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    Washingtons new contract agreement for pain med users..are they going to require random blood test or is it at the docs discretion? The nurse told me not to worry. It shouldn't affect me since I don't abuse meds. Drug test or nay? Thank you Madwolf for your time.
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    (This is a contract now in Washington state where you consent to a random drug test by your doc to look for drugs other than what he has prescribed for you. If they find anything, street drugs, marijuana was listed,they will immediately cut you off and only give you a few days worth to withdraw on. You must also agree to never accept or give any meds to anyone.)Comments??
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    Hi ,
    I live in Wa state and had to sign a contract with my doctor, saying I would not, share my pain killers with anyone else, would not take any other pain killers, now would I have any prescriptions filled at any other pharmacy for pain killers other than the pharmacy I listed with them.
    This contract also said they can give me a drug test at any time etc etc etc. I felt GUILTY lol (I am famous for my Jewish guilt) I also felt like a crook, but I realized if I didnt sign this (no problem with the provisions, I am not tempted to do any of the no no's) I would not have the chance to reduce some of the excruiating pain I live with.
    They have us over a barrel, and dignity , trust and respect are not in todays vocabulary when it comes to drugs or illegal opportunities.
    Oh well....I hope this makes sense brain fog is so bad!
    hugs to you
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    I signed this in Nebraska.
    I was never tested for drugs.
  7. Mikie

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    This is std. practice. I had to sign a contract that I would not share or sell my meds. I also agreed to testing but was never tested. I would have gladly been tested as I have nothing to hide. It might, however, be a problem for those who use MJ to augment their pain meds.

    I personally think it's a good idea. Perhaps if we can get the addicts some treatment and out of the docs' offices where they try to con the docs, it will make it easier for those of us who need pain meds to get them without being treated like addicts.

    Love, Mikie
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    I go to Madwolf and they test me, I would much rather have my pain treated than to play with drugs anyway, I am afraid of mixing alcohol or any other substance with the strong meds I take.

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    This was part of the CE exam for my inital application. While I was not thrilled, I had nothing to hide, nor show for that matter. In fact, it showed that my Klonopin and Neurontin levels were low, but this was taken just before the next dose was due.

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    I wish I could sign one, my doctor wouldn't even refill my prescription for tramadol. I am in a lot of pain too, just isn't fair.
    Take care!