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    This is the first message I have ever posted.I have had CFS and candida for 38 years starting when I had a very bad case of mono eptstein barr virus that was so bad It went into hepetitis A.I also have been in denial for 50 years of serious psychriatric coditions of a panic attack at age 8 and repressed negative emotiions of anger and fear and guilt which I am now aware of and feel I am greatly improved. I now like myself and feel good who I am thanks to the help of God and loving support from my wife and best friend.The only drug that has been of much benitfit for 30 years after my second hospitalizeation is Stelazine amd shock treatments ect . I can not have any more shock treatments due to arrythmias and now I am not able to leave my apt except once a weeek to see the doctor due to extreme weakness and low resistance to infection. I and getting so bad that I cannot go out to dinner ever. It is too stressful.Stelazine is not working very well am loosing it Help!

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