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  1. tobelct

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    WOW hello.................................
    I think the winter comming has ran everyone away till summer. I hope not.

    I wanted to tell you all about my daughter lil filly she is a yearling pony she is a lined back dun. Strawberry in color with a mane and tail in the same color. her main and tail both are long and dbled.

    She stands 12'2 and is 500lb. She is a stocky little thing.

    She has been in a very slow progressing training because of my extream fatigue and pain.

    Well we have her to the point were she knows ground manners and loungues on the lines well so we decided to drive her and down the road we went this was the second time out so we took the big horses with us.

    Just so you know she is to young to ride so I do a lot of painful walking.

    She was so proud looking around not scared of anything even the big trucks hauling monsters that made huge noises she just STOPED and looked and tried to cuddle up close to me.

    I decided after a bit and she was getting bored to teach her how to prance when being drove. I am sure she knows how to do this in the pasutre but its diffrent when we take them out of there elemaent.

    To here is this little baby prancign down the road thinking she is all that just a pretty as can be.

    It was a great day and one I go and visit when the pain hits and I start feeling deprait.

    Tobelct (fibro, chronic fatigue, thyroid}
  2. morningsonshine

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    Yeah! Good job, i now how hard it is to train with CFS. Very difficult.

    She sounds like a real little cute, my 7 yr. old is begegging for a pony too.

    But i have to get beyond this flare first. It's been hard to even make it to the barn lately.

    I promised my mom two pumkin pie for thanksgiving, and i'm beginning to wonder if i can manage that!

    Keep up the good work!
  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    don't let ursula jump up anymore if you can avoid it.

    my little rottie, ator conan von place, is not longer w/us.

    my son has always missed him. he could sit on him and ator would budge. and when he was born and came home from hospital. ator was always sleeping right near cody's crib. and when i went to burp cody onetime. ator got up in between the baby and i. i had to tell him it's ok, mamma is giving him kisses.

    i guess he though i was being abusive to the new born, cody.

    ator loved that kid like it was his own. i was a little worried that he would be too jealous of cody. they say have a family first then get a rottie. well didn't work that way for us.

    got to go to school i'll be back later

  4. tobelct

    tobelct Guest

    I know what you mean. No matter were I am or whos barn im in that smell just envelops me and takes me away to my child hood. I feel like ive came home, to a nice safe place were there a friends all around who love to comfort and lend a shoulder to lean on.

  5. tobelct

    tobelct Guest

    Im sorry you are having a hard time right now, I hope your flair subsides soon.

    It is an awful feeling not being able to do the things for are kids that we know we should.

    Thank you for your post I know how hard it is sometimes to even make it to this site.

  6. shar6710

    shar6710 New Member

    Boy I'm happy to have the barn back! It is a gorgeous day here. Sunny, only a little breeze and almost 60. I would love to be outside but I'm trying soooo hard not to overdo it.

    You may have seen my posts on the cfs board about starting Mirapex and doing so much better. It's relly hard not to go play with the horses but I know if I do I'll be crashed for T-day.

    Tobelct, sounds like the baby is a winner. My guys haven't been ridden in almost three years now. If I ever get well I'm going to have a lot of work. My 7 yr old TWH was only green broke when I got sick.

    Jodie, sorry about your Rottie but it sounds like he had great owners and was (is) much loved.

    Morningsonshine, hope you feel well enough to enjoy T-day.

    Georgiac, I loved the cow story! I'm so glad to hear that Ursala is doing better.

    Best wishes to all,

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  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    temperpediac bed and heating pad oh my.

    he had his hips xrayed for signs of hip dysplasia. he didnt have it. then that meant he was good stock for breeding. we already knew that.

    he used to be so funney... so easy to train. i meant to say cody would sit onto of him like a house or roll on him when he was a toddler. he would not budge.
    glas ursula is getting around better. and they love their families.

  8. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Posted this under a different thread, but thought it would be apropriate to share it at the barn.

    I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!

    It's been about two weeks ago now, right in the middle of deer hunting season. My husband went out at 6:30 in the morning to throw the horses a bale of hay.

    And Rusty, my Q-horse gelding (who happens to be the only horse i have right now that's riddable, not that i'm
    riding right now.) didn't come up.

    He is also the lead horse (alpha) horses are herd animals they stay together with the lead horse usally.

    The other two came up as calm as could be. My first thought, since the other two were here, was someone shot him out in the pasture! So my boys and my husband went out to check the pasture, and the fense lines.

    Plus we did have a hunter right behind our place, and if Rusty had gotten out back there, we wanted him to know.

    Meanwhile i was in the house barely up, and having one of those mornings when you kinda feel half dead, and runover.
    And i was stressing on how i was going to manage this problem.

    I called all the surrounding neighbors and told them i had a missing horse, and to let there hunters know.

    My husband and boys came back and said that there was no horse, and no breaks in the fense!!

    My kids missed the bus and i had to drive them in to school, so i checked the roads and ditches along the way.

    My husband took the 4 wheeler and checked out all the trails in the woods.
    No horse, no sign of any horse!! No tracks, no poop!! The aliens must have gotten him!!

    I was beginning to wonder if i had a horse!, and what i was going to tell my parents, since they are just letting me keep him.

    About two miles down the road from us, some people moved in 300 head of horses in a very large pasture. That was my next guess that he managed to get down there with those horses, but they have really good fenses, so i was hoping I might find him in the ditch along that fense.

    Nothing there neithing, i was wondering if some "good samaritan" maybe having seen him there, put him in the pasture. Could you imagine the nightmare of trying to find one horse in a pasture full of 300 strange ones?! Or trying to get him out.
    Or someone shot him out in the woods, and i would never find him!!

    Anyways, at 10:00 i came back home and check the answer machine, and my neighbor/friend was on there saying that she thought she might have my horse in her round pen.

    I'm thinking No Way!! She lives eight miles away!!! But i go over with the trailer, and sure enough, there he is!
    He sticks his head over the fense and nickers, like, hey, mom what took you so long!!

    In order to get to her place, he had to go past all those horses i mentioned earlier, cross a major, U.S. highway, go thru a small town and out the other side!!!!

    Can you believe that, i was soo Thankful he wasn't hit by a car!!! I had people praying for him to be safe!~phew!!
    He jumped right in the trailer and home he went! The stinker!!

    And he was no worse for the wear, one small cut, and some dried sweat, and i thought he was out shape!!! I still don't know how he got out, we tightened up two spots, and he hasn't been out since.

    Thank goodness!

  9. tobelct

    tobelct Guest

    Well Im glad your horse made it home safe and you made it though in one peice.

    And I thought I was the only one with a horse who liked to visit with the riding palls.

    It never suprises me how they remember how to get to the places we take them.

    Maybe he wanted a visit. Why not we visit.

    Well glad everything went ok,


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