twice, I have started to come down with a cold and been able to zap it before it has a chance to make me sick. I hope I can continue to do this as it seems cold season is in full swing. When I feel myself coming down with a cold, I use the zapper for 20 minutes in manual mode instead of the usual automatic 7 min. on/20 min. off mode. So far, knock on wood, it has been working.

    I hope your cold clears up. Colds can be miserable.

    Love, Mikie
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    ...Since having FMS, I am almost never sick with anything else! I can't remember the last time I caught a cold (even when others in my household have them) or the flu. I have heard this is a strange phenomenom that many of us have, when our immune systems go into overdrive. I know others here report being sick MORE since their dx, but I am definitely sick LESS, and I think there are others like me.

    I hope you are OK, and this latest cold coming on doesn't cause a huge flare. Good luck & hope you feel better!

  4. klutzo

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    My FMS also started with a cold, but right after a bad auto accident as well, so I'm not sure which was the real trigger.
    I get almost no colds since getting FMS, but when I do get one, it lasts forever and is very severe. For example, my last cold was 2 yrs. ago. My husband brought it home and he had a sore throat and sniffles for 3 days, then it was over. I had a sore throat for 3 days, then a major chest cold for 20 days, and painful inflammation of my sinuses for another 2 months after that.
    It seems like the frontlines of my immune system are better than most (and this may be why I have so many allergic reactions too), but the troops that are supposed to fix it once it's broken aren't doing a very good job.
    I pray you do not get as sick again. I hope you are taking a good vitamin with lots of bioflavonoids (unless you are on the Guai protocol, of course) and plenty of water.
    You might also want to do a search of previous posts on mycoplasmas, esp. if your cold at onset of illness involved a secondary infection. You may want to try killing viruses with olive leaf extract and raw, chopped garlic as well. It can't hurt (unless you are on the Guai, then only use garlic and skip the olive leaf).
    Best wishes and welcome to the Board,
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    I'm on quite a few vitamins but I will try your suggestion. I see an ayurvedic doctor and I will ask her advice too. This cold is the strangest. My eyes are running like a runny nose would. And it's in my chest already. I've read your posts on mycoplasma, I'm always reading on here, just not posting often. I'm extremely wiped out. Hoping rest will help. Thanks for your suggestions.