Opiates / Vicodin /. Constipation / Hemroids

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  1. vinetti23

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    Hello - I woke up from 3 hrs of general anesthesia with a 2 pea sized hemroids (sorry for the visual...). I am assuming this has to do with the opiates they gave me... I also take vicodin for FM occasionally (only when severe) but never get hemroids. I've heard vic can make you constipated but it never happened to me.

    The doc just said "eat fiber. it'll go away" but it's starting to hurt. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I know this is an FM board and not a hemroid board - but I know you guys have experience w/ things like vicodin & their negative effects so I thought you could help me :)

    On another note - waking up from anesthesia was the most FM free thing I think I ever experienced. Cloud 9 all the way! Things started to suck about a day later though...

    Thank you
  2. kredca4

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    That's what I found to be the most helpful, and that was after having to have some removed, 2 times. After the last, I started drinking water, but with a Lemon in it and it has to be Bottled. I can only drink just 3 glass's a day, <No Groaning Please from the Peanut gallery>
    cause if I drink more, I get the Run's, and I avoid that.
    So far so good, no Constapation, well none to speak of that is.

    It hurts a little to get them lanced, but the relief is wonderful. Of course I couldn't sit or walk for a day or two. ;o)
  3. Shirl

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    Here is the simplest, most safe way to deal with the constipation.

    Get a bottle of 'Natural Calm' put out by; 'Natural Vitality' (Magnesium citrate) at a health food store, its a powder that you mix with hot water, it fizzes like an Alka Seltzer and taste like one too.

    Do drink half your body weight in OUNCES of water everyday too.

    I guarantee you will be free of the constipation in 24 hours.

    For a quick fix, get a bottle of Glycerin Suppositories, dip them in plain vaseline, push them as far up you 'rear-end' as you can (sorry, but could not think of a nicer way to say this :) ), try to 'hold' it in for at least 10 minutes (you will feel like you have to go right away, but give it time to melt).

    This is from a 'lady' that has suffered from constipation all my adult life! I have even had locked bowels, believe me, you don't want to go there, not only is it embarrassing, but it hurts like hell!!!

    I can't take anything with codine in it, even Advil will cause me problems if I take more than one in a 12 hour period.

    Magnesium is your best bet. Before I found this out, I bought suppositories in the giant size. I can't take laxatives either, they give me horrific cramps, all kinds OTC and prescription too.

    Hope this helps..............

    Shalom, Shirl

  4. Ponygirl

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    Finally someone else got free too! I had the flare from hell for the month before I had surgery on my ankle. In fact I was a little freaked out I wasnt going to be able to use my crutches because my right rib cage was so sore, I couldnt even roll over in bed. So imagine to my delight when I awoke from the general it was GONE! And has STAYED GONE for the last month. AHHHHHHH. So sorry to hear about your little bum problem and cant believe your Fm came back so fast. My Orthopedict Dr. thought it was an interesting aproach to flares. He really is on the cutting edge, opps, no pun intended. Yep, drink tons of water , and metamucil? Good luck.
  5. Lynda B.

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    That sound like a nice fairly quick fix when feeling in a bad way--the vasoline and suppository thing. If you constantly battle this, something that helps the system working correct daily sound like a good way to go. I go in between diarrhea and constipation which is more of the IBS thing.

    Hope is all works out in the end (no pun intended( :

    Lynda B.
  6. Eastfork

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    is a miracle! Saved my life not to mention my plumbing! Ha Ha. Keeps you regular and easy to take.
    good luck, Mary
  7. JaciBart

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    Buffered aspirin. Not tylenol, aleve, ibuprofen, etc but plain ole aspirin, thins the blood and that is what they are is blood vessels with engorged blood, aspirin works within an hour or so, take it a couple times a day for a few days and the hemmoroids will be gone till next time.

  8. fibrodoll

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    I have been having constipation since starting oxycontin. I was going to start taking Milk of Magnesia, then decided to check for drug interactions.

    Magnesium interfers with the effectiveness of neurontin and should be taken at least 2 hours before a dose of neurontin.

    I can't manage my time that well so I am using stool softeners which is working so far. Valley.