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    I was recently sent to have a urine test taken for opiate levels. My doctor only put on the order "Lab Drug Urine Screen" well to say the least it came back negative. I am on Oxy and Norco and he now thinks that I am selling my meds. He called me and my husband liars and has been the most rude and nasty doc that I have ever had. He is now sending me for a new urine test and a blood test but the order now reads that he wants the opiate levels that he did not do the first time. How do I handle this doctor? How do you prove that you take your meds? I am about to have a heart attack. He is making my fibro worse. Should I report him to the medical board? He treats his patients with a "I'm
    Better than You" attitude. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I have been with this guy for 2 yrs and I don't want to start all over again from scratch. Please help me!!!!
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    It is very possible they didn't test for Oxycodone(Oxycontin or Percocet) or Hydrocodone (Norco or Vicodin).

    Most opiate urine drug tests only test for Codeine and Morphine.

    Ask your Dr for a breakdown of the actual drugs tested for. Opiates is a classification but there are several drugs which fall under it.

    In drug testing Opiates are broken into Oxycodone/Oxymorphone, Hydrocodone/Hydromorphone, Codeine/Morphine. If you are taking Oxycontin you should test positive for Oxycodone (and maybe Oxymorphone if it has metabolized) and for Norco you would test positive for Hydrocodone (and maybe Hydromorphone if it has metabolized)

    I was in drug testing for ten years, I worked for a company that reviewed drug test results. Based on my experience you'd be surprised how many medical professionals, including Drs and Pharmacists, have no idea how to issue or read drug test results.

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    Just Looking ... What wonderful advice!! How lucky we are to have such a varied membership!

    Nadine, I'm sorry you are going through this. I would
    methodically prove him wrong. Follow Just Lookings advice,
    and then start the other poster's idea ... start that journal. Remember that those test results belong to you, so get the copies and ask for chrystal clear
    explaination of tests.

    After you show him the error of his ways, I would find another doctor then write in professional terms exactly why you are switching doctors. Send it certified and keep a copy for your records. Inform him of the copy you posses.

    I would not leave his practice until you have secured a new doctor that suites you. Hate to say it, but you can't afford to be without treatment ... even from a jerk.

    I would also copy that letter to your insurance, and any healthcare management organization he might be participate in. Be sure you inform him in the certified letter of your intent to notify the ins.company, ppo etc.

    Doctors can't act like arrogant gods ... just can't get away with it anymore. We patients are just too informed and educated to allow that behavior. Most doctors have figured that out by now.

    Good luck .... keep us updated O.K.?


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    I know you said you don't wnat to start over w/ another doc, but his behaviour is inexcusable. If he wasn't specific in his testing instructions, his mistake, then he should not be jumping to nasty conclusions and stressing out his patient. You may want to take heart from recent posts of people who've found new doctors and raved that they were actually listened to, shown compassion, given an adequate level of pain relief.

    About keeping a pain journal. If that's all too formal and too much work when you are already too tired and fogged, then just use a calendar like I do.

    Every year I get a new calendar w/ big boxes w/ lots of room for notes. Every painkiller dose is logged and what kind I took that day. I put a slash if I switch to Endocet (weak oxy) for a few days, so I can see at a glance. My pollen, mould shots go in the bottom w/ a circle around. Since I have a problem w/ yeast infections, I use a large Y for a fullblown one, and a small y for nipping it in the bud. Just lots of little tricks to make it easy for me to assess how I did through the mths. I've brought it in to show my doc, so he could see my patterns and that I take drugs responsibly.

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    I have had several drug tests that should have been positive for opiates and came back negative. Last fall, I even had a hair follicle test that was negative and this test is supposed to show any drug use in a three month period. The testing makes no sense as I had been taking 10 mg percocet 6 times a day for at least six months.

    I was so stunned by the negative results that I ordered my own testing kits off the internet. The results are positive every time... it makes no sense whatsoever.
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    Docs are so worried about getting sued or getting arrested for adding to the blackmarket drug trade.

    He sounds like a pompous a$$! Uh Oh - time to find a new doctor. When you go in for your consultation make sure you tell him of this incident since it will be in your records AND let him know in no uncertain terms that you WILL NOT tolerate being berated or treated like this.

    I had a nurse at my pain spec's office act something like that. I waited for over an hour in the waitng room and had to go to the bathroom - boy was that a mistake! So was wearing a cut-up Daytona Bike Week t-shirt. I guess that t-shirt was all it took to prove I was a drug addict!!!!!!!!!

    She was soooooooooooo rude and obnoxious. She flat at said to me - "You don't get anymore pills till you pee in the cup! You don't even get to see the doctor to whine at him till you pee in the cup."

    I told her that I had no problem with taking her GD drug test - I don't do drugs. I tried to explain that the problem was she should have gotten to me while I was in the waiting room for over an hour and used the bathroom. Nothing I said made a difference in her attitude and she got loud with me and repeated herself in an even more rude manner.

    Well, that got my temper up. I had it. If you are taking your meds and not doing illegal drugs I find absolutely NOTHING wrong with some self-rightous indignation! She was definitly not prepared for my temper. They're so used to nacotic junkies that kiss their *** that they expect it from everyone.

    I told her it would be much more helpful it she went and brought me a glass of water instead of running off at the mouth.

    FINALLY - I had to go. I asked her if she was going to come in and watch me pee just to make sure that I didn't switch the urine samples. She screamed at me "HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT CHAIN OF CUSTODY SAMPLES ?!?!?!?!?" I told her "That's how they drug test in the military you stupid I came out of the bathroom, handed her the purposefully wet cup (hee hee) waited until she put all the stickers on it and told her very politely "The only reaon I'm coming back next month is to tell you to shove these results up your ***."

    Then I went in to see the doc who didn't want to talk about it. Well, I did! I don't care if she was embarrassed by that nurse or not.

    I went back the next month and the nurse hid in her office. I waited patiently. I planned on truly enjoying this visit. The doc came in and went straight into the visit.
    I said "On no - we're going over my drug test results before we do anything else." She actually said "Oh, they're not a big deal." "OH YES THEY ARE - and after your nurses behavior they are a very big deal." She fluttered through my chart, finally found them and I wanted to see them. She goes -they're all negative. I didn't care - I wanted to see them anyway.

    Then I told her to feel free to bill my insurance for my last visit because she woould not be making any more money off of me. She handed me my chart to take up to the desk - YES, BONUS!!!!!!!!! I opened it to the drug test, opened the nurses office door (without bothering to knock) shoved the results in her face and told her to shove them were the sun don't shine!

    I've been sick for 10 years. I've had it with the whole you're a drug addict routine.

    Any doctor I go to - if they start acting quirky I ask them flat out "Are you accusing me of being a drug adddict or a prescription junky?" I don't care if they are uncomfortable being put on the spot. They don't care if you're on that spot like this jerk you just went to see.

    I do understand that not everyone is as outspoken and arguementative (is that the right word?) as I am when I've just had it! I hope you can find something useful in my experience with the same kind of people.


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  7. Nadineg

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    Thank you for your replies on this matter. I just received news that my newest urine drug screen came out "POSITIVE"
    for opiates. I new it would. The doc thought that I was not taking my meds at all. He thought I was selling them. I would not do that. The last test I had done, was not processed correctly. They did not do the lab work soon enough. On that test you have to do it right away. I am now waiting on the blood test portion for the levels in my system, but I just found out the new lab did not take enough blood so I have to go back. I guess I have a sign on my forehead that says "IDIOT" on it. I can not catch a break
    at all. I do everything exactly right and I still get it stuck where the sun don't shine. That is the story of my life. Well thanks for everything and I will be talking to you.
  8. justlooking

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    Honestly, it doesn't sound like your Dr has any idea what he is doing.

    If a lab tested the urine and it came out positive, they should have the quantitative levels alreay. It must test above a certain level to qualify as "positive" and the levels should be recorded in the labs system. You don't need blood to get the quantitative results!!!!

    As a matter of fact you shouldn't have had to give both blood and urine in the first place for a drug test.

    Sounds like he is ordering unnecessary tests. If you are paying out of pocket, call the lab yourself and ask if they have a "quantitative" value for the positive test. It may save you time and money!!

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    hahahahahah hehehehehe hohohohohoho & HAH!

    You may want to clean up the lingo a wee bit, before a mod decides to deprive us of such a rich story. Would be a shame. You fiesty broad (highest compliment I can think of now).

    I'm glad it's coming out in the, err, wash. Or somewhere in the septic system. I hope you assert yourself w/ tht doctor if you decide to keep him, put that boy in his place. I've done it a number of times, though not quite as flamboyantly as Red Rose, hehe.

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    It sounds like you should be looking for a new doc. Remember - fome finished at the very bottom of their class. I have no tolerance for incompetance.

    I'm glad you enjoyed my story Jeanne. I did clean up the lingo before I posted it. I'll go make it a little better.