oops...forgot to ask what type of doctor has been the easiest to

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  1. seaview

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    Just curious what kind of docs have been your greatest source of help?
  2. Mikie

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    My atty. referred me to a pain specialist who helped me a lot and knew more about FMS and CFS than all my other docs put together. Unfortunately, he was not on my HMO and I had to pay out of pocket for him. Since being on the Guai, I no longer need the Morphine and do not see him anymore. He has since left the group he was with.

    I am going to see a physiatrist who spoke at a local group. He sounded very knowledgeable. I'll let y'all know what happens when I see him, which will probably take a while because he's so busy.

    Love, Mikie
  3. JP

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    of help has been my family doctor. I have had my share of specialists with assorted conditions. They have been great for gaining understanding, and my day to day quality of life issues are with my family doc. She went to a chronic pain presentation this week and spent time sharing with me. She also offered better pain relief after this meeting.

    Take care, Jan
  4. Bambi

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    After a lot of years and a lot of
    different types of doctors my pain
    specialist has been the BEST. Some
    of them are listed under sports medicine and some are just listed
    under Pain Specialist, maybe someone
    else knows other ways they are listed.