Ontario Disability qualification question

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    Hey all,

    one of my reasons for seeeking a diagnosis from a doctor is that if this pain and ailments keep progressing, I want to have a doctor who can testify to this for medical assistance in the future if I need it.

    If any one out there is from or knows about what you need to qualify for Disability support could you let me know.

    I am concerned because already for the past three years, their is no way I can work a full work week, mon - fri 40 hrs.

    I would die!!! and be so sick!

    so kinda just planning for the future... i am currently in school so not to much worries, but I do have field placement coming up in one week and Im worried because it will be tuesday to fri 8 - 3:30, which isnt to bad.. I hope, but when you cant do it, you cant do it, move that is... so to have a good supportive doc behind me, would be great.

    so my questions, Ontario Disability requirements?
    and .... does anyone know of a good rhematologist in Ottawa that is up on FM and chronic pain issues that is taking patients? I could get my doctor to give me a referal, I would feel so much better going to someone people with the same issues have already gone to.

    thanks folks
    look forward to your responses
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    to get ODSP is a bugger and a half to get but with alot of fight it can happen, it has taken me almost 2 yrs to get get a hearing as I have been denied twice, make sure you get a lawyer from the beginning, this was my mistake.

    Requirements is you have to prove that you cannot work and you have to be found that you are disabled, for me I was going for Fibro and panic attacks, for fibro I have total body pain, severe fatigue, and get lots of panic attacks when I even think of going into public, but of course I get them during the day and sometimes wake up to them.

    there are a few Ontario Ladies here that I'm sure that can give you more information as well. Good Luck and most of all
    Welcome to our home.

    Love to all, Ann
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    for g.i.o.
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    I applied for CPP ... not the specific Ontario one even though we live in Ontario .. it was a complicated case because my work time was split between the Netherlands and Canada ( posted there through my husband in the military) but there are countries that have a "social agreement" with Canada that make application possible .. it took over 2 years of SLOW paper work between countries than a VERY SLOW rheumatologist verifying my condition along with my GP.

    I'm sorry I don't have experience with the Ontario pension process .. but I imagine it takes as much paperwork and patience .. so hang in there and see what you have to get done !
    Good Luck !
    Joy : )
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    For G.I.O.
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    If you work in the public sector they have to accomodate you now because of Ontario Disabilities Act. I agree though that it is wise to get a lawyer. I had previously applied and they stick to wanting objective medical evidence which is hard in our case. I am now working very modified 3 hours per day.
    Keep trying things and get your doctor on your side. I know someone who had to reapply 7 times before they were accepted. This was for back problems....so be prepared for a long haul. They count on people giving up. Get as many advocates on your side as you can and document everything. It also helps if you had a good work history.
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    I live in Northern Ontario. Maybe I have some davice that might help.

    1) My rhumatologist id DR. DeBossette I am not sure if he is from Ottawa or Toronto as he comes here. You could check your phone book for a listing?? I found him quite good.

    2) In regards to Ontario disability, my boyfriend works for Ontario Works and his advice is to get a lawyer as well go see your member of parliment, not the ontario member as is often suggested but your Federal member of parliment. He discovered this when he suggested to someone and they went instead to the federal government... Her results were much quicker. A happy ending for her
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    "Bump" just me that it gets bumped to pages one and that it does not get lost as this board moves very quickly. I justed wanted to make sure you get the answers you are looking for.

    love to all, Ann