Open Barn.....Vol. 1

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by morningsonshine, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member


    This is a new thread for those who love to hangout in the barn, and talk non-stop about horses and life.

    I know there's quite afew horse people out there, but all are welcome.

    The door is open, and the haybale are set out for everyone to sit on.
    We can even make some cowboy coffee for the brave and tough! (yuck!)
  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    Can we throw in a lake with gators??? lol


  3. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    Hello everyone

    I was born on a farm but we never had horses, just boring old cows! LOL

    Smell the fresh bales of hay but watch where you step in the pasture!

    I always wanted a horse though so can I hang out with you horsey lovin' people?

    I would love to ride down by the river, watch the ducks in the water and feel the sun on my face!

    hugs Redwillow
  4. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    My barn cat is named that! And it fits her, how's the hay bale feel? comfy?

    I was exhilrated by your story! What a rush, glad it all turned out okay!

    It's nice to have those things in our memories, we did alot of stupid stuff when we were kids with our horses!!


    Oh hay- I left my repy hanging while i was on the phone, and now i see the barn is filling up!!

    Welcome, bring your pillows, and fluff the hay! We have lots of horses here of every color, shape, and size!!
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  5. webintrig

    webintrig New Member

    When I lived in the country we had cows,chickens,rabbits and goats.

    I even owned and ran a feed store.

    A city slicker coming out to the country for the first time to live.

    It is hard living but the peace and the beauty you get from it is well worth it!

    I did get a horse once and it was not fixed...I think it was green came from a university and they were trying it out for a race horse...

    I put a saddle on it and it went crazy with me on it...

    Well to get back out me he chewed on my saddle.

    I called the person and told them I couldn't handle the horse and they told me it kicked the side of their truck in and smashed it in.

    They said they didn't want him back.

    I had to sell him.

    I have been wondering about him ever since.

    I hope one day to get that good news you got!

    Another horse

  6. ckahele

    ckahele New Member

    It's been awhile since I've been riding but hopefully that's about to change since I'm doing better.

    Only problem is the stables closest to my home are for english and I ride western.

    I thought I might give english a chance though.
    At least I won't have to drive $$$ very far.

    And at my age (47) learning new tricks is probably good for keeping the brain sharp!

    How do/did y'all saddle up?
    Or is bareback your thing?
    Back in my twenties I never used a saddle--not now though!

  7. shar6710

    shar6710 New Member

    I was well enough to go out to feed my horses this AM. It's a beautiful cool, early fall day here. The trees are starting to change and my Icelandic mare, Vaenting is already sooo hairy.

    I had read somewhere about a lady who put up broom heads for her horses so awhile back we put up one. Vaenting was happily rubbing her butt on it this morning. I love that blissful look on their faces when they scratch an itch.

    I spent a few minutes rubbing her ears (she loves for me to rub the insides)and giving Rocket a couple of treats. The lady who owned him as a colt taught him to park out using treats so now if he even thinks you have one he follows you around striking a pose every few feet!

    I always feel just a little better after spending a few minutes with them. Someone on the other thread said they were the best therapy and I agree.


  8. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    One of my favorite memories was riding on the beach south of Santa Cruz and seeing a school of whales.. talk about cool.. love beach riding anyway..

    I lost my horses in my divorce 12 years ago.. Stupid man.. I might have come back for my horses!

    I had a rather serious horse back riding accident right before I lost my horses.. we had bought a new horse.. think it was sedated because it was a sweetie when we bought it then we got it home and it was meaner than sin..

    Anyway, we put it with a "horse whisperer" for a few weeks.. he said the horse was sound, just misunderstood! Sooooo I got on and was riding around the arena.. nice and slow .. as soon as I relaxed he bolted and threw me into a metal arena fence! I mean I got thrown so hard my cowboy boot was still in the stirrup! Knocked me out cold!
    I was off work for over 6 weeks with whiplash, a sprained tailbone and bruising to the back of my skull.

    The "horse whisperer" got back on him after I went to the hospital..thinking it must have just been me.. he got thrown on his back and wound up in emergency right along with me! (so much for being misunderstood! That horse knew exactly what he was doing!!)

    Ok.. fast forward 12 years.. I just got xrays back this week on my back and neck.. (severe degenerative disc disease)
    The doc asks me if I had ever injured my neck.. My neck is pretty well shot.. they are sending me to an ortho to see if I need surgury.. Revenge of the mean horse! I should have sent him to the glue factory!!

    Turns out, this guy who fancied himself as quite the cowboy bought him.. couldn't ride him.. got thrown one two many times and last I heard "Bro" was living the easy life out to pasture!

    Oh boy... horse stories!! I could go on all day!!

    I do miss my babies though.. I had a little Morgon I trained for my girls that I loved SOOOOOO much!!

    Hugs to all!
  9. marsupialmama

    marsupialmama New Member

    ...and the beans (toot, toot)! LOL

    I love hanging around in barns with critters and the occasional *nice* human being.

    Wish I could live in the country... <sigh>

    My girls ride English. Someone told me that learning to ride English is like learning to drive standard, and western is like driving automatic. They are both into jumping, and I don;t think there is jumping in western riding - or am I wrong?

    Please keep posting horsey stories. I love 'em! :)

  10. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    English versus Western could open a whole can of worms!! lol!

    Seems like most horse lovers believe theirs is the right way!

    We were brought up western.. the whole country scene.. I even remember boot-scootin boogie and achy-breaky heart! Loved to line dance.

    Anyway.. my daughter thinks it's not a horse unless it's a western trained quarter horse..

    The man I work for owns a thouroughbred ranch..

    I had to take Micaela during foaling season to see all the babies before she could realize that ALL horse are beautiful.. they are just different!

    Just like the difference between a shepard and a lab dog..
    each horse type has thier own beauty and skills.. same with english versus western.. both are great.. just different!

  11. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I grew up on a farm. We had cattle, pigs and chickens but no horses. We also had lots of cats and dogs. We used to play upstairs in our barn alot. It was so fun especially playing with kittens on the fresh hay or bales. I loved it.
  12. marsupialmama

    marsupialmama New Member

    My friend lived on a farm a few years ago and a bunch of us went out to visit one day. Her sheep got out on the road so some of the ladies and kids ran out to herd them back onto the farm. (Not me, I have been too tired for such shenanigans forever... I just stood and watched and laughed and yelled encouragement). One of the really urban friends who wasn't sure why she was even there saw the sheep running towards her and got so scared she climbed a pear tree to escape from them. We still tease her about that.

    The chief shepherdess of that day later got her own farm and got sheep too. She had a mad ram that was so cute and friendly when it was young, then it decided that it like to butt people. She wanted to sell it so I helped her write the ad; "FOR SALE: ONE BUTTIFUL RAM"...
  13. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Barn doors open, you late nighters did shut them before you went home i hope!

    I picked up my morning coffee over on the Porch with the light on.

    Sassy i love your cow story, that's just hilarious!!
    Speaking of outhouses, we had one too. We also had chickens, and one managed to fall down the outhouse.

    I being the youngest and smallest was elected, (given no choose, AKC..bullied) to be the one to rescue it. I was lowered down on a rope thur the hole, and pulled back up when i had grabbed the chicken.

    No wonder i'm not normal!!

    Dononagin, We will take both western and english, I have a healthy resprect for both.

    Of course i grew up western, and mostly rode bareback, love bareback riding!!
    But it takes alot of grit, to do alot of those english displines also.

    That horse you were talking about sounds like a complete unsafe nut. Natural horsemanship is awsome stuff, but it's still not fail proof with every horse. Unfortuneately, there are a few horses, that have been so spoiled, and learned bad habits, that with all the good ones out there, you have to wonder if they are worth are time and effort, espicially if dangerous!!

    Shar, i hope you are around, because i want to know how you put that broom thing up, so the horse could scratch on it, that sound like fun!!

    Hello to everyone else, glad you found the barn, make it your own.
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  14. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I have a grade pony mare, she is a mix of P.O.A. and shetland/welsh. Bay 12.2 hands. 30years old.
    And growing up she was my best friend, and 4-H pony. I raised three foals from her, a champaign, a black, and a brown.

    I own a 19yr. bay foundation breed Q-horse gelding. He's 14 hands, Rusty, he is dependable, but also very independant, and dosen't "need" his human.

    And i bought, a year ago, a grulla Spanish Mustang filly, she is now 2. A preservation breed, that is linked to the original Spanish horses brought over from the old world. They carry many spanish characteristics, like, the wild sorrias of spain, the Lusitano, and also the Barb horse.

    She could possible be gaited.

    I almost choose a Rocky mountain filly, but it was too hard on my pocket book, and no close breeders.

  15. shar6710

    shar6710 New Member

    The cow story cracked me up.

    Also the city slicker climbing a tree. Rams can be pretty dangerous but ewes are wimps.

    Morningsonshine, we just bought a big push broom, discarded the handle and then screwed the broom head onto the fence. It took them a few days to figure it out but I've seen both of them use it.

    I have a funny story that happened a few years ago when I was in a remission (course I hadn't been dx so I thought I was well). At that time I had the two horses I have now plus another TWH that was about 16 yrs old.

    I looked out the kitchen window one afternoon and saw Rocket and Vaenting running around the pasture like fools. Heads and tails up, manes flying and performing all sorts of acrobatics. Then they would stop, slowly approach something on the ground and then throw up their heads and run around some more.

    The older horse just stood at the other end of the pasture grazing peacefully.

    I got the binoculars but all I could see was a gray blob on the ground. I was terrified that they had stomped Casper, the friendly barn cat. So I went running out there to save him and instead found a HUGE snapping turtle! His shell was bigger than a dinner plate! I wisely decided to leave him alone.

    The two goofs were still running around, I really don't think they were scared just having fun. But I managed to approach them and both of the idiots had several minor bites on their muzzles. I still can't believe that they were playing with a snapping turtle.

    I sold my older horse back to the woman I bought him from but the other two still play together. I've never seen a mare play with a gelding like they do.

    They are so funny some times.
  16. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    This really takes me back.. love the stories! X0X
  17. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I'll bring the marshallows, and chocolate bars!!

    We need a barn cat too, any suggestions??

    Shar, i'm going to have to try that broom trick!

    Pull up a haybale GeorgiaC and make yourself comfy! There's room here for your spinning wheel, and the hay dose smell so good and sweet.

    Maybe you could spin some of this hay into gold for all of us?
    One of the babies i raised we named Brownie!

    Dononagin, Let's hear some more horse stories from you?

  18. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    just have to tell everyone we bought a welsh cob pony for our Grandson last Fri, and I think I"m having as much fun with him as Austin is,

    My 3yr,arabian mare just loves this pony,so they buddy up right away. this pony is so quiet and good mannered that I love being in the barn with him,and just brushing him .is such a joy because he,s not jumpy at all.

    O.K. guys meet ya"ll at the barn tonight and we can swap horse stories and look at the harvest moon.

    HAPPY TRAILS. SIXTYSLADY a.k.a Ficklefilly.
  19. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ...but I dropped by to say hello!

  20. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Pull up a hay bale and sit a spell!

    All this talk about Welsh Ponies.. I've got to tell ya about Pixie Dust.

    First of all, I was one of those wanna be cowgirls that dressed the part and knew all the country songs, danced the dances and really didn't know Sickum about horses..

    Well, my ex wanted a horse so he could be a real cowboy.
    I bought a old mare, a rescued Mustang for $700 for his birthday one year.

    Well, that horse made us feel like we knew everything there was to know about a horse. She was 14 and gentle as a kitten. Anyone could get on her back and ride. In fact I used to take my daughter Helen with me riding on her when she was just a toddler. She could make anyone feel like an expert on horseback.

    Soooooo.. we thought we were cowboys.

    Next thing ya know, our 10 year old Stacey decides she wants a pony. So, I get a great deal on this beautiful roan Welsh pony that had just a sprinkle of white here and there (hence the name - Pixie Dust).

    Well, it was no time and my ex heard about this great food you could give your horses. It was called Rainmakers. So, he is feeding her and the Mustang Rainmakers and Alfalfa....

    Next thing you know, Pixie dust is Bucking and biting.. not at all a fun pony.

    My ex decides he is going to take her out and get her straightened out before our 10 year old gets hurt on her.

    Ok, you have to picture this, my ex is 6 foot and skinny as a greenbean riding this little pony cuz he is gonna show her who was boss.

    Next thing ya know, here he comes.. leading the pony by the reins.. no cowboy hat.. shirt is ripped, head is bleeding..
    That little pony ran him right into a bob-wire fence. He got back on her and she ran him into a tree!

    So, Pixie isn't ridden for a few days. I'm late for work, send Stacey into the barn to feed her pony before I dropped her off at school. She comes out.. Mom.... I'm scared to feed her!
    She has her ears pinned back.

    I'm telling Stacey, don't be ridiculous. She is just a pony!

    So I run in there, chuck her alfalfa in her trough and turn to leave. Next thing I know I'm face to face with the wall. That danged pony kicked me square in the behind! I had a horseshoe shaped bruise on my behind for weeks!

    Well, the guy comes out the next week to trim their hooves and my ex is telling him about the pony.. The guy says what are you feeding them? Well.. uh rainmakers and alfalfa!

    The guys says, are you out of your mind? You feed that to race-horses! No wonder the poor pony is out of control. You've got his blood too hot!

    Sure enough, we changed the ponys diet and she settled right down.

    Amazing that we lived long enough to learn anything at all about horses!!

    Love to all.. Oh.. I'll bring my guitar tonight!

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