Opiads and Fibromyalgia

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nah.stacey, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. nah.stacey

    nah.stacey Member

    Does anyone have an opinion on whether those of us who have NASTY DD and take opiads like Percocet are actually drug addiicts or not?

    My husband is absolutely convinced I am addicted to percocet and that most of my pain is caused by it. I keep trying to tell him that I was in this massive pain BEFORE I was taking percocet and I generally only take one or two doses of 20mgs a day. Does this make me a druggy?

    What are your opinions. I don't know if I can take the pain of not taking the Percocet much longer. I have been cold turkey for a week now and he says I look so much better but the problem is I don't FEEL better. I worry that when one of my viral epsiodes hit I'm going to want to jump off the nearest bridge.

  2. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    Sorry, no advice, just wanted to let you know that this is a common issue. If other people could just live a week in our aching bodies, then MAYBE they would understand.

    xxoo Hermit
  3. fallenstar1962

    fallenstar1962 New Member

    Only you know how you feel and how much medication you require for the pain. I too stopped taking the pain meds and it was not long before I could hardly get up to use the bathroom. My doctor advised me against doing it again and assured me he was keeping a very close eye. He then went on to say the amount of meds (1-2 a day) were not even close to an addiction. Also he told me to tell anyone who was "worried about my addiction" was more then welcome to make an appointment with him for further discussion.

    Hope this helps..I think you should share your feelings with your doctor. Good luck to you what ever you decide..chin up. ~soft hug~


  4. DemonFairy

    DemonFairy New Member

    Although, if YOU don't know whether or not you're a drug addict, how should WE know?

    Perhaps you and your husband have confused the difference between dependence and addiction. I take opioids (as does my partner) and neither one of us are drug addicts. We take our meds as prescribed, for pain, not to get high. From the amount that you say that you take, you also clearly are not a drug addict. I'm so sick of people not knowing the difference between addiction and dependence. Please print this out for your husband - http://health.discovery.com/centers/pain/medicine/med_addict.html

    Why on earth would you let someone else decide how much pain you're in and how much pain relief you should get? Stand up for yourself. Have your husband talk to your doctor, as your doctor obviously believes that you're in pain or s/he wouldn't have prescribed pain meds for you. If your pain was CAUSED by the pain meds...why would you have gotten pain meds in the first place?

    Don't go cold turkey. And don't stop taking your pain meds if they're helping you feel better. Also, tell your husband to read the "empathy" entry in Wikipedia. Maybe he'll learn something.
  5. JLH

    JLH New Member

    My personal opinion is that you not a drug addict by taking Percocet on a daily basis; however, you may be "dependent" upon them.

    Narcotics do not help fibro pain. I have taken them with no luck. I have better luck with meds like Neurotin (or Lyrica), Cymbalta, and Zanaflex, as well as ice packs, heating pads, hot showers, and rest. Water aerobics are great, too.

    Taking a large dose of narcotics can actually cause a person more pain in some instances. All people are different. What helps some may not help others. You have to do what is best for you. If you are like most of us, you have tried everything. Stick with what works for you.
  6. TropicalGirl

    TropicalGirl New Member

    In response to your statement, "Narcotics don't help fibromyagia pain,"...I am sorry but that is a pretty strong statement. I believe you meant it as your own opinion, at least I hope so. My experience with Lyrica was the worst I have ever experienced. I almost lost my job because I had no control over myself with it. If it wasn't for Percocet, I would not be able to get through my horrible fibro pain.

    I am sorry if I sound "*itchy", I don't mean to...it is just hard as it is to let people know that Lyrica is NOT the "miracle drug" for our DD. As it is now, too many people think that if we take that then we are all better.

    Take care!
  7. DemonFairy

    DemonFairy New Member

    "Narcotics do not help fibro pain. I have taken them with no luck. I have better luck with meds like Neurotin (or Lyrica), Cymbalta, and Zanaflex, as well as ice packs, heating pads, hot showers, and rest. Water aerobics are great, too."

    In YOUR opinion, narcotics do not help YOUR pain. Narcotics help MY pain. Lyrica helped a bit for my herniated disk (nerve pain), but did not help my FM pain - the side effects were so nasty that even if it did help, I wouldn't be able to take it anyway. Jumbo swollen feet (couldn't get my regular shoes on, only my Crocs), exxxtreme fatigue, weight gain. Neurontin did nothing. Cymbalta did nothing. Ice works for my sciatica, but is impractical (and doesn't work) for my all-over body pain, which is what my FM pain usually is.

    "Taking a large dose of narcotics can actually cause a person more pain in some instances. All people are different. What helps some may not help others. You have to do what is best for you. If you are like most of us, you have tried everything. Stick with what works for you."

    Taking a large dose of narcotics when you don't usually take large doses of narcotics is more likely to make you vomit than cause you pain. And yes, I agree, all people are different, which is why there are a zillion different kinds of pain meds on the market. We all have to experiment in order to find what works best for us, whether it's a narcotic or a supplement or an over-the-counter pain med or medical mj or exercise or ice or heat or hopping up & down on one foot while watching Sesame Street....or all of them.
  8. Shananegans

    Shananegans New Member

    Taking Percocet for pain does not make you a druggy. Opiods and Opiates can sometimes be the best choice for pain. Only you can be the judge of what helps you.

    For some they may not work because their pain is different or coming from a different place.

    For me, when I was suffering terribly, Morphine was the only med that worked.

    Yes, your body does become dependent on the med but that does NOT make you a druggy.

    Taking meds to get high is what makes someone a druggy. And you are taking it for pain so you don't have to suffer. I dealt with peoples bad opinions about opiates for a long time and it really sucks that people can't just keep their opinions to themselves. You do what you need to do to get through your day. If it is helping you then you are on the right track.

  9. loto

    loto Member

    I don't think you are a drug addict. I have to take Vicodin daily because of my pain. My husband also thought I was taking too much, until I finally convinced him that if I don't take it, my pain will be so severe that I will not be able to function with my daily life.
    He now doesn't get onto me anymore about my "pill popping", as he used to call it.
    They just need to understand that it's better to take these meds than it is to have to deal with the pain we deal with.

    So, my opinion is that NO! We are not addicts!!!!

  10. loto

    loto Member

    That was not a good statement to post. Narcotic meds DO help me with my fibro pain. I also take Cymbalta, but without the narcotics to help with my pain, I would not be able to function.

  11. jaynesez

    jaynesez New Member

    other suggestion; unless he is picking them up for you at the pharmacy (in which case if possible, get them yourself) I would not even share with him the meds I'm taking, if he's going to act like that! To be honest, I don't think it's any of his business. Don't stop taking your meds for any reason other than you don't need them anymore. Also, you can tell him your dr does not hand out pills, therefore you have them for a valid reason.
    My two cents,
  12. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I take Vicodin along with Savella for my severe fibro. pain. My Vicodin is a low dose and is closely monitored by my doctor. I couldn't make it through the day because of my pain without the Vicodin.

    I don't think you are a druggy given the dose you are taking of your percocet. As long as you are not craving the percocet or taking more than prescribed or trying to obtain prescriptions from more than one doctor. I believe those things would be bad signs.

    Having said that, I really think your husband would do well to go along with you to a few doctors appointments. He is probably worried about you and the doctor could reassure him. The doctor could explain whether you are experiencing fibro pain or rebound pain from the percocet.

    I hope your husband can come to trust you and your doctor to know what you need.

    Best wishes.

  13. luckyman

    luckyman New Member

    Nahstacey, Fibrofay has given you some excellent advice. Your husband needs to go to the doctor with you! Before taking him, I would talk with the doctor and let him know that your husband doesn't understand FM, especially the pain as well as the best way to treat it. Make sure the doctor understands that this puts a strain on the relationship, but even more so his role in supporting you can actually reduce the pain significantly, as well as other FM symptoms. If your doctor will step in and do a little counseling and education, that is perhaps the greatest therapy he can provide. I know stress and emotions often have a greater impact upon the patient than almost anything else.

    Our nervous system is so overloaded, it can often be our own worst enemy. We need to pace, keep as calm as possible, and limit any external stressors like bright lights, noise, vibrations, exposure to chemicals.... to avoid migraines, severe pain, and a general worsening of all of our symtoms.

    Talk with the doc first, and see if he'll become your ally, and teach your husband a little about living with a partner with this disease. Do a search of FM and sf-36 and how it affects the life of a person with FM. You may want to do a little coaching of the doctor before bringing in the husband. Believe me, very few understand the serious implications of this disease, as well as the difficulty treating it. You should feel no guilt because he is unable to understand. Sometimes it take the voice of another person to get the message across. GOOD LUCK!
  14. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    When anyone takes opiates after a few weeks your body can be dependent, that is not addiction. You can taper off when you have dependence. With addiction, you are taking the pills irregardless of pain, just for the high.

    So many people are uninformed about opiates and they are actually the safest drugs you can take for pain. Really.

    Many other drugs deemed less harmful can cause intestinal bleeding, liver damage, on and on
  15. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Whether that dose or a higher dose really makes no difference if you're a "druggie". A higher dose only means you may have become tolerant to a lower dose which is a perfectly normal body response.

    You said you've been off cold turkey for a week? Why? to prove a point?

    I've had three Dr's (two rheumatologists and my regular GP) tell me that I will most likely be on something for the rest of my life. Now I don't take that as gospel, but I took it more as "ah someone understands this pain". I've had repeated conversations with them (ad nauseum) about their safety and they have all assured me. If you're taking something with Tylenol (Percocet), that's the part you want to watch. You are far from taking too much of the allotted daily dose.

    On good days, I can skip my doses and be fine, which surprises me since I am sure my body is dependent. Again, totally normal.

    Addiction - do not like that word being used here - or misused I should say.

    Fibromyalgia is PAIN. Pain medication is made for PAIN. It is prescribed for PAIN.

    If you are in pain, who cares what someone else thinks. As long as you're taking as prescribed and for the reason intended you should be fine. It seems that many of us here (I guess I should speak for myself) do not get any "high" feeling at all. All I get is a gradual relief. When I'm in severe pain, I actually have to write down when I've taken any medication because sometimes I can't tell and don't want to take my next dose too soon.
  16. s8vdbygr8ce

    s8vdbygr8ce New Member

    nah.stacy i myself am also on opiods also for pain.have been for years.all different ones.In my opinion and there is a fine line between tolerance and addiction.However the rule of thumb i have been told is sometimes if you are on the same one for a long period of time,it can tend to make the pain worse i am living proof of that.but all one has to do is switch thats all.
    just a suggestion

  17. nah.stacey

    nah.stacey Member

    Ok Kids. Here is my conclusion to the opiads and fibro conflict. Even my husband finally agrees.
    I am NOT addicted, I am, however, dependent. Yes I understand the difference and luckily now so does my husband.

    I took NO percocet for a little over a week. I didn't have many withdrawal symptoms other than a little anxiety but I did have ALOT of uncontrolled pain. My husband was able to see the difference in my pain and realize that the percocet was really necessary in enabling me to have a modicum of a lifel

    The one thing that I have seen also is that EVERYONE has different things that work for them. No wonder this DD is so hard for Dr's to help us get a grip. What works for one doesn't work for another and even though it really is the same DD we all get relief in different ways.

    I thank you all for your comments and your sympathy toward my plight. Keep the channels open and keep posting it will help SOMEONE.

    Much Thanks
  18. dan0248

    dan0248 New Member

    The best thing for you is to keep talking to your Doctor and do what works for you. He hasn't walked in your shoes has he.
  19. mothermarie46

    mothermarie46 New Member

    I have to take pain meds and I go through a pain clinic and have a contract with them. There is a big difference between taking meds for pain and for getting high. The problem with taking pills is the psychological effect. By going to a pain specialist they might give you a patch that is longer acting and takes away that part of it.
  20. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Just to let you know, if you are afraid of taking opiates, remember the quality of your life is more important. If the time comes you feel you have become tolerant and need higher and higher doses to achieve pain control you can always go on Subutex for a few months to detox then start the opiates all over at a low dose. Subutex prevents withdrawals from opiates. You dissolve it under you tongue 4 X day.

    I see a very knowledgable pain specialist who treats people with all sorts of terrible pain problems. He explained to me the process. I myself took Subutex to get off MS Contin with no withdrawal effects several years ago. I am not the type to taper pills etc.

    Using Subutex was very easy and believe me, I was so afraid but I had to get off the MS Contin due to side effects.

    With the right doctor, if you have a problem, it can be handled. Yes you might have a problem one day, but just know there are solutions.

    For me, Subutex was a miracle. Once I stopped the MS Contin (which my doctor did not want me to stop) I discovered the Subutex stopped my fibro pain. I stayed on the same dose for 4 years now and doing well. Subutex is related to opiates but only affects certain receptors in your brain.

    You do not feel high from it, and actually they say less is more. I have never increased the dose in 4 years. It is also easier to taper off of if you ever needed nothing.

    That is not going to happen for me, but I wish anyone else luck.

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