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    I always come back to you guys;no matter what crazy thing is going on someone out there can empathise or suggest; Here it goes, I've been dx with FMS,CFIDS, and now with breast cancer. I'm into my 4th cycle of CEF chemo, each time I have had a different reaction BUT now I have an Fms flare and those hard knots are back {legs ankles knees thighs hips sacrum} I just read a med-web by the Clevland Clinic that said FMS does not cause knots! OK < I spent the first 10 years with a dx of R.A. when no joint damage could be found, I was told "It's all in your head. It took 5 years and lots of DRS. before FMS&CFIDS was DX. Does anyone else get these hard "lumps/knots? Tonight I have a band going down my sternum"breast bone" that is making it so hard to take a deep breath,and my knees wow! If Not FMS,Myofacial triggers , What! Keep the prayers coming,
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    You are one strong lady.
    I do get knots from the Fibro, whoever said these muscles don't knot up and you see the 'lumps' from it, I will personally punch them in the face. my husband rubs them out for me, it hurts like heck, but afterwards when they do release and feel better.

    I am so sorry to hear you are suffering so badly, and will certainly keep you in my prayers.

    Have you heard of 'Essiac' tea? It is wonderful for any form of cancer. Ask you doctor about you taking it.

    God Bless you young lady, and keep you in His care.

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    I have knots/lumps on my shins, arms, knees, ankles andtons on my rib cage and so does my mom. We both have fibro and cfs. I don't know what causes them but we have had the for years and no cancer. They are very painful, especially to the touch.

    I am sorry that you are going through this cancer on top of everything else. Life just is not fair !

    You are in my prayers.
    Ps....just read Shirls post. I must have a different type of lumps than she, mine cannot be worked out. They are not muscles, they are lumps on top of the muscle like harder fatty tumors.[This Message was Edited on 05/30/2003]
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    me for Kidney or Bladder. We don't know anyone personally that has FMS and not knots.

    Take care and good luck, Kim and Gary
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    Sandy, I know how frightening it must be to have so many problems and not have good solutions. I had a growing breast lump a few years ago and treated it with lycopene. The lump disapeared in a couple of months.

    My father who had prostrate, lung, colon cancer and a large melonoma on his back was told by his doctor he had six months to live. I gave him lycopene and watched his melonoma disappear. Its been four years now and he is doing pretty good. So don't get discouraged.
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    It would be weird if we didn't get knots. With the pain and the tension! I have been going to a chiropractor and the message therapist is "killing" me working out the knots in my muscles: in my neck, shoulders, down my back, hips, etc.
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    From what I've read - and I've read hundreds of books and articles on FMS - one of the main symptoms is muscles knotting up into tight, rope-like bands. I know I have them often. I just got rid of a major one in my neck after a whole year of no relief. Acupressure, apparently, was finally got it to relax. I just pressed on all the tender points on my skull and neck for a minute or so each for several days in a row, and it started getting better gradually. Almost gone now.
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    Thanks for the affirmation! some Dr. did say something about fat deposits,I didn't believe him then or now. Maybe you can understand, I'm terrified of getting another lump in my breast, and now with these knots, it is so hard to define what is what? I'm going to take them as myofasial triggers, warm/moist heat and massage them out.I'm going to ask my oncologist. Haven't had physical therepy since I started being preoccupied with this cancer S--T.Thanks again all of you are soooo appreciated Love you and God BLESS Sandy