OPC3 Heard of it????? Please respond

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    As I am posting this, I am talking to a friend on the phone.

    He asked me if I have had any experience with OPC3 marketed by Market America.

    The product is designed to address the issues antioxidants are useful for, such as fatigue, allergies, high blood pressure, muscle pain.

    The company does make a "claim" in the catalog on this product that it can improve the quality of life for fibromites and those with MS.

    So folks, anyone hear of this, try this??????

    Fondly June
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    PS: I did do a search, there were only four threads, one in the past year, the others went back to 2003.

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    several years ago for my MS. At the time it cost about $25.00 a month and I never saw a difference so I eventually stopped. Is it still powder you mix with water & tastes like grape?
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    My friend sold it and swears by it. The taste is awful and it did nothing for me. I stopped after 3 months...I recommend a good multi instead...I am taking liquid health mulitple and love it.

    I did have another friend that took it and said it really helped her dry skin but for CFS/fibro I think it is just hype.
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    I took it for a while, but I can't remember if it helped me or not.

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    Bumping this up one more time and then reporting back to the guy who wanted to know.

    Thank you everyone for your help!

    Fondly, June